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TWO 4-year terms available.Vote for no more than TWO.
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    Matthew Ball Attorney/Musician

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    Kyle Bird Attorney

  • Jim Horton

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    Paula Millan Special Project Manager - Gala & Associates, Inc. Architectural Engineering firm

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    Susan Moffitt Product Specialist

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Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

I'm running for City Council to make a difference. I believe there are a lot of wonderful things about Clawson, but Clawson can be even better. Today I am best known as the attorney turned musician who became a Youtube sensation with nearly 4 million YouTube views, online as THE BOOGIE WOOGIE KID at

My wife Lisa and I have been living in Clawson for 14 years. I am 46 years old, and a parent to a little boy who attends Clawson public schools.

I believe the key to Clawson's improvement lies in cultivating the city's brand and desirability through the quality and quantity of city attractions, events, offerings, and amenities which drive growing families and others into the city for a valued experience.

My unique experience as a traveling performing artist along with a legally trained mind places me in a unique position to become an instrument of this kind of positive change in Clawson.
I believe in working toward cultivating Clawson’s desirability for growing families and more. For me, that means an effort to further develop the quantity and quality of events, attractions, activities, and amenities offered within the city.

I believe in sculpting an affirmative strategy for our downtown. For me, that means exercising action to shape the kinds of businesses that move into Clawson, and it means exploring measures we can take to eliminate vacant spaces and buildings.

Finally, I believe in working with other leaders in shaping a 5-year plan that keeps Clawson competitive with its neighboring cities and downtowns.
I grew up in Grosse Pointe Woods where I helped my family deliver The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press every day, before and after school, which contributed to my love of news and politics. I attended the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. where I studied Political Science and International Relations, I then attended the University of San Diego School of Law. I moved back to Michigan three years ago to be closer to family and settle down where I grew up. I was drawn to Clawson because of its small town charm with a unique, walkable, thriving downtown and its family friendly atmosphere. I attend church at Genesis in Royal Oak which is very active in the community. I have practiced in the areas of criminal defense, medical marijuana, and property law. I am currently practicing business litigation. As an attorney I am uniquely qualified for the position of City Council as I am aware of the importance of drafting local ordinances and the care that must go into them so that their intent matches their outcome in the practical day to day lives of the residents of Clawson.
1. Clawson is in a unique position to attract more people and business through food trucks, which are currently not allowed under city ordinance. Most of the local cities allow them and unfortunately Clawson is losing out to this trend. I believe a strong partnership between the city and local businesses would allow our residents to enjoy food while at the City Park, downtown, and at our many events.

2. While water rates continue to climb outside of city control, our residents bear the brunt of these adjusted costs. I believe a city wide initiative through workshops, etc. would be beneficial to assist residents in doing what they can to reduce water usage and costs.

3. Attracting younger families to the city is paramount. Clawson has done an amazing job with revitalizing its downtown, but I believe more can be done. Millennials such as myself seek cities that are easily accessible. With a few adjustments such as providing more avenues for local businesses, and more outreach through social media I believe Clawson would be first on families' minds to move to in the local area.
I've lived in Clawson for 5 years with my husband David and our children Alyssa & Nicholas. I've worked for Gala & Associates, Architectural Engineering firm for 23 years. I have a BS in Political Science from Oakland University and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from EMU. I served in the City of Pontiac's Mayors Office for 5 yrs. I've served on the Clawson Planning Commission. My family attends & serves at Woodside Bible Church. I will represent the citizens of Clawson and serve as a liaison between the community & our government by encouraging a family and business friendly community, maintaining current services, and promoting Clawson as a preferred place to invest for homeowners and businesses alike. I will use my municipal experience & education to contribute to the oversight & development of Clawson. I will encourage fiscal responsibility by monitoring and shaping our financial path so as not to spend unwisely or take on any substantial debt. I will work for the residents and with City Council and administration to build on and promote Clawson's unique strengths.
#1: Maintain services and infrastructure without incurring undue financial hardship. Clawson has great services - our police and fire depts. are active in our community our Public Works department provides services which no longer exist in other communities. Keep what we have & build on improvements that have been made, such as trash pick up. Implement refuse containers such as new recycle containers. Will help with rodent problem. Investigate what other communities do & the associated cost to implement.

#2: Improve Communication: Review the procedures implemented in the contact with local businesses seeking Certificates of Occupancy or Site Reviews. I would like to see a check list of responsibilities, along with a timeline that could be accessed by all parties showing responsibilities, tasks & dates due. This may alleviate accountability issues for all involved and speed up process.

#3: Clawson's Identity: Identify who we are, our strengths, how we are perceived and whom we want to attract. Build on this. Create a strong image as a desirable place to live, work & do business.
My name is Susan Moffitt, 26 years ago I purchased a home on Dreon and started a family, today I am asking for your vote for City Council. I’m held many leadership roles, had experience with project management and strategic planning, and have earned a Bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University.

Over the past 6 months I have spent my time diving into the city ordinances, council minutes and the Master Plan for this great city. The three most important issues facing the city are, the fact that the city budget is still recovering from the financial crisis of 2009, infrastructure issues, like refurbishing streets and addressing transparency to ensure information reaching actively engaged and non-engaged citizens.

Clawson is a great place to own a home, raise a family and start or grow a business. I’m here because I want to keep Clawson Awesome.
1) The budget – The city is still struggling to recover from the 2009 financial crisis. The Headlee Act limits the speed with which we can recover. I’d like to see more research and applications for grants and other financial resources being explored.

2) Infrastructure – We have very limited funds for significant street refurbishing and basics like tree removal and replacement. I’d like to see some strategic planning on addressing these issues.

3) Transparency – Information needs to be easy to find and understand. Important issues and informaiton need to be discriminated to actively engaged and non-actively engaged citizens. logo


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