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FIVE 2-year terms available.Vote for no more than FIVE.
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    Mike Coakley Lawyer

  • William E. Hosler (Write-In) Attorney

  • Mark Kapel (Write-In)

  • Susan McCarthy

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    Sarah H. McClure

  • Stuart David Sherr Attorney, CPA, Real estate developer

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Biographical Information

Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

I am running to continue fulfilling my mission to preserve, protect and promote our community, with a focus on repairing, replacing, maintaining and improving our infrastructure and to maintain and improve the delivery of public services, particularly public safety, all with fiscal responsibility, the lowest feasible taxes, and a balanced budget. I've served the City for many years including as Chairman of the Zoning Board of Appeals, Commissioner the last 4 years, and Mayor this year. This experience, together with my 35 years experience as a lawyer with a major law firm, including many years in leadership at the firm, provide me with a strong foundation to continue bringing substantial value to my service to our community. We have assembled an outstanding dedicated management, staff and departments and I aim to keep it that way.
1. Public Safety is our top priority.

2. Preserving and protecting the bucolic nature of Bloomfield Hills in the context of dramatically increased development and redevelopment.

3. Improving our services and infrastructure: police and fire, roads, water and sewer, and telecommunications all within the constraints of a fiscally sound budget.
I have lived in Bloomfield Hills since 1999. I am an attorney and partner in a Birmingham law firm where I have worked for nearly 30 years. My practice is general civil litigation and business law, but I focus on real property issues and am very interested in municipal law. Over the years, I have represented the interests of property owners and developers, as well as various cities and townships throughout southeastern Michigan. The issue of responsible land use interests me. I served for several years on the City of Bloomfield Hills Zoning Board of Appeals, and am currently a member of the City of Bloomfield Hills Planning Commission. My decision to seek election to the City Commission is a continuation of my desire to serve my home town. I believe it is important to get involved in civic government and participate in the process that shapes our local community. While I support the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” approach to government, I also recognize the need to be constantly alert to changes that may improve the way government functions and services are provided.
1. Maintaining a strong infrastructure. It is important to ensure that the City’s public works are constantly monitored. Responsible maintenance/repair schedules and timely response to immediate needs involving roads and water/sewer is a top goal. This approach must be carried over to effective partnering with the utility companies that serve the City to avoid miscommunications and unintended responses.

2. Balancing the property rights and development interests of private ownership with the City’s responsibility to uphold its ordinances. This requires a willingness to listen, always act reasonably, and be consistent in enforcing the rules.

3. Managing post-employment benefits for City employees. The City Commission, together with the new City Manager, have made great gains on bringing the City’s pension and health care responsibilities to former employees under control. The City rightfully enjoys a “AAA” bond rating which reflects the confidence the market has in the City’s performance. Such fiscal responsibility must be continued.
Since first elected seven years ago, I have worked to put the City of Bloomfield Hills on a more fiscally sustainable path. We have lowered City health care costs, placed new hires in more cost effective defined contribution plans, funded our pension liabilities, and used cost vs benefit analysis when making decisions. We have maintained our AAA bond rating and one of the lowest millage rates in Oakland County. My educational background (Cornell University BA, University of Michigan MBA) and professional experience have been helpful during this process. I have served as Mayor, on the Planning Commission, and ZBA. I have experience on other Boards, including the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, the Detroit Historical Society, and as a Cranbrook Schools Governor.

As a twenty two year resident, I know how important it is to protect our City’s unique character by adhering to our ordinances and Master Plan. I initiated the Woodward Avenue beautification and tree planting efforts.
1. City Character: If reelected, I will continue to defend our City ordinances and Master Plan. We need to preserve our natural features, low density, and residential character that make our community unique. Additional work needs to be done regarding City beautification and restoring the City tree canopy.

2. Road Reconstruction: Continuing our road reconstruction and replacement program is very important. Determining the best methods to fund these projects, without raising taxes, takes much discussion and expertise. My financial background and seven year Commission experience is beneficial to these decisions.

3. Financial sustainability: Much work has been done to improve our City finances. However, that work is always continuing. Balancing City needs while keeping taxes low is an ongoing challenge.
Age: 60 Occupation: Attorney, CPA, Real estate developer, builder, broker, and manager; Sherr Development Corporation - Vice President - 1987 to present Municipality of Residence: City of Bloomfield Hills For How Long: 25 years Education: University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School - B.S. Economics 1978; Wayne State University School of Law - Juris Doctor 1981 Online Campaign Information: Facebook Previously Held Elected Offices: City of Bloomfield Hills City Commission - 2013 to present

I am running for the City Commission because I love our city and want to continue to make a positive contribution to its growth and management. As an incumbent, I have the proven knowledge and experience having successfully served our city for over 5 years. Running a city is like running a business, and I have been the Vice President of my family's real estate development business for 30 years.
I. SAFETY - Nothing is more important than the safety of our residents, their homes, and their property. I will maintain our City's excellent safety rating through constant vigilance, oversight, and communication with our new Public Safety Director and his Department.

II. SECURITY - Securing our City's financial condition. I will work to maintain our City's AAA credit rating. I will also continue to participate in our short and long-term budgeting (our most important and time-consuming work each year). This has allowed us to keep our tax rate low while expanding our road repair and maintenance programs (a current priority). As a CPA and businessman, I understand financial statements, budgeting, and management. As an attorney, I understand contracts and labor negotiations.

III. STABILITY - Maintaining our community character. This is imperative and supports our high property values. We are primarily a residential community with beautiful estates, rolling hills, trees, and water. I understand planning, zoning, development, construction, engineering, grading, utilities, and roads. logo


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