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    Daniel Terbrack Financial Advisor

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Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

As a third generation, lifelong Berkley resident, I care deeply about our city. My wife and I bought our first Berkley house in 2004 and I knew I wanted to get more involved to give something back to the city that had given me so much, so I joined the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board. After serving on the board for a couple of years, I wanted to get involved on a larger scale and ran for a council seat in 2007. I was truly humbled when the residents put their faith in me by electing me that November.

Now, as father of 3 girls growing up in Berkley, whom I hope will comprise a 4th generation of Berkley residents, I want to have an even greater role in shaping the future of our city. After serving on council for 10 years, with 6 of those years coming as Mayor Pro Tem, I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish, including the numerous awards the city has won, but also with the fiscal responsibility of being able to continue to provide high quality services, balance the budget while maintaining a healthy fund balance, and keeping an eye on the future.
Infrastructure is the clear number one priority, including roads, water, and municipal buildings. We need to strategically identify ways the city can help alleviate stress on our combined water and sewer system in conjunction with our regional drainage system. We need to lead the effort regionally, while taking steps at home to upgrade and expand our capacity to handle significant weather events. We also need to strategically implement a plan to maintain our roads and buildings, while repairing or reconstructing those most in need.

Secondly, in an ever-evolving age of digital communication, we need to improve our communications capacity. We now have a new website that helps to provide our residents with constantly updated information, but we need to better utilize social media and e-mails to stay in constant contact with our residents.

The final priority is our shared vision for the future of Berkley- shared with residents, businesses, and the school district. Berkley is special, and we want to ensure that our small town charm perseveres along with responsible future development. logo


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