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Each township shall have three elected trustees, serving staggered terms of four years as the law-enacting body for all township business.The trustees can establish policies for the township area, consider zoning and prepare a budget for the year. If needed, the trustees can consider appointing a township administrator with approval of voters. The trustees oversee police and fire operations and make day-to-day decisions in the township’s best interests.
  • James H. Deffenbaugh Retired Tradesman

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    Thomas Grund Transportation Supervisor

  • Robert McKain

  • Henry Michael Transportation and Maintenance Supervisor, Southeast Local Schools

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What are your thoughts regarding funding the infrastructure needs of your community?

Age 77
Education Graduated from from Ravenna Township High School Class of 1958.
Training & Experience Palmyra Township Trustee for the past 33 years. Active member Palmyra Fire Department for 41 years 8 of those years as Fire Chief. Project Manager on 3 Issue II projects for our Township. Financial Secretary for Deerfield Evangelical Friends Church for the past 39 years
Budgeting for infrastructure needs has become very challenging due to cuts in revenue by the State. These cuts have impacted all Local Governments. For Palmyra Township, it affects the ability to stay on schedule with our infrastructure projects. Therefore, the trustees have passed a $5.00 tax per Motor Vehicle License to help keep projects on schedule. This may also allow for limited improvements to other existing services that the township offers. The State needs to fund the Local Government Fund to its original level before the cuts. This would allow all Local Governments the ability to improve the level of services for their communities. I will continue to support applying for grants, collaborative efforts and shared services to help offset the cuts.
Age 31
Education Southeast High School Graduate 2004
Training & Experience Transportation Supervisor at a global company for over 12 years. Previous and current membership with Palmyra & Paris Township Fire Departments.
I feel that Palmyra is at a crossroads and in need of a change from the current management styles of the past to a more detailed look at the actual cost/ benefit of how the tax dollars are spent. Township roadways, Fire Department expenses and recent taxes being an example of issues that have gone on without much investigation to the underlying problems at hand.
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Age 49
Education Graduate of Southeast High School; Associates Degree in Dairy Science from Ohio State University
Training & Experience Road supervisor for Palmyra Township 1992 -1998; Member Palmyra Fire Dept. 10 years; Palmyra Township Trustees 2002-present
We, as trustees, have always tried to budget the township's money as best we can. But, as the cost of material and labor for projects has gone up, and with the cuts in local government money we receive from the state, it gets more difficult to do all the projects we would like to do. We have to look into other ways to generate money without asking for a levy. For example, last spring we passed a resolution to allow the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to collect an extra $5.00 per license plate fee. This will help to make up for some of the state money we are no longer receiving. We have received grants for paving in the past and will continue to pursue these as a way to improve our infrastructure in our community. logo


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