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Each township shall have three elected trustees, serving staggered terms of four years as the law-enacting body for all township business.The trustees can establish policies for the township area, consider zoning and prepare a budget for the year. If needed, the trustees can consider appointing a township administrator with approval of voters. The trustees oversee police and fire operations and make day-to-day decisions in the township’s best interests.
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    Pat Blair Community Activist

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    Nicholas A. Coia Safety Consultant

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    Ronn Franczkowski Finance and Insurance

  • Thomas Johnson Retired

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    Mike Kostensky Owner Mike's Place

  • John J. Mancini Retired Manufacturers' Rep.

  • Charles J. Sprague, Jr. Trustee

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What are your thoughts regarding funding the infrastructure needs of your community?

Age 58
Education Electronics ET, Bachelors’ Degree Information Technology
Training & Experience Three years zoning training at OTA Township Zoning Conferences. 15 years-Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Internationally Certified Project Manager, former business owner supervising up to 50 employees working primarily for local / state government
If Federal, State and County legislative organizations mandate infrastructure changes, they should pay for those changes. In the case of the Tallmadge RD/ I-76 intersection, a short sighted design in the past should not be fixed and paid for by all our current township residents, most of which do not even use the intersection.
Age 34
Education Bachelor of Business Administration from Columbia Southern University
Twitter @CoiaForTrustee
I believe funding for infrastructure within Brimfield Township should be part of a strategic management plan. This plan does not currently exist in our community, however during my first year in office I would work with each department head and the public to develop a detailed plan for the next 5 years. This plan would identify the needs of our township and how we can begin today setting aside funds to improve and sustain our township. Additionally, I would work with state and federal agencies to ascertain grant dollars to offset the cost of upgrades within the township. Lastly, I would require a sustainability plan for each grant and high dollar purchase from each division prior to approval. This ensures we have a plan to upkeep and replace township property.
Education Masters Higher Education Administration- KSU Masters Business Administration - KSU B.S. in Computer Science - YSU
Training & Experience Brimfield residents for 26 years which I call home. Future financial and budgeting planning at the individual level. Budget experience range from Boy Scout troops to multi-million dollar accounts. Teach people how money works.
As the township continues to grow with more residents and businesses the township infrastructure will need to reflect the needs of the community, and communication is key. Developing strong and dependable community relations is the key in maintaining a positive communication between the residents and the business community. I feel it to be important to allow the opportunity for the residents to entirely voice their concerns. The residents need to know their concerns will be heard, and taken into consideration when contemplating infrastructure projects. With that being said, funding for the infrastructure projects should be funded in cooperation with Local and State agencies where the revenue comes from grant monies, bonds, and/or from the JEDD agreements. There should be minimal impact of monies coming from the residents to support infrastructure projects.

Age 58
Education B.S Kent State University, Graduate of the U.S. Army Aviation Course Helicopter Pilot Training, High school graduate Tiffin Ohio
Training & Experience Kent State ROTC graduate Pass Union President APWU Kent Local Pass Board member Portage County Airport Board Current member of Brimfield Township Zoning Board 32 years of government service U.S Postal Service Kent Ohio 13 year of Service in the Ohio Army National Guard
At the township level of government infrastructure funding can be challenging. In Brimfield Township we are blessed with the passage of two road levies. With the local road tax dollars, the township has completed improvements on many of most utilized roads. Brimfield has applied to the State of Ohio for matching monies using Ohio Public Works Commission. Since the support of the community in 2014, Brimfield has been able to receive over $500,000.00 in matching funding from OPWC. The easy part is getting matching monies from OPWC, the hard part is the ability to raise the local tax dollars. The most difficult infrastructure program for Brimfield is funding for its parks. With no park levy in place it is hard fund much in the way of park improvements. When looking to the State of Ohio for funding it difficult to find grants to meet our local needs for park improvements. Work is still needed in this area to improve Brimfield Township parks.
Age 59
Education Walsh Jesuit High School, Akron University
Training & Experience 16 years as a township trustee. Continuing education in related local government issues. Just finished Record Retention course in Columbus.
I have always believed that townships are underfunded and lack the potential for revenue streams similar to those available for villages and cities. To that end I pushed to create Jedd's with neighboring cities to help make up for the shortfalls in infrastructure repair & safety forces. Brimfield residents have realized the severity of the issues of the deterioration of our road system and fortunately have also passed levies to combat our road & related infrastructure needs. We have used these levy funds to leverage local dollars to assist in securing public works dollars. As a township we have no option, we can't afford to wait for the state or federal government to come to our aide. Our residents have a heavy tax burden, the state & federal governments need to share the revenue burden for rebuilding the nations infrastructure while we search for additional sources of dollars other than the local taxpayers pockets.
Website http://none
Age 69
Education 1970 Kent State U, BBA. University of Michigan Sales Management,Ten Kaman & Cusimano Condominium Board - Legal Seminars
Training & Experience Sales Rep 35 years, DQ Restaurant owner, apartment buildings owner. Condomium Board 10 years experience. Life lessons - Integrity is Everything. Always do what you say you will do, especially in politics.The people are counting on you.
Infrastructure -the basic physical/organizational facilities,buildings,roads,power supplies that a society needs.. Townships, unlike other forms of local government, by law have very limited funding streams.Primarily they are funded by property taxes levied on real estate by elected township trustees.Tax levies are subject to the approval of township voters.There are several types of levies: renewal, replacement and additional.There are federal grants for small town revitalization grants, community center grants, rural community grants,public transportation grants, joint economic development,TIF grants,waste water treatment grants etc. Dave Yost ,Ohio Auditor, has many Governmental Fund Plans on his website, Of course, We MUST be good businessmen,FRUGAL, financially well managed, operate efficiently, wise and honestly shrewd.Good Police and Fire Depts. are crucial.I am FOR taxpayers.We should ALWAYS exhaust other avenues BEFORE we ever ask our residents for more money.
Education Kent State University
Training & Experience I have been a Fiscal Officer 20 years, Trustee 8 years, attend O.T.A. Conferences yearly and other that are available.
Infrastructure! The most important problem concerning the development of the township both residential and commercial areas is the improvement of the sewer and water systems. The county is responsible for sewer and water, if elected I and the board of Trustees will work together to advance and improve the current systems. If elected the board and I will offer suggestions to correct the exacting traffic problem at 76 & 18. The township will also work to main maintain and improve township roads. Funding for these projects must come from the township budget from money provided. I will work with the police and fire departments to maintain and ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the residents. Your vote will be greatly appreciated. logo


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