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All the legislative powers of the City of Ravenna, except as limited by the Charter and the Constitution of the State of Ohio, shall be vested in a Council of seven (7) members, four (4) members being elected, one (1) from each ward and three (3) at-large, elected as provided hereafter for a term of four (4) years.
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    Amy Michael Department of Jobs and Family Services

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    Kristel Razayeski Administrative Support

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How would you balance the need for economic development with community development that ensures a better quality of life?

What is your vision for your community and how would you implement it?

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Age 45
Education Ravenna High School
Training & Experience Eight Years, Ravenna City Council; Board Member, NEOCAP; President, Friends of the Park; Volunteer, United Way; Volunteer, Family & Community Services.
Oftentimes people think economic development and community development are universally at odds with each other. My experience has been quite the opposite. In fact most of the economic development the City of Ravenna has undertaken has resulted in a better community. As an example, the recent additions of Spring Seal Co. and Life Force Management plus the expansion of Paris Linen not only created stable jobs but also lead to needed improvements to the intersection of SR 14 and SR 44. A benefit for all who travel that area. The commitment that University Hospitals has made to Ravenna is another example of economic and community development being one and the same. UH has invested millions of dollars into the former Robinson Memorial Hospital. Those dollars have resulted in more jobs AND a greater quality of life for all that seek care at that venerable institution. As a former employee of Robinson, I am grateful for the improvements made and jobs saved by the UH commitment.
Clearly Ravenna is on the rise. Businesses are opening and expanding in this community. Services are getting better daily. Thanks to the voters in Ravenna, our safety forces are increasing in size and effectiveness and our streets are being repaired at an brisk pace. These advancements are happening with increasing frequency because of a great working relationship between the mayor and city council. My hope is that we can maintain the momentum we have built with this administration and continue to move Ravenna in a positive direction. Ravenna enjoys many advantages that are not always appreciated. As the County seat, we host many visitors to our town. We have a phenomenal downtown with beautiful and historic buildings. We are the home to UH, one of the largest employers in the area. I would like to see more recreational activities for residents. The downtown movie theatre is a good start. Lake Hodgson is a wonderful asset that could be more fully developed.
Age 45
Education Associates Degree in Business/Administration
Training & Experience Several years of administrative support and customer service. Active in community by helping support Ravenna High School band and sports programs, youth football, active in the Balloon-a-Fair committee, volunteer at local nursing homes with my therapy dog.
For economic development, we need to be more inviting for business to want to move to Ravenna. We need to make it easier for small businesses to move into the downtown area by being more flexible with signage as well as some tax breaks for the small business people. For larger corporations I believe that we need to be more aware of who is looking to expand or grow so that we can invite and entice them to consider Ravenna. Additionally, give these large corporations tax breaks/incentives to move to our great city and encourage them with what we have to offer. We have several people in Ravenna that would be beneficial to work for these companies and corporations that offer a wide variety of talents. For our businesses that have been in Ravenna for a period of time, we need to take the time out and recognize them for their business and longevity in our great city. Show them that we appreciate them and continue supporting them.
Being born and raised in Ravenna, I have seen things come and go. My vision for Ravenna is to keep the small town charm, with a big heart welcome to new families and businesses. First, I believe that we need more community/family events to involve the fine citizens of this great town. Partnering with the park district, the county or local businesses to sponsor different events in the community would be my first step. Ravenna is not a wealthy community, so additionally, I would see if there are any types of grants or funds for community involvement to help supplement any type of sponsorships or donations for any type of community events. Perhaps partnering with other events to help promote each others activities. I would use social media to its full potential to advertise (for free) our community events; the when and where and who is sponsoring. Community involvement also includes people volunteering their time and efforts, and I would show my appreciation accordingly. logo


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