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7 to be elected. 2 year term.
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    Albert L. Delgado Educational Administrator

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    Michael A. Eyman Manager/Business Owner

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    Thaddeus Hoffmeister Professor

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    Jeffrey H. LeRoy Manager at Procter & Gamble; Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve

  • Jansen Litter (Write-in)

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    Jenni McCauley Real Estate

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    James O'Reilly Professor

  • John Otten (Write-in)

  • Barry S. Porter Retire Financial Executive

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    Sarah Stankorb Taylor Writer

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Campaign Phone (513) 262-0310
Education B.S. Special Education-University of Cincinnati M.E.D.-Special Education/ Curriculum/Administration-University of Cincinnati Doctoral work-Curriculum/Administration University of Cincinnati School Improvement Study- Harvard University
Occupation Retired- Educational Administrator
Experience Past Chair of Planning Commission,Board of Zoning Appeals, The Promenade Committee, Community Improvement Corporation, Finance Committee 31 years of Wyoming City volunteer work on committees and commissions.
Political Philosophy As a Wyoming City Council Representative, I attempt to gather information from all community members on issues of interest. I use this information to make decisions with other members of City Council in an effort to represent the diverse points of Wyoming's citizens. I view myself as one member of City Council attempting to represent the Wyoming community.
It has been an honor to serve the City of Wyoming since 1986, first on the Zoning Appeals Board for 6 years, then on Planning Commission for 15 years. I have also served on Joint City School Committee,Finance Committee,and Community Improvement Corp.
*Stewardship- As being the Chair of the Finance Committee, we have been able to manage capital expenses and the operational budget. We have worked with the administration to insure that the excellent city services are in place for today and the future. *Maintain the basic and Essential services for Wyoming such as Safety Services, maintaining streets and roads, garbage and recycling. Recreation services are Excellent have become part of the quality of life. *Citizen Engagement is essential!
Experience Wyoming, Ohio City Council Member
Current Council Member; Economic Development Commission Member; Law Committee Member; Buildings and Equipment Committee Member; Past Senior Commission Chair; Past Promote Wyoming Committee Chair; Past Recreation Commission Member
I am dedicated to continuing my work on Council, giving seniors a voice in Wyoming, our conservative budgeting principles, and our efforts in communication with the people of Wyoming.
Campaign Phone (513) 377-0201
Education BA Morgan State University, JD Northeastern University, LLM Georgetown University
Occupation Law Professor, Soldier, Author
Experience Soldier for 29 years, Congressional aide for 4 years, Law professor for 10 years
Soldier for 29 years, Congressional aide for 4 years, Law professor for 10 years, Community volunteer, Acting Magistrate Judge
Safety, Transparency, Business Development
Education BS - International Relations, U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY 1991; Master of Strategic Studies, U.S. Army War College, 2017
Occupation Manager at Procter & Gamble (17 years); Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve (26 years)
Experience More than 26 years of leading American soldiers, and 17 years in business at P&G, working with diverse cultures and people to creatively solve complex problems together.
Political Philosophy My entire life has been about service. I was an Eagle Scout, went to West Point, and have served in the U.S. Armed Forces for 26 years. I'm a combat veteran, have served in disaster relief efforts (Hurricane Katrina), and been at P&G 17 years serving consumers. I believe I have a unique set of leadership skills that will enable me to serve the amazing community of Wyoming. Service is in my DNA, and I humbly and respectfully ask for your support.
Proven leadership (26 years as an Army officer, 17 years at P&G); A lifetime of service to our country and world experience working with people of diverse cultures.
1. Quality of life and growth - We must continue to balance ways to grow responsibly while absolutely maintaining our wonderful quality of life. 2. Engagement - As a servant leader I will be accessible and in-touch while representing our collective interests. I will energetically labor on your behalf, working with anyone who can help our residents and serve our community. 3. Transparency - Government is a team sport. Even if we disagree, I will ensure your voice is heard at City Council.
Candidate has not yet responded.
Candidate has not yet responded.
Campaign Phone (513) 948-1392
Education University of Cincinnati, B.A., M.A.
Occupation Residential Real Estate
Experience 5 Terms Wy.City Council. Extensive Wyoming volunteer leadership. 27 years top selling realtor. Relocation Mger, Cinti Development Dept: 8 employees, multi-million dollar budget plus lobbying for local economic development at the state level.
Endorsements Have not requested any as this is a non-partisan race
Political Philosophy I believe that government at its best is local. This is where our important basic services are provided-police, fire,water, public maintenance, recreation, etc. It is where people can talk directly to their representatives and receive prompt response. Sound fiscal management is a must as local government cannot operate at a deficit unlike the federal government. Money can be borrowed but at the end of the year, spending cannot exceed income.
5 terms on Council. Have served on every comm. Now: Public Safety Chr, Planning Comm Rep,, Bldings& Equip Com. Significant Wy vol. leadership: Past Pres of JWC,PSA, Hist. Soc., Woman’s Club, May Fete Co-Chr, Village Historic District achievement.
1-Finances:stretch $ by constant review,grant apps,new ideas such as city/school collaboration on communication/ maintenance. 2-Springfield Pike.Due to the tremendous cost of redoing a crumbing Pike, applying to for state/ federal $. was critical.The $6.8M grant gave us the required “ Road Diet”design . We must ensure that it works well.. 3-Safety in this age of opioid crises challenges every community in the metro area. Our vigilance must rise to the occasion to protect all of us.
Campaign Phone (513) 761-9398
Education JD Univ. of Virginia, BA cum laude Boston College, 37 years as med/law professor
Occupation Professor, UC College of Medicine, and retired P&G manager
Experience Civic volunteer, council member, author 52 textbooks, head of county board, exec com of OKI Regional Council of Govts; exec com of First Suburbs Consortium, lectured internationally, former state police officer
Political Philosophy Elected officials are working for the public and deserve to be questioned about their results. No single philosophy can dominate the individual’s response to the needs of the public. This is a true service opportunity and deserves hard work, intelligent listening skills, and a willingness to adapt and improve.
I listen, I care, and I respond. Winning protection for our I-75 Galbraith exit and actively protecting against 2022 I-75 Millsdale exit challenges have marked my hundreds of hours of concentration on saving our city's infrastructure.
Minimize long term effects of Pike reconstruction; draw in more state funding for transportation improvements; as former police officer, help our excellent Wyoming PD to deter criminals from attacks within our city.
Candidate has not yet responded.
Candidate has not yet responded.
Campaign Phone (513) 761-7564
Education Graduated from the Wyoming School system; BA degree in Economics from Denison University; MBA degree in Finance from the University of Cincinnati.
Occupation Retired Financial Executive (CFO) - Financial Consultant
Experience 33 years as a Council member Mayor, Vice Mayor, Chairman of Finance Committee Member of Economic Development Commission &Joint City School Committee Member of the Board of Trustees – Community Improvement Corporation
Political Philosophy Insure City retains it sound financial structure within our current means. Continue to provide quality services and infrastructure. Work with the neighboring communities on joint efforts to improve the regions “Quality of Life” and security. Provide strong support for our Schools and education programs. Help make Wyoming community of choice.
My experience as a member of City Council for 33 years. Served as Mayor, Vice Mayor and Chairman of the Finance Committee. I am currently a member of the Finance Com., Community Improvement Corp. & Joint /City School Com.
Insure City retains it sound financial structure within our current means. Continue to provide quality services and infrastructure while providing strong support for our Schools and education programs. Work with the neighboring communities on joint efforts to improve the regions “Quality of Life” and security.

Campaign Phone (513) 400-4979
Education University of Chicago, Divinity School, Master of Arts (Ethics); Westminster College, Bachelor of Arts (World Religions and Honors Philosophy)
Occupation I’m an essayist and journalist, focusing on social justice issues. I have published in The New York Times, Washington Post, Slate, Vogue, Marie Claire, CNNMoney and frequently write for Cincinnati Magazine.
Experience In addition to writing, I have a history in the nonprofit sector. I taught and worked in literacy programs, advocated for environmental conservation, served people living with HIV/AIDS, and consulted with Natural Resources Defense Council.
Political Philosophy When a person represents a community (from the local to national level), they are given a sacred trust: they must listen. They may not agree, but be open to being persuaded, to finding common ground. Leaders owe it to their constituents to be as transparent and as available as possible. Public service is just that: service. It is an opportunity to listen to a community’s needs, connect those who share interests, and find solutions that lift everybody up.
I have years of experience in nonprofit advocacy working for social progress, as well as the careful habits of a journalist. I do deep-dive research to understand issues, seek multiple opinions for nuance and communicate clearly with the public.
Environment: Building on Wyoming’s environmental ethos to bake green innovation into our infrastructure and planning for the future.

Sustainable growth: Supporting our small businesses and individual proprietors, attracting more local businesses (without changing the face of our historic city), to help diversify the city’s revenue streams.

Transparency: Modernizing communication flow from council so constituents can be better informed about decisions that will impact them and their families. logo


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