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3 to be elected. 4 year term.
  • B. Scott Boster Business Attorney

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    Kara Broderick Member, Wyoming Board of Education

  • Emily Doblinger

  • Thekla Kern-Gordon

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    Aaron Meis Vice President at Xavier University

  • Camille H. Robinson (Write-in)

  • Illya Thomas

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    Heather Yee Food Allergy Consultant and Dance Teacher

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Campaign Phone (513) 260-6797
Education JD University of Cincinnati (1985). BS Finance Miami University (1981). Wyoming High School Graduate (1977).
Occupation Business Attorney at Ulmer & Berne LLP- I assist businesses and their owners with financial and managerial decisions including mergers and acquisitions, estate planning and tax matters.
Experience Current vice president & 6 year member of Board of Education. Finance committee member-assisted with terms of operating levy which passed with 70% passage rate. Participated in 2 successful teacher negotiations. Use legal skills to review contracts.
Current vice president and 6 year member of the Board. My legal experience enables me to be an effective leader of Wyoming's largest business-its schools. My goal is to deliver an excellent, cost-efficient, well-rounded education for all students.
1. Provide an excellent education for all students. We must ensure that we are not solely catering to the highest achievers. 2. Ensure that our recent operating levy lasts for at least 4 years and hopefully up to 6 years. We can only ask our citizens to contribute so much of their incomes toward tax $ and we are about at the limit. 3. Strengthen our relationship with our greatest asset-our teachers. We must be on the same cohesive team.
The Wyoming community needs to know the following: 1. Our schools are really good. We graduate and prepare our students for the next stage in their lives. 2. We provide a well rounded education including academics, athletics, music and the arts. 3. Our administration and our teachers really care about our students. 4. I am committed to stretch the recently passed operating levy as long as possible. 5. Our property values are dependent on our schools-I will work towards continued excellence.
Campaign Phone (513) 533-3711
Education I attended public schools, K-12. I received my BA in English Literature in 1989 from the University of Virginia.
Occupation I am currently a stay-at-home parent and frequent volunteer. Previously, I worked for more than twelve years in the field of higher education development and communications, serving for nine years as Director of Development for VCU's medical school.
Experience Extensive volunteerism at all levels of Wyoming schools- primary, middle and high school involving the classroom, arts, and athletics. Leadership roles include chairing PSA's largest fundraiser and serving as President of the Music Association.
Endorsements I was chosen from a field of applicants to join the current board in July of 2017 to complete the term of long time board member, Lynn Larson.
Political Philosophy While I am a strong advocate for public schools, I am dedicated to serving in a non-partisan capacity for the benefit of every Wyoming child.
I am a parent (WHS 2017, 9th, 7th ) and have had exposure to all grade levels. I have solid experience in relationship building through a career in development/communications. I know our schools through years of positive engagement as a volunteer.
- Building trust through open, positive communication and collaboration, always keeping in mind the best interest of students.

- Helping our students achieve a sense of self-worth and mutual respect, no matter where they fall on the academic ladder. Building on Wyoming’s unique strength in offering well-rounded, “whole-child” academic and extra-curricular experiences.

-Celebrating the successes of students and teachers while not being afraid to tackle tough issues faced by today’s students.
We have a community that has a history of strong support for its public schools. To continue that support, I will work with the board to strengthen the channels of communication to listen more effectively to different perspectives in order to accurately reflect our community's values in decision making. I will work to effectively steward our financial resources, placing a priority on creating a learning environment that is innovative, engaging and supportive for all of Wyoming's students.
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Campaign Phone (513) 498-2611
Education BA, Political Science, and M.Ed., Higher Education Administration, Loyola University Chicago
Occupation Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success, Xavier University
Experience Member, Wyoming City Schools Board of Education, 2013 - Present; Xavier University, 2008-Present; Converse College (SC), 2005-2008; Loyola University Chicago, 1993-2005
I have served on the Wyoming Board of Education since 2013. I currently serve as Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success at Xavier University. I have worked at Xavier for 9 years and in higher education for 24 years.
1. To maintain the strong reputation of the Wyoming City Schools and the excellent academic preparation we provide. 2. To maximize the recently passed operating levy. 3. To better communicate the role of the Board of Education and Board members to the community at large and encourage greater engagement between the community and the Board.
I will recommend to my fellow Board members that we hold two Board meetings per year that are dedicated to allowing community members to address their concerns to the Board of Education. Community members could ask questions of the Board and administration during these meetings.

I would also push for increased promotion of the many existing opportunities for community members to engage in constructive dialogue with the schools, the administration and the Board of Education.
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Campaign Phone (513) 240-2510
Twitter N/A
Education Degrees in Elementary and Special Education from Xavier University, graduated with honors
Occupation Consultant for individuals with food allergies as well as a dance instructor for both adults and children
Experience *Degrees in Elementary and Special Education *25 years professional experience focusing on special education *PAC Representative for our schools *Annual volunteer in the classroom *Oversaw federal grant and ran a fundraising walk for five years
*Degrees in Education and 25 years of special education experience *In depth knowledge of the public education system *Effective communication style developed through years of involvement in community organizations spanning a variety of fields
* Ensuring that ALL of our children receive the best possible education, guidance and resources we can provide

* Strengthening communication between the schools and community while valuing a diversity of opinions

* Balancing support for our schools' traditions with a commitment to innovation in learning while seeking fiscally responsible results
The public school system in Wyoming is the foundation of our community and is strongly supported already. In order to build further support for the schools we need to enhance communication within this already engaged community. I will continue to foster an exchange of ideas within my large network of influence which has been built over my years of volunteer work within the schools. Engagement and open dialogue with others is the key to building and sustaining community support. logo


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