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4 to be elected. 4 year term.
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    Amber Bailey Office Manager

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    Mary Dewald Receptionist at Salvation Army

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    Patrick Hartzel Vending Tech.

  • Dennis Jones Retired

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    Matt Wahlert Teacher and University Professor

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    Larry Williams President, Queen City Strategies

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Campaign Phone (513) 888-1882
Twitter @abaileynch
Experience I am currently a City Councilmember, but I am only getting started!
Endorsements I am endorse by the NCH Democratic Party.
I am currently in office, by an appointment and so I have a little bit of experience. I am learning more and more every day about my role and will not stop until I am a well-rounded leader for North College Hill.
Growth, both inside and out. I want to see our business district grow! I want to see our departments grow! I want to see our community bond grow!

Beautification. I want to see North College Hill clean and safe for everyone. I want to restore the pride of our City, through making it look pleasing to the eye.

Accountability. I want to hold people accountable in the positions as Leaders in our city. I want the Taxpayers to know WE are working for you without any doubt.
Campaign Phone (513) 305-8095
Education High School Graduate
Occupation Receptionist at Salvation Army, subsidized housing apartments for seniors.
Experience I have been elected to North College Hill City Council for 3 consecutive 2 year terms from 1991 through 1996. Due to a conflict of interest with my job at the time with Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities I had to resign.
Endorsements Change NCH , Political Action Committee. (PAC) comprised of Democrats, Republicans and Independents all working together for the betterment of North College Hill.
Political Philosophy Standing Strong to: 1. Protect Home Values 2. Slash wasteful Spending 3. Empower citizens 4.Legislate Responsibly 5. Make Streets safer.
My experience as a Past Council Person, my many years of volunteering for the NCH schools, my church, and community. I'm currently on St. Margaret Mary Parish Council and recently I was a Trustee for the NCH Senior Center and 46 year resident of NCH
1.Property maintenance. I believe strongly in all levels of maintaining property from the city property to personal property. By keeping our city and our homes and property groomed we help to support property values and pride in our city 2. Public Safety. I would love to see our Citizens on Patrol active again. The Police department has been hosting Block Watch meetings encouraging recognizing and reporting violations. 3.Financial Responsibility, making sure your tax dollars are spent wisely.
Campaign Phone 521-8335
Education Courter Tech. Cincinnati State
Occupation Vending Tech.
Experience On NCH City Council Council appointed to Senior Center Council appointed to ICRC
Endorsements Change NCH
Political Philosophy Limited Government Limited Taxes
I have not missed a regular scheduled council meeting in seven and a half years. I listen to what people have to say. I speak up as necessary win it comes to spending wisely. For example like win we don't have or need to barrow money.
I want to maintain our level of services or raise them at no extra expense to the citizens of NCH. Keep debit service low. Rise property values and keep taxes low.
Campaign Phone (513) 522-2297
Education Aiken Senior High School - college prep, Lincoln Christian University -Bachelor degree in Ministerial Studies and Education, Illinois Central College - Associate Degree in Education
Occupation retired
Experience Involved in various aspects of city government for over 30 years. Spent 8 years on the NCH Board of Education. Appointed to mayors taskforce and appointed Recreation Director. Also served on NCH Baseball Assoc. board and coached Rec League Basketball
Endorsements Change*NCH
Political Philosophy Conservative
Business background, dealing with contracts and deadlines. Eight years school board experience, approving teachers contracts, hiring new superintendent, new principles, etc, and being involved in the city government in various ways.
1. Empower Citizens. Listen to questions, concerns and ideas. Then act on them. Follow through with answers and actions. Let residents know what you have done and that you are working for them.

2. Slash Wasteful Spending. If it doesn't work other places, why would it work in NCH? Think forward when considering spending and remember it is not our money we are spending.

3. Legislate Responsibly. Consider what is best for all NCH when voting on legislation, not one group or faction.
Campaign Phone (513) 245-2469
Twitter @mattforohio
Education PhD - Political Science; MA - Comparative Politics; MA - Education. BA - History
Occupation High school teacher and University Professor
Experience 20 years as a government teacher Member of NCH Council - last nine months
Endorsements Change*nch
Political Philosophy As a member of Council, I believe my job is to advocate for the citizens, link citizens to government, and be a constant watchdog over the public trust and purse.
PhD, Political Science; Two decades US Government teacher; Nine months - NCH Council; Chair Law and Safety; Board of Directors - OKI Regional Council of Governments, Life Skills School, Riverside Academy, No More Stadium Taxes; Precinct Executive
Very simply - I want to reduce crime, increase adherence to property codes, and make North College Hill a financially healthy city so that we may maintain independent well into the future.
Campaign Phone (513) 909-4624
Education Graduated with magna cum laude from the University of Cincinnati, and I studied Criminal Justice, Information Technology, and Philosophy
Occupation I am the President of Queen City Strategies, a political consulting firm. I consult in every aspect of strategy and media; as well as, government research and grants.
Experience I served in the United States Marine Corps for four years, studied at the University of Cincinnati, managed campaigns, and I am now the founder and president of Queen City Strategies.
Endorsements North College Hill Democratic Committee
Political Philosophy Together, we will build a better tomorrow by making a difference today. We must end the feuds that occurred in the past. Our council must practice communication rather than condemnation. Cooperation is needed in order to achieve clarity on the issues that come before us. I will bridge the gap between the government and the people. Our community must show progress in everything we do. We must set goals and achieve them. Lastly, we ought to practice productivity not politics.
Graduated magna cum laude from the University of Cincinnati. During my time in the Marines, I was responsible for more than 17 million dollars. I am a small business owner, President of Queen City Strategies, a political consulting firm.
Revitalize our local economy, create Community Councils, and develop programs for our youth. We need to bring business to North College Hill, and have the means to beautify our business districts and neighborhoods. Creating Community Councils will restore our sense of community, and bring forth the inclusion of all voices. Developing youth programs and enhancing our Recreation Department will give our community the ability to take our children off the streets and provide them with guidance. logo


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