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4 to be elected. 4 year term.
  • Bill Brown

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    Avia Graves Human Resources

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    Troy Hawkins Town Meeting Candidate for Mariemont Council

  • Eric Marsland

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    Maggie Palazzolo Mariemont Council Representative

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Campaign Phone (513) 702-2939
Education BA Anthropology MA Labor Employment Relations
Occupation Compensation Manager, Domtar Personal Care
Experience For the past 6 years my family has called Mariemont our home and we plan to make it our forever home. I have three children in the Mariemont School System, and for the past 5 years I have been actively involved in the Mariemont Preschool Parents Grou
Political Philosophy I am an independent candidate that votes on the issues. I love the Mariemont community and will do my best to represent the voters of Mariemont.
Member Mariemont Preschool Parents Group Leadership, Chair Mariemont Easter Egg Hunt, Member Mariemont Preservation Foundation, Member Mariemont PTO, Member National Society of Human Resources, Member Greater Cincinnati Compensation and Benefits Asso
I believe we must invest in our community. I want to contribute to this wonderful place that we all love. I will work to ensure that our government is inclusive and transparent and openly communicates with its residents as we continue to develop economically to ensure our continued success. I am asking for your support.

Let’s keep Mariemont a special community.
Campaign Phone (513) 278-3729
Education I earned a Joint Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Engineering & Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in May 2007. During my time at CMU, I also earned an M.S. in Engineering and Public Policy in May 2006 and an M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering in May 2004. I earned a B.S. in Physics and Secondary Teacher Certification in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1999.
Occupation Project Lead and Senior Analyst, Eastern Research Group. I work remotely leading life cycle assessment and environmental sustainability projects for private companies, industry groups, non-profits, and Federal and state government agencies.
Experience For 10 yrs I have guided environmental, economic, & societal decisions. I was a teacher, coach, deacon, elder, and local and international volunteer. I am an active community member with 2 daughters in Mariemont Elementary. See:
Endorsements Mariemont Town Meeting; Beatrix, daughter, age 8; Meredith, daughter, age 5
Political Philosophy My approach to serving is to listen attentively to my neighbors & to make decisions based on thoughtful consideration of their ideas. I value the services our Village provides while respecting the need to live within our means. I also value the high standards upheld by the Village while knowing these must be balanced against allowing choice for individuals & businesses. I respect the role of community participation in government & aspire to offer intelligent, attentive, & evenhanded leadership.
I have worked successfully in the private, government, & academic sectors, & I am active as a volunteer & coach in Mariemont. I’ve attended Council meetings regularly to prepare, & I bring a wide range of experience. I’m level headed & thoughtful.
(1) Serve as a channel for residents to be heard & considered while promoting respectful interactions w/ residents & stakeholders. (2) Maintain & improve upon Mariemont’s vibrancy while managing change. This includes growing our tax base so the Village can continue providing the many services it offers while balancing the budget and minimizing financial burdens on families & businesses. (3) Continue our pedestrian-friendly tradition by managing traffic & investing in parks, sidewalks, & trails.
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Campaign Phone (513) 328-7554
Education B.S. Psychology, University of Cincinnati; M.S. Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati
Occupation I worked at Cincinnati Children's Hospital for the Disease Specific Innovations and Outcomes Program and then in Nephrology until 2015, when I decided to stay home with my three children.
Experience I have four years of experience in this council seat and have lived in Mariemont since 2005, holding volunteer and board positions. Additionally, I draw from my experience developing teams and completing complex projects with multiple stakeholders.
Political Philosophy I believe government needs to be filled with engaged, motivated public servants who actively network with community members to determine their priorities and needs. Then the job is to do the work to plan and execute targeted projects. Government should active, but not reactionary and strategic planning is essential to sustainable neighborhoods. Ideas for development and solutions to existing problems must be generated and vetted by stakeholders in the community, not passed down from legislators.
I have held this council position for four years and have been the chair-person of the Rules and Law Committee. I am a long time resident and am very active in the community, so I am aware of the wants and needs of various stakeholders here.
1. Improve communication between the community and our elected officials and facilitate community members' ability to get involved in local decision-making. 2. Promote the type of economic development that ensures Mariemont's long term stability. 3. Develop the sense of community here to build in more value for residents whose children have graduated from our schools to remain in Mariemont. logo


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