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4 year term. 3 to be elected.
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    Andy Bateman Communications Proffessional

  • Timothy Butler

  • Pamela Gross

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    Barry Kuhn Manager of Equity Administration

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    Neal Oury Sales Management

  • Ted Phelps

  • Rob Weisgerber

  • Stephen G. Zamagias

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Twitter @AndyWebcast
Education Loveland High School 1998 & BS Ohio University 2003
Occupation Marketing Manager, Eurostampa North America
Experience Board Member Greater Loveland Historical Society and Member of Clermont County Mental Health and Recovery Board
Political Philosophy Socially progressive and fiscally conservative
I have lived and worked in the Loveland area for 25 years and understand the nuances of the City of Loveland. As I've gotten older I've become more involved in community issues and am ready to serve the residents of Loveland as an elected official.
As a private resident of Loveland, unencumbered by political affiliations, I promise to listen to all sides of an issue and withhold any judgement until all facts are known. I will not engage in the politics of personality conflict that have come to characterize our city council. I will bring clear focus to issues of infrastructure and enable greater resident involvement in the process of local government. I will work to restore civility and to build upon common ground with my colleagues.
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Education University of Cincinnati. Graduated from Loveland High School in 1980.
Occupation Manager of Equity Administration for Discovery Communications
Experience Loveland Resident for over 40 years. Currently the Vice-Chair of the Board of Zoning Appeals, Member of the Finance Committee
Political Philosophy Strong proponent of Transparency in City Government, Support direct election of our City's Mayor, and term limits for members of City Council
I’ve been a resident of Loveland for over 40 years. I serve on the city’s Finance Committee, and the Board of Zoning Appeals. My experience in the business world has taught me effective leadership, communication and collaboration skills.
My top priority will be increasing the amount of communication between City Council and our residents, looking for opportunities to expand resident participation in decisions that are made regarding city policies or ordinances, and other matters that directly impact them. Another priority will be to review the City’s Charter, and its’ ordinances. My third priority would be to repair the relationships between City Council and our local organizations and businesses.
Education Loveland Hurst High School grad 1975. Took courses at UC related to Engineering and Real Estate Investing. Institute of Real Estate Management - Certified Property Manager and former faculty member for the National Education Committee.
Occupation Currently employed by Eads Fence Co. - Material Sales Manager and Manager of Loveland Hardware General Store
Experience Self employed over 30 years in real estate property management and construction remodeling business, sales and marketing. I have managed real estate portfolios in excess of 7000 units, as well as, for Fortune 500 Companies and for Common Pleas Cour
Endorsements Hamilton County Republican Party Northeast Hamilton County Republican Club Loveland Community Heartbeat PAC
Political Philosophy To be utmost ethical with the community. To understand residents' concerns and opinions on all issues, programs and development. To bring to Loveland, engagement on community development, participation in decision making to improve services and public safety, traffic and parking concerns, green space and development with honesty, common sense and integrity.
I am a Loveland resident for over 40 years. I have interest and concerns for the future of Loveland. I have experience in construction, sales, logistics, staffing and operations management and have served on Loveland Finance Committe
1. Transparency - I will be accountable, open and honest with the community. 2. Ethics - I will make sound moral judgements in my decisions and my actions. 3. Community Engagement - I will participate in collecting residents' and businesses' input, and actively work to make a difference for the City of Loveland's future.
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