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2 to be elected. 4 year term.
  • Dave Blumberg (Write-in)

  • Michele N. Pettit

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    Ned Portune VP Information Systems and Technology

  • Eileen Washburn

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Education BS - University of Cincinnati; Colerain High School
Occupation Cold Jet - VP Information Systems & Technology; SDRC - Technical Documentation and Training; GE Aircraft Engines (Aviation) - Process and Repair Engineering
Experience As the father of three Loveland students (Class of 2013, 2017, 2020), I am experienced in the opportunities and challenges at LCDS. My role in strategic IT Management requires a calm proactive data-driven approach to address issues presented.
Political Philosophy I believe in a public education system that empowers, encourages and supports our students each year, from Preschool to 12, to achieve to the highest levels they are capable in their individual pathway, through a culture of high expectations within an infrastructure of effective and diverse supports and opportunities.
I have been deeply involved for 16 years with programs at LCSD, from athletics to music to gifted to special needs. My professional experience in technology is an area of importance for Loveland. These experiences bring a unique voice to the Board.
Educational Excellence – we must stay focused on building a culture of high expectations where each student is given the best opportunity to achieve to their potential while acquiring the skills they need for their post-Loveland success.

Infrastructure of Support – we must further develop our educational infrastructure to support the diverse learning needs of all our students.

Financial Strength - it is imperative that we solidify our long term plans and programs that will grow the District.
Building consensus in the community is founded on the principles of communication, transparency and trust. With regard to public schools, it also entails support of a well-defined unified vision that supports common values and objectives. I believe that as a Board member that translates to a responsibility to listen to and consider all voices, and a responsibility to communicate openly. Collaboration is only possible when all parties feel heard and respected.
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