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Golf Manor Member of Council-unexpired term ending 12/01/19

1 to be elected. Unexpired term ending 12/01/19
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    Stefan Densmore President/CEO, United Resource Connection, Incorporated.

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Education My formal education is in Human Factors Engineering & Psychology (University of Cincinnati). I also have a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership (Union Institute & University), with an emphasis on enhancing organizational performance and collaborative culture.
Occupation I'm President/CEO of United Resource Connection, a 501c3 nonprofit. We simplify social service resource information sharing, providing greater possibilities for interagency collaboration, and greater depth of support for people in need.
I've lived in the village for 8 years with my wife and, now, our four young children. I was appointed to the village council in September 2016 when vice mayor Bob Harper stepped down. I've served the village since that time to the best of my ability.
All of our village council seats are either running unopposed, or no one is running for them. This is an issue in many 1st tier suburbs -- citizen disengagement, unopposed elections, a lost sense of citizen power and ownership. Beyond the basic oaths of office, my priority is rebuilding collaborative participatory civic culture. This looks like prioritizing communication, transparency, inclusion, and citizen ownership of community processes and governance. logo


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