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Forest Park Member of Council at Large

4 to be elected. 4 year term.
  • Wyndell T. Burns (Write-in)

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    Sheila J. Cottle City of Forest Park-Council Member. Sheila J. Cottle & Associates

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    Diana Herbe Retired

  • Charles Johnson Retired Labor Consultant

  • Ronald E. Johnson

  • Kristine L. Merritt Retired

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    Rosalind Moore Registered Nurse

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    Chelsea Nuss

  • Matthew J. Robinson

  • Sharon Renee Watts

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Campaign Phone (513) 825-5450
Web Site http://N/A
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Education St. Mary's School of Nursing/Marshall University-Registered Nurse, Capital University-Bachelor of Arts/Health Care-Social Services. Certificate in Post-Graduate Course Study.-Life Care Planning for Advanced Catastrophic Case Management-University of Florida/Intelicus/Medipro. Advanced Courses completed in Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Forensic Pediatric Insults-University of Florida/Intelicus/Medipro. Municipal Leadership Training Academy Courses completed-Ohio Municipal League.
Occupation City of Forest Park-Councilwoman Owner of Sheila J. Cottle & Associates-Registered Nurse/Certified Case Manager/Certified Life Care Planner
Experience Resident of Forest Park for 44 years. Forest Park Chamber of Commerce-Member and served as a Board Member. Volunteer in the Forest Park Community Patrol, Winton Woods City Schools-served as PTA President/PTA Board Member/Room Parent.
Political Philosophy Party Affiliation/Independent/Non-partisan.
Three terms as City of Forest Park-Council Member and served as 2nd Vice Mayor. I have been a resident of Forest Park for 44 years. I am a Business Owner in Forest Park for the past 37 years. Active in the community with Community Patrol.
1. Protect our community property values. 2. Maintain a safe and family oriented community. 3. Partnership with our Forest Park Community, our Government, our Businesses and the Winton Woods City School District in order to guarantee successful outcomes for all of our children who are students in our community.
Campaign Phone (513) 825-0064
Education BA Marian College (now University) JD Salmon P. Chase College of Law
Occupation Retired
Experience 12 Years City Council; Current Chair, Ways & Means Committee (Com.) ; Past Chair & Current Member, Community Development Com.; Member, Human Resources Com.; Past Chair, Public improvements & Facilities Com.; Past Member, Law Com. & Public Safety Com.
Political Philosophy Committed to Fiscal Responsibility, Public Safety, Economic Development, Forest Park's Diversity, and Quality of Live
In addition to the above, also current & past liaison to the following Commissions & Boards of the City: Environmental Awareness; Civil Service; Economic Development; Park & Recreation; & Beautification. Past President, Forest Park Women's Club.
Preserve balanced city budget and current services to residents, particularly in public safety and in restoring the public improvement and facilities scheduled roads and sidewalks repair program. Continue to support economic development program with initiatives to foster business retention and recruitment. Continue to support programs which celebrate Forest Park's unique history of a community where diversity works.

Education Bachelor of Arts - Tennessee Masters - Missouri
Occupation I am a retired Labor Relations Consultant. I was employed by the Ohio Education Association-Union for 28 years. Before that, I was with the Kentucky Education Association 5 years. I was a teacher for 8 years in St.Louis,Missouri.
Experience I have been a member of the Forest Park City Council since 1998 and Mayor since 2017. I have been active in civic activities since 1982 serving on many Committees and Commissions.
Political Philosophy Serving the People is and should be the only goal of any elected official. Public service should never be looked at as a stepping stone to the next higher office. Be available to citizens, answers their questions honestly and truthfully. The only promises to make should be that you will look in to their issues, try to help where you can and give the factual results if when the facts are not what they want to hear.
Almost 20 years of experience in local government as an elected official Over 30 years of Community service Almost 14 years of leadership as Vice-Mayor and Mayor
Continuing our Economic Development programs that not only seek new businesses but also to retain current businesses.

Continue to celebrate the diversity of our community. To make sure that people from all cultures feel welcome in Forest Park because they all contribute to our success.

Continue to assure that our citizens feel safe to freely walk in their neighborhoods, enjoy our parks and facilities, and know that our 1st responders are there if they are needed.
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Campaign Phone (513) 608-5499
Education Bachelor of Business Administration/ Ohio University (Suma Cum Laude). Certificate in Accounting/Cincinnati State.
Occupation Recently retired from Fifth Third Bank / Consumer Lending.
Experience 7 years with 5/3 Bank in mortgages dealing with foreclosures, modifications, re-pay plans to help people get out of foreclosure. I also worked for the IRS as a Revenue Agent doing tax audits. And as a department manager at both Lowes and Meijer.
Endorsements None, as yet, at the time of this writing. However, my pastor, Dr. Elliot Cuff of Lincoln Heights Missionary Baptist Church, has encouraged me and supported my decision to run for council. I also have received great encouragement from my friends and family that are convinced that I would be a great addition to city council in Forest Park
Political Philosophy My political philosophy includes ensuring that the governing of Forest Park is efficient and effective while keeping the best interest of the residents of Forest Park at the forefront. At the same time I would be working towards improving the quality of life for all citizens while making sure that Forest Park is a safe and desirable place to live.
My most important qualification is my character which includes integrity, honesty, and a strong work ethic. I give 100% effort to anything I do. Combine my character with my work experience and I believe that demonstrates a viable candidate.
I would first research the city budget to see if it is a possibility to establish a community recreation center. Next, look into our environmental programs to see what improvements might be possible. And, finally, Review the city plans for economical development to see how I might help make the City of Forest Park globally competitive which in turn would promote job growth and add revenue to our city.
Education I’m currently, obtaining my Doctor of Nursing Practice in Population Leadership from Xavier University I have a Master’s of Science in Nursing from Grand Canyon University. Post- Master’s Certificate in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program, University of Cincinnati, 2017. Also, I received my Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing.
Occupation I’m a Retired Major United States Army, and also served in the United States Air Force Reserve.  It was truly a honor serving and protecting our Country for over twenty years.
Experience Recently, I was appointed Councilwoman in July 2017, finishing out a term until November 30th, 2017. I’m a visionary and progressive leader.
Political Philosophy I'm committed to: Fiscal Responsibility, Public Safety, Economic Development, Forest Park's Diversity and Quality of Life.
I’m a 20 plus year resident of Forest Park with countless volunteer hours serving the community. I served as co-chair for Forest Park, Park and Recreation Commission board for the past 8 years.
If elected my first priority is Quality of Life ensuring that our residents remain physically active, healthy and safe. Also to implement fresh programs to engaged youth, families and the community. My second priority is economic development. I will sustain businesses in the community by helping current businesses remain in Forest Park and seek new businesses with creative initiatives. My third priority is Public Safety I will be dedicated to ensure our streets and sidewalks are safe.
Education Bachelor's degree: Miami University, Oxford. Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Political Science and Business Administration. Executive Certification from University of Notre Dame, Business Administration
Occupation Founder/Owner Docere Inc., an educational STEAM (science, technology, engineering, agriculture, math) company here in Forest Park that works with schools, organizations, and families throughout Hamilton Cty.
Experience Over a decade of community leadership/volunteerism, financial, operational, and managerial experience. As a former financial analyst and current business owner, I will deliver the oversight our city needs using fresh perspectives for economic growth.
Endorsements This is a non-partisan race and therefore does not require party identification or endorsements.
Political Philosophy Government is established by the people and FOR the people. Our residents want a communal safe place for their children, as well as themselves. It is a civic responsibility for our leaders to listen to their needs, concerns, make themselves accessible, and communicate. The passage of our high tax threshold was implemented without warning or a vigorous attempt to investigate or consider alternatives, proves we have not been heard. This is unacceptable. I stand for transparency and accountability.
I have demonstrated my leadership and effectiveness in Community Organizations: VC – Economic Dev. Commission Board Member – Environmental Awareness Board FP Democratic Club FP Women’s Club Webmaster – FP Historical Society WWSD PTA NAACP - Ed. Ctte.
As a single mother, business owner, and community leader, I will bring a fresh perspective to Forest Park City Council and deliver on what Forest Park needs most. 1) Sustainable Economic Dev. Attract businesses, local career training 2) Community Involvement/Quality of Life My first priority of Council will be in investigating how we can forge partnerships to have a Recreation or Community Center. 3) Responsive/Transparent Gov't Community first approach through open and accessible leadership.
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