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3 to be elected. 4 year term.
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    Bill Puthoff Retail Management

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    Christian J. Schaefer Attorney

  • Carolyn Smiley-Robertson

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    Stiney Vonderhaar Retired Law Enforcement Officer

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Campaign Phone (513) 563-8701
Education BSBA Marketing, Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio
Occupation I am in Retail Management with Walgreens Boots Alliance.
Experience Completing 16 Years of service as Council Member for the Village of Evendale. Served on all Council committees and Served as Vice Mayor.
I have the experience of 16 years as a member of Evendale Council. I have served as Vice-Mayor as well as having served on all Council Committees during my tenure. I currently serve as a Member of the Administration, Finance, Recreation Committee.
I will continue to support Economic Development opportunities that help to grow our industrial base. The Aerohub project is one such opportunity. When infrastructure improvements are completed, Evendale will be business ready on this development and this will give Evendale it's best opportunity for growth in years. I will continue to look for opportunities to control costs on the Thru the Valley (Evendale Bridge Project). I will continue to support the excellent services for our residents.
Education B.A. University of Cincinnati 1973; J.D. University of Cincinnati 1976
Occupation Attorney
Experience Evendale Planning Commission 1979 to 1983; Evendale Village Attorney - 1990 to 2002; Evendale Councilmember - 1983 to 1990, 2003 to 2007, 2009 to present
Endorsements Evendale has a non-partisan political tradition and I have sought no endorsements.
Political Philosophy In today's political climate labels seem to have lost meaning. I will vote to maintain and expand Evendale's tax base as I have in the past. I will not support issuing general obligation bonds. At the same time, I will vote to keep the same level of services that currently exist. I will support the AeroHub project west of I-75.and the Recreational and Cultural Arts programs that continue meet the changing needs of Evendale residents.
l have served Evendale for most of the last 40 years and helped in creating subdivisions, Recreation programs, Cultural Arts programs , and Village Services that led many of the current residents to call Evendale home.
1. I will Keep the Evendale financially strong with no General Obligation debt, a reserve fund of six months operation expenses, and expanding the tax base by support for the Aerohub development of Evendale owned property west of I-75. 2. I will support making Evendale more pedestrian friendly and Cultural Arts building A.D.A accessible. 3. I will support maintenance of current Evendale services, and keeping the Gorman Farm a working farm teaching farm heritage as the was Gormans' dream.
Candidate has not yet responded.
Candidate has not yet responded.
Campaign Phone (513) 617-4996
Twitter @StineyV1
Education Roger Bacon High School University of Cincinnati
Occupation Retired Law Enforcment (Evendale)
Experience 13 years on Council Served or serves on Cultural Arts Committee, Rec Committee, Gorman Farm Board. Lifelong Evendale resident.
Political Philosophy Conservative. Local politics should be about service to the home community.
I served 13 years on Council, with 2 years as Vice Mayor after serving Evendale for 26 years as a police officer. Since I left Council, I have attended virtually every Committee and Council Meeting to stay as informed as possible about what is happen
My top 3 priorities are: Bring Ohio Open Checkbook to Evendale. We need transparency in government and what better way than using this free service. Spend Evendale money to the betterment of Evendale’s residents. I want to expand the Campus to the north and add new soccer fields, expand the tennis courts and add a dog park. I would like to expand the walking trails and connect Evendale to our neighbors working with the CACC (Connecting Active Communities Collation). logo


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