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Two to be elected to a 4 year term. In each Ohio township there is a board of township trustees consisting of three members. Elections alternate every two years electing one trustee, then two years later electing two trustees.
  • Susan Hughes

  • Carl Jones Property Management

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    David Kubicki Commercial Real Estate Developer

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Occupation Property Manager
Experience 30 years in Property Management
Endorsements Hamilton County Commissioners- Todd Portune and Denise Drehaus, Clerk of Courts-Aftab Pureval Ohio House Rep.-Bridget Kelly
I own and manage a family business in real estate, for the last 30 years. I have been to all regular, special and Little Miami Fire Rescue (including merger meetings with Golf Manor). I understand the issues confronting the township.
Quality of Life-Expanding services beyond the only public park we have and nothing else. Ensuring Accountability- Being more fiscally responsible with a budget of almost 6 million dollars. Taxes have increased about 70% in the last 10 years. I will not vote on any tax levies to be put on the primary ballot and only if needed. Transparency-Transparency is what every resident should have to make informed decisions on how their tax dollars are spent. An informed community is a better community.
Campaign Phone (513) 608-2625
Occupation BBA University of Cincinnati
Experience 30 years of commercial real estate experience, working with local governments on all issues related-including planning, zoning, business development, roads and infrastructure, economic development. Served the last 8 years as a Township Trustee.
Endorsements Member of the little Miami Fire Board Honorary deputy by the Hamilton County Sherriff's department.
Political Philosophy I believe in a smaller and more responsive government. In order to really save money for our taxpayers-small cities and townships need to get creative and find ways to collaborate and combine services. There are better ways of doing things, we just need open-minded leaders and decision makers to explore new ways - that are more efficient. There are way too many communities with overlapping and redundant services and have dwelled on control vs. higher taxes. That needs to change.
I have 8 years of experience as the Trustee. I have been actively involved with all of the new development projects. I spearheaded the campaign for the Columbia Township JEDZ that has given the Township so many options to now invest in our community.
1. Help prioritize how we can invest money from our JEDZ in our communities to promote a more pedestrian friendly, safer and more attractive place that will also help increase our property values.

2. Continue to work on collaborating with other local communities to consolidate resources.

3. Find strategic properties for the Township to purchase to help protect future uses that are good for the whole community. All of these things, if done correctly should help save taxes in the long run. logo


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