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4 year term. Salary $125 per meeting.RESPONSIBILITIES: 7 seats, staggered. Elected on a non-partisan ballot by voters within the Cincinnati School District. The board is a policy making body, but exercises only those powers delegated to it by state law. It chooses its own officers.4 to be Elected. 4 Year Term.
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    Jacqueline Amos Retired Teacher/Cincinnati Public Schools

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    Melanie Bates Non-profit professional, retired

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    David Brenner

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    Ericka Copeland-Dansby CEO, Non-Profit Organization - Wesley Community Services

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    Gary Favors Intervention Specialist

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    Christine Fisher Finance Manager at Procter & Gamble

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    Marcia A. Futel Financial Services Professional

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    Renee Hevia Retired teacher and Assistant Principal

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    Ryan Messer Johnson & Johnson

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    Daniel Minera Director of Hispanic Outreach at City Gospel, Executive Director of Hispanic Chamber Foundation and Pastor of Amigo Ministries

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    Kareem Moffett Math Professor & Consultant

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    Mike Moroski Cincinnati School Board Candidate

  • Kathy Young Retired Teacher

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How will you work with the new CPS Administration to ensure the oversight and accountability in implementing Preschool Promise? (500 character limit)

How could the enrollment processes for magnet schools be made more equitable and otherwise improved for CPS parents/caregivers? (500 character limit)

How do you see your role as communications liaison between the community and the CPS administration? (500 character limit)

Campaign Phone (513) 402-2093
Education *Xavier University, M.Ed., Reading Specialist *University of Cincinnati, B.S., Elementary Education *Graduate of Cincinnati Public Schools
Occupation Retired Teacher/Cincinnati Public Schools
Experience Cincinnati Public Schools *Elementary Schools: Washburn, Eastern Hills Individual Guided Education, Fairview German-English Bilingual, North Fairmount *Auxiliary Services/Non-public Schools Cardinal Pacelli, Cincinnati Junior Academy, Resurrection
Endorsements Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council Cincinnati Federation of Teachers/ Cincinnati Federation of Office Professionals
Political Philosophy My philosophy about public education in Ohio, as it relates to the role public schools should play in our community is that schools should educate each child to the fullest of the child's ability, which will enable each child to become contributing citizens in every community of our country.
To support effective oversight, I would insist upon transparency. For accountability in the implementation of Preschool Promise, I would support the Superintendent's goals for each CPS preschool class, which would show an alignment with the kindergarten curriculum. Each preschooler's measurable results would allow reading on grade level by 3rd grade. The annual results of Preschool Promise would provide successful justification for the $15 million approved by the Cincinnati community.
I believe there could be two possible choices to help make magnet placements more equitable. 1. Invite a meaningful group of parents/caregivers and community stakeholders to form a task force to select another researched-based strategy with the likelihood of becoming successful in CPS. 2. There would be no need for an enrollment process, if every neighborhood school could select a focus that would become highly successful and attract parents/caregivers to enroll their children.
I would have an "open-door" policy, which would place "value" on all issues brought to my attention; then depending on the nature of the problem, I would go directly to the Superintendent, or the Board's Legal Council, or the Treasurer, or to other Board Members. Once the resolution has been determined, I would follow-up for a successful conclusion.
Campaign Phone (513) 515-8005
Education Master of Public Administration, Northern Kentucky University; Certificate in Nonprofit Management, Northern Kentucky University; Bachelor of Science, Communication Arts, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
Occupation Non-profit professional, retired
Experience Cincinnati School Board 2002-current, Vice President, Finance Committee Chair; Council of Great City Schools Board of Directors; Ohio School Boards Association Board of Trustees; Cinci Recreation Commission 2016-2017 State Board of Ed 1995-2001
Endorsements Cincinnati Federation of Teachers; Greater Cincinnati AFL-CIO; Equality Cincinnati PAC
Political Philosophy I believe in strong public schools that provide equitable resources so all children have the opportunity to succeed. An array of school choices should be available so education decisions can be made based on the needs and desires of families for their children. Fiscal accountability is essential to maintain the trust of the community and appropriately provide equitable resources for our children.
Close communication with CPS administration, The Preschool Promise board and the CPS board is key. Five members of the Preschool Promise board are appointed by the CPS board. CPS administration participates in Preschool Promise meetings to provide support and counsel and provides expertise to the Workforce Development Committee. Preschool Promise provides financial reporting at the CPS board’s monthly Finance Committee meetings and also presents regularly at full CPS board meetings.
Enrollment data has to be monitored closely. When our highest achieving magnet schools began racially resegregating, the schools that were established for integration, the board enacted a lottery system. The lottery is currently attracting more diversity, but data has to be reviewed regularly to ensure equitable access. More magnet programs have opened as a result of the demand of the lottery. By 2020 all neighborhood schools will have magnet quality programming - our Vision 2020 initiative.
The board’s power and impact is communicating with one voice. As a board member I am and have been open to input and communication from the community in various media – print, TV, social media, community meetings – while acting as a conduit for information gained from engaging with parents, staff, and community members. Upon receiving information from the community, I engage the superintendent and fellow board members so that we can make improvements in our policies and correct issues.
Campaign Phone (513) 235-6584
Education B.S. Computer Science, University of Cincinnati
Occupation Enterprise Architect
Experience 30 years of experience in technology, management. including * 4 years at CBIS/Convergys * 11 years at Fidelity Investments * 7 years Kroger
Endorsements Hamilton County Green Party Our Revolution Greater Cincinnati
Political Philosophy Independent. All people have the same intrinsic rights and we should not infringe upon them. We all deserve respect. We need to help those at that are disadvantaged to give them a fighting chance instead of penalizing them for the circumstances of their birth. Education is the bedrock of a functioning democracy and our public education system must be strong for America to function.
I believe there are changes necessary with how the implementation is being handled and the overhead associated with three separate organizations (United Way, CPP and CPS) managing pieces takes valuable funds away from providing spaces for children. Current budget numbers based on the existing overhead indicate there is insufficient money to cover all of the children that were promised during the campaign.

The master agreement should be revisited address these issues.
Moving from camping to a lottery was more equitable but was implemented poorly. Because of a lack of clarity, the current lottery is driving parents out of the district and a couple of minor changes to the prioritization could help this. Communication about the process, timelines and expectations to parents needs to be more effective. Information is not distributed equally or completely. Parents are confused about how the process works.
The members of the board should be in the community talking to people instead of waiting for the community to come to them. In my first 30 days, I will put forth a policy that requires the board visit each community council and each school's PTO/LSDMC at least once per year. This works out to around 2 meetings per board member per month over the course of a year.

As representatives of the people, it is vital we understand what the people want.
Campaign Phone (515) 409-5437
Twitter ecdforcps
Education College Preparatory,Walnut Hills High School Organizational/Industrial Psychology, Wilberforce University Education, Xavier University
Occupation Served Cincinnati 30 years as Teacher & Leader in the Non-Profit Sector; have been responsible for providing vital services to the underserved throughout Cincinnati with an emphasis on the poor & underserved; Two-Term President, Board of Education
Experience Elected to the Board of Education in 2014, Vice President 2015, current two-term President 2015, 2017. 30 years serving children/families. Trusted by community - Students, families, and professionals know the quality of my commitment to serving them.
Endorsements Democratic Party Cincinnati Women's Political Caucus Charter Committee
Political Philosophy Public education is a right and freedom that every child deserves. High quality education promotes excellence and achievement in students; I am a product of public education, as are my family members, including my only son. I have taught in public schools and held various positions enabling me to support schools for 30 years. During my term, I have moved the administration to look beyond state indicators and standards to serve the ‘whole child’ — ensuring students achieve their brightest future.
I am a strong advocate for early childhood education and have been actively involved with CPP for many years working toward a joint tax levy to support families with access to early education while bolstering the curriculum and resources necessary for CPS students to graduate students prepared for life. I am instrumental in ensuring the continuation of the joint relationship and will continue to plan and implement the proposed program and ensure accountability.
Every child deserves a great school in every neighborhood; Strong Schools=Strong Communities. I remain committed to ensuring neighborhood schools offer rigor and innovative programming, bringing parity among schools. Since 2015, an online lottery application is used for enrollment into magnet elementary schools, After a successful pilot, it was adopted by the BOE as the application process for magnet elementary schools. It is being monitored to ensure it is equitable to all students
The CPS Board's role should be the primary resource, as well as the lead advocate, for the initiatives and goals set forth by the education community. As it pertains to the relationship with the Administration, the CPS Board should be an active collaborator with consistently seeking best practices to promote our educational system to the highest national level. The CPS Board should remain persistent in the involvement of matters that manage and construct the relationship with the public.
Campaign Phone (513) 281-1863
Education Xavier University Cincinnati, OH, Masters of Education in Administration December 2010 Northern Kentucky University Masters of Arts in Teaching May 2010
Occupation Intervention Specialist (Special Education Teacher) CPS
Experience Special Education Teacher - 21 years within CPS, Army Veteran of the Gulf War Received the Army Commendation Medal, Founder of Hearts and Minds Mentoring Program for young black/brown males
Political Philosophy To Whom Much is Given Much is Expected
The board members create policies which guide the superintendent to facilitate changes or maintain the current policies. I would be sure we set accountability policies that would require continuous updates on the progress of the PreSchool Promise.
Magnet school enrollment is set by policy and I would be sure to review these policies and suggest amendments when needed. The superintendent would then direct the administrators of each school when changes are made.
I would be sure to advocate for the people who elected me to represent them. I would continue to check the pulse of the community to be sure I am pushing their agenda. I would recommend moving board meetings out in neighborhood schools where many more parents would feel comfortable attending. I would be sure that our meetings are easy to follow and contain no hidden agendas. I would hold public forums to hear concerns and learn what is working for families. Open honest dialogue is needed.
Campaign Phone (513) 502-2685
Education Bachelor's Science in Computer Engineering from Queen's University (Canada)
Occupation Finance Manger at Procter & Gamble
Experience I have worked at P&G for 12 years as a finance manager serving in a wide array of roles including: brand finance, facilities & real estate, forecasting, and strategy. I am currently the finance leader for the Charmin Brand with $2.5Billion in sales.
Endorsements -Cincinnati Women's Political Caucus -Cincinnati Building Trades
Political Philosophy Public education is critical to the success of the State and our local community. Public schools are one of the few tools we have to address systemic issues in our society. For us in Cincinnati, one of those issues is poverty. While it will take a long time for our schools to bring people out of poverty, it means every day they are serving more than the educational needs of our students. I want our schools to be safe environments that foster a passion for learning.
The public stepped up in a major way to support Issue 44 which encompassed both funding for Preschool Promise and levy dollars for CPS. The success of the Preschool Promise is intertwined with the on-going success of levies for CPS. Expanded quality preschool access is also critical to the future success of CPS. My role as a Board member is to ensure the realization of the preschool promise by working effectively with their governing body (CPP). By focusing on common goals, this can be achieved.
A lottery system has improved equitability of magnet school enrollment but there is still more room for improvement. Better communication of the process and school offerings is needed. The Board also needs to reevaluate the process for admitting preschoolers and the implications it has on the number of kindergarten spots available. CPS preschool is not an option for some (either due to cost or limited hours) and we need to find a better process to ensure more kindergarten spots are available.
As elected officials, it is the Board that is ultimately accountable to the community. Personally, I want to increase awareness of the district’s spending and budget needs. My finance background makes me uniquely qualified to do this. As property taxes have become a bigger portion of the district’s income, the local community needs to have more awareness of the funding needs. I want to bring this information to community council meetings and Local School Decision Making Committees (LSDMCs).
Campaign Phone (513) 374-9916
Education I graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in Computer Science. I have a Masters Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University. I am licensed with the state of Ohio in Life & Health Insurance and hold Series 6, 63, 65 as a Registered Rep with PFS Investments and Primerica Advisors, members of FINRA
Occupation For over 12 years, I have served individuals and families as a financial services professional in the areas of income protection, savings/investments, debt elimination, and income generation.
Experience I have 30 continuous years of parent and education advocacy on local, state, & national level. I enjoyed a 23 year career in Info Technology primarily in leadership roles. I am the mother of 3 CPS graduates, all with 4 year degrees.
Endorsements Ohio AFSCME Power in Action
Political Philosophy A high quality public education is the great equalizer that gives our children great life options. I stand for: 1) Authentic engagement where parents are respected as valued customers and children’s needs come first 2) Transparency in how we use resources, make decisions, and provide safe and nurturing environments for learning 3) Accountability for how well we are educating ALL students and eliminating barriers to their success. As a CPS grandparent, I am vested in the success of our district.
I will insure that the Master Agreement and its implementation for the Preschool expansion align with the promises made to the voters. I will hold the Administration and the CPS representatives on the CPP Board mutually accountable to the equitable distribution of the resources. We all have a vested interest to insure the success of this initiative for our children. As a CPS Board member, I want to see Kindergarten-ready students come to our schools, regardless of where they attended preschool.
The policy change made in 2015-2016 to the lottery system was a step in the right direction to a more equitable magnet school enrollment process. However, I would recommend clearer communication about how the lottery rounds work and when parents will be notified. The enrollment timeline should be structured so parents know what school their child will attend by the end of the current school year. There should always be ongoing monitoring about its effective implementation.
As communications liaison and elected public servant, I have the responsibility to inform and support the CPS Administration’s work in implementing policies and mutually agreed upon goals that address the educational expectations of the community. I am accountable to the community to provide insight and understanding of the district’s performance in meeting those expectations.
Campaign Phone (513) 325-8203
Twitter @voteReneeHevia
Education BA and BS from the University of Cincinnati. Masters of Administration - Xavier University
Occupation Former CPS Spanish teacher at the Academy of World Language/Heinold and Sycamore HS. Former Assistant Principal at Sycamore HS
Experience 31 years in Public schools with urban and suburban experience. Extensive training in research based teaching and leading practices. Attained National Board Certification in 2003-2013.
Endorsements Cincinnati Federation of Teachers: Cincinnati Democratic Party: Cincinnati Womens' Political Caucus: AFL - CIO: International Union Painters and Allied Trades District Council 6: Victory Fund: Cincinnati Equality PAC: Aftab Pureval: Todd Portune: Denise Dreihaus: James Wolf: Kathy Goedl
Political Philosophy I am a progressive thinker and voter. I believe that all citizens must be enabled/activated to participate in their local community councils in order to make an impact on local politics. Democracy is about citizen engagement to empower their social, political and economic interests.
CPS is slated to receive $33 of the $45 million raised over 5 years from the Levy. To ensure accountability, I will insist: 1. Metrics are created to measure the success of dollars spent 2. Administration reports quarterly to Board members 3. Results will be communicated directly to the community in multiple ways 4. Quarterly meetings with parents and teachers of our preschools will take place to gather direct input and feedback regarding the metrics and programing This begins transparency
1. Have available times when parents can use School computer labs to complete the enrollment process. 2. Improve communication to parents so that they understand the process and make the deadlines. 3. Accept paper applications. 4. Use a point system so that the students with the greatest needs have first access. 5. Re assess how lines are drawn for magnet schools.
As a Board member I am responsible for being the bridge between the community and the Administration in order to build trust and transparency. I will insist on a robust communication engagement process where Board members, the Superintendent and the Communications Director meet with all 52 neighborhoods within each school year. This may include community council meetings or other events where we gather feedback, and input concerning the district’s progress on all areas of its responsibility.
Campaign Phone (330) 317-7342
Twitter @ryanlmesser
Education Graduate of Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
Occupation Regional Business Director, Johnson & Johnson
Experience 20 years Johnson & Johnson Served as Community Council President National Underground Railroad Musesum Freedom Center Found, Future Leaders OTR Caracole Board of Directors Graduate of Leadership Cincinnati & C-Change
Endorsements • Cincinnati Democratic Party • Cincinnati Federation of Teachers • Cincinnati AFL-CIO Labor Council • AFSCME Ohio Council 8 • Equality Cincinnati • Amalgamated Transit Union Local 627 • Building Trades • The Victory Fund
Political Philosophy I am a firm believer in “Positive Liberty” or the freedom to achieve one’s full potential. Recognizing that we are not all born with the same privileges and circumstances in life but we have the right to achieve our full potential regardless of where we started. This means I support efforts to provide quality and affordable education for all, fights for economic fairness and security with good jobs and livable wages, and guaranteeing Civil Rights for all Americans and minority groups regardless.
I whole-heartedly supported the Preschool Promise as studies continue to show early childhood education can exponentially improve the life of a child. At the same time, we must also ensure that the commitments made to voters are upheld. I look forward to building its success on day by expanding preschool seats at CPS and by making data-driven decisions in determining which programs are working best and how resources should be allocated most effectively.
The newly adopted enrollment process is a step in the right direction for ensuring equity within the District. However, we must continue to assess and evaluate our progress to fully live into the equity policy of CPS. Our magnet schools are some of the best in the state but they can only serve a finite number of students. We must simultaneously look to strengthen our neighborhood schools and must continue to innovate and expand our offerings to reach more students as our poupulation increases.
Board members are elected officials and must be accountable to the community in which they serve. Upon election, the Board must continue to engage with our diverse stakeholders throughout the Districts in each of the neighborhoods and villages. The Board must adopt and employ a community engagement policy. My roles as a Community Council President and a grassroots organizer make me especially interested in helping the Board in this area. We can and must do better in this area going forward.
Campaign Phone (513) 827-2829
Education Emergency Medical Technician, (EMT) University of Cincinnati | Pre-Med, University of Cincinnati; Ordained Minister
Occupation Director of Hispanic Outreach, City Gospel Mission | Executive Director, Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati Foundation | Pastor of Outreach and Missions, Amigo Ministries
Experience I am currently finishing my first four year term as a CPS Board Member. As Pastor, community leader, nonprofit director and citywide youth athletic organizer, I am engaged at ground level and attuned to the issues impacting our children and families
Endorsements AFSCME
Political Philosophy There is no room for partisanship. All Members must be ready to listen, work together, respect our community partners, engage citizens, advocate for our children and protect our taxpayers. Strategically the Board must be guided by the increasing diversity of our families, the returning middle class, and the demand for more school choices and rigorous instruction. Influential too are the more competitive global academic and national workforce standards by which our students and CPS are measured.
Preschool Promise is a partnership among CPS, United Way and Preschool Promise. The partners adopted a Master Agreement in which it was agreed that a separate community board be appointed to govern community providers while the CPS board governs the CPS preschool implementation. Because CPS is the taxing agent for the earmarked preschool dollars, all financial and open government regulations regarding public funds must be followed by the District's administration and overseen by the Board.
With great care and much controversy we have made Magnet enrollment more accessible and therefore more equitable. The Board has achieved that through developing an in house computerized lottery system. We could do better by having clear and less complicated instructions, more timely public information sessions and more descriptive summaries of the choices available to them. The best thing we can do for Magnet enrollment is to improve the programming and perceptions of our neighborhood schools.
The Board is the extension of the community. It is not the rubber stamp for the District's Administration. Every two years the community expresses it's will by electing representatives to the District. Unlike City Council, the Board is a collective body that gathers input, weighs interests, and through deliberation reaches a collective determination as to what is best for the District's children, taxpayers and communitiy's future and directs the Administration through policy and public action.
Campaign Phone (513) 259-3550
Twitter @DrKeducation
Education ~Associate of Applied Science-Chem Engineering Tech ~Bachelor of Science-Natural Sciences ~Master of Arts-Remedial Education in Higher Education ~PhD-Educating Urban Students
Occupation Adjunct Professor Mathematics Facilitator, Trainer & Consultant
Experience Co-taught Math & Science with GEARUP (2009-2014) in CPS schools Taught 10th grade science at Withrow High School (2013) First-year experience class @ UC (2006-2009) Teach Math @ Cincinnati State (2013-present)
Endorsements National Association of Social Workers Our Revolution of Greater Cincinnati
Political Philosophy I consider myself a progressive democrat in that I support that everyday citizens can be energized to make a difference and take an interest in their government. I believe in equal wages, quality healthcare for everyone that is affordable and less benefit for corporation and elitist. I support environmental protections and fight against social injustice. I am running for School Board to bring the community voice to the board. Every voice matters no matter how small.
The success of the Preschool Promise will ensure that your youngest learners have a solid foundation which to build upon and as a School Board member I will attend meetings and share my observations and findings with the community and CPS Administration to keep all informed as to the progress and usage of our levy money and the community perspectives.
Parents camping out to get their children enrolled in a magnet school is unfair and promotes continued educational disparities. I am happy that the magnet school enrollment process has been changed to a lottery system. I support a lottery or other measures that ensures the diversity of a school is reflective of our neighborhood communities. . Diversity is not simply racial but also socio-economic, gender, learning style, abilities, etc.
School Board members are elected officials representing the interests of the communities. I see part of my role as communication liaison to be responsible to distribute information in both directions. My role is not to shape opinions but to provide the information and understanding of information so that citizens can make informed decision on their own and have an opportunity to share their perspective with the School Board member via my representation and presence on the board.
Campaign Phone (513) 658-5977
Twitter @mike_moroski @TeamMoroski
Education BA in English, Minor in Secondary Education, MA in English, MBA in nonprofit management
Occupation Executive Director of UpSpring - our mission is to empower children experiencing homelessness by providing opportunities for education and enrichment.
Experience PAST: Teacher, Ass't Principal, Trustee at Drop Inn Center, Board Chair of WordPlay PRESENT: Executive Director of UpSpring, Member of Cincinnati Human Services Committee, Trustee on SWORWIB, Mentor at Oyler School, Member of Hand Up Steering Com
Endorsements Cincinnati Democratic Committee, AFSCME Power in Action, POWR PAC (Partnership of Westside Residents), Our Revolution
Political Philosophy My political philosophy is that the word “representative” in a representative Democracy is important. Democracy is a two-way street, a Team sport. Only when electeds realize and embrace this will real & significant change occur in our society. As an elected representative on the board of education I will be accessible to all of my constituents so as to create a culture of accountability in my office. Democracy works better when we all participate.
I have existing relationships with key stakeholders at Cincinnati Preschool Promise (CPP) and am uniquely positioned to serve as a bridge between CPS and CPP. I will work with CPS administration the same way that I will work with CPP in that I will ensure that the dollars are spent the way as promised. Furthermore, I will strive to ensure that EVERY child in this city have access to two years of quality preschool. Truly, that is the goal of CPP and one for which we should all strive.
Every parent should have to visit the school that they think may be a good fit for their child. Visits to schools need to be made accessible and at various times. Once a parent visits then they receive a number to enter the online lottery. CPS and the public library (or other public entity like CRC) need to have "open computer hours" so that computer access does not become a barrier to participation. The current system is more equitable than the campouts, but only if everyone can participate.
As a member of a unitary board it is not my place to attend events and speak on behalf of the board. However, I am more than able of attending community meetings (community council, LSDMCs, etc.) and listen to the thoughts, complaints, and ideas of citizens. And I will. As noted above, Democracy is a two-way street and elected officials need to go TO citizens to hear from them. Only by being accessible will I be able to be a good liaison to the CPS administration.
Campaign Phone (513) 884-3968
Twitter ElectKathyYoung
Education Walnut Hills Graduate, University of Cincinnati BA in Education, and a Masters of the Arts in Criminal Justice from University of Cincinnati
Occupation Retired Teacher from Cincinnati Public Schools as well as a teacher in both Suburban Schools and Public Charter Schools
Experience Designated Lead Teacher, Case Coordinator, Direct Instruction Coordinator, TIC Teacher in Charge
Endorsements Cincinnati Women's Political Caucus Equality Cincinnati
Political Philosophy My political philosophy is that government does what we cannot do for ourselves and provides equal protection under the law. To its capacity to do so government works to expand opportunity to the greatest number of us in order to make the American Dream a reality for every individual who assumes personal responsibility for their well being. The government entity most able to widen and deepen opportunity is the American Public School System and elected school boards lead that effort.
I have concerns that the public may not fully understand the roles and relationships between CPS and Cincinnati Preschool Promise. As a CPS Board Member, I will insist on the full implementation of the Master Agreement by our CPS Superintendent and Treasurer. I will demand monthly financial reports from both the CPS Early Childhood Department and the Preschool Promise Administrators. I will be persistent in my oversight so that all decisions are made transparently in accordance with CPS Policies
I believe it has become more equitable because, like most school districts,CPS is now using a lottery system accessible to all. That is far fairer than a camp out that prohibited many residents from participating. Like everything at CPS it could be made better with deeper communication, simpler directions and authentic community engagement. As a proud Walnut Alum, I value our magnet system, but believe very strongly that the District's new emphasis on its neighborhood schools is long overdue.
The Administration and staff are the education experts and for the most part should be left to do the work of educating our students. However they are not the experts in what the community wants and believes it needs. The community owns its public schools. It is the job of board members to represent and advocate for those owners. The board must engage the community, nurture partnerships and set community standards by which the certified and classified staff members carry out the boards vision. logo


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