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The City Council, Newton's legislative branch of municipal government, is made up of 24 members - sixteen at-large Councilors and eight Ward Councilors. Councilors are elected every two years.
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Do you support the proposed new City Charter? Why or why not?

Partisanship is at an all-time high in our country: how would you as a city councilor promote civil discourse and engagement on controversial issues in Newton?

What specific, objective criteria would you use to decide whether any site should be rezoned Mixed Use 4 in village commercial centers?

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Address 105 Baldpate Hill, Newton, MA
I support the Charter Commissions recommendations. As the Councilor to last docket a reduction in the size of our legislature, I have always wanted a smaller Council. I also agree that the Mayor and the Council should have term limits. After 16 years as a Councilor at Large, I see the benefits to rejuvenate representation and thought on the Council. I signed onto the 16 member alternative which is the number that I have always suggested in my two past attempts to reduce the Council size.
When Setti Warren became Mayor 8 years ago the tone and tenor of Newton politics was at an all time low. Over the years great progress was made and civility ensued. However, it seems that the the debacle on the Federal level has trickled down and people are angry in Newton and once again I am concerned for our community. Discourse starts and ends with, "if you don't agree with us then you are on the outs". Identity politics has made enemies among members of the same party. This must end.
As a member of the Land Use Committee, I spend hours and days reviewing and helping revise plans that come before the Council. Proper MU4 petitions must be located in commercial village centers and must not overburden the area with additional parking needs. To me a good level of on site parking is necessary and pedestrian access to transportation is key. There is no one criteria to judge these developments as each one is considered on its own merits in context to the specific village. logo


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