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School Committee Ward 5

The Newton School Committee consists of nine voting members: one person is elected (citywide) from each of Newton's eight wards, and the Mayor serves as an ex-officio member.
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    Steven Siegel Structural Engineering Consultant

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Do you support the proposed new City Charter? Why or why not?

Do you support privatizing any part of school operations? Why or why not?

If you were to write a school transportation policy, what would be your key components?

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Address 160 Allen Avenue, Newton, MA
The discussions around the proposed City Charter changes, on council size (24 vs. 12 members), council voting districts (at-large and ward-only vs. all at large), and term limits (just School Committee now vs. term limits for all elected officials) are being hotly debated right now across the city. I am listening to various perspectives but as of the submission deadline of this questionnaire I have not made a decision about how I will vote.
I have no view on whether public or private unions are innately better; I study situational merits. 2017’s hard budget cut teachers, other staff & Latin, stressing our duty to maximize teaching resources for our kids. NPS does some but not all well - our great teachers and secretaries should stay as NPS staff. But our lunch service lost $1M/yr, causing class size to grow. We privatized to a union firm, food variety/quality grew, the program breaks even; direct benefits go to our kids and staff.
Goals: Maximize student safety and health, reduce school traffic and congestion.

Behavioral Tools: Increase student walking, biking, busing, carpooling instead of 1:1 car/student ratio. Gain parent buy-in on safe, efficient blue zones. Reduce staff driving to schools via mass transit passes, carpool & biking incentive programs.

Physical Tools: Effective blue zones, mapped park-and-walk areas near schools, ample bike racks, well-built, maintained and plowed school route sidewalks. logo


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