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Newton's mayor is the city's chief executive officer. The mayor is elected to a four-year term. Currently, there are no term limits for the office of mayor.
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    Ruthanne Fuller City Councilor

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    Scott Lennon President, City Council - Councilor at Large - Ward One

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Do you support the proposed new City Charter? Why or why not?

What would you do to address the human resources issues at City Hall, to ensure that you (and the City) retain key employees and attract the best candidates?

The schools are currently struggling to maintain reasonable class sizes and breadth of programming, giving rising school populations. How much of a budget increase do you believe is reasonable each year to fund our schools properly, and why?

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Campaign Phone (617) 738-5311
Address 163 Suffolk Road, Newton, MA
I’m voting yes. Reducing the size of the City Council makes it more effective, a change we’ve discussed for decades. We are one city. With all Councilors running citywide, all our elected officials will be chosen citywide, and accountable to all of us. Voters can make more informed choices with only 12. By electing one Councilor from each ward, we ensure each ward has an advocate on its unique issues. By including a review of the charter in 10 years, we will make sure it is serving us well.
I will start by filling the long vacant position of Human Resources Director. HR will be expanded to invest more in new employee orientation, continual learning, leadership training & succession planning.

I will lead a participatory and collaborative City Hall, encouraging employees to speak up and embrace continuous improvement. People with deep expertise and good judgment will work here because, as Mayor, I will empower them, encourage them to think creatively, and treat them with respect.
My #1 priority will be delivering sustainable excellence in our schools.

I’m committed to breadth of program, favorable student/teacher ratios, modern school facilities, and compensation that attracts and retains excellent teachers and principals.

As a citizen, I used my training and deep expertise in finance to develop a fiscal plan for the city in 2009. As a City Councilor, I used those skills to safeguard our AAA bond rating. As Mayor, I’ll use them to ensure we fund our schools properly.
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (617) 564-0661
Address Scott Lennon for Mayor, 341 Washington Street, Newton, MA 02458
I am voting in favor of the proposed Charter. Development and zoning are two issues Councilors address that have city-wide implications. Therefore, I feel Councilors should be held accountable to all voters throughout the city.
One of my first priorities will be to permanently fill the position of H/R Director. We need a team player who shares my strong approach for hard work, respect, collaboration and communication. This candidate will be experienced in collective bargaining, labor law, dispute resolution and succession planning. They will also focus on how we can make our workforce healthier and keep them properly trained. Having someone with this experience will ensure we retain and attract a strong workforce.
As a graduate of Newton schools and as a parent of a first grader, education is personal to me. Small class size and breadth of programming are vital to the educational experience for our families. As Mayor, I will utilize my 20 years of experience in budget planning and management to ensure a responsible increase each year. I will work closely with the School Committee on a comprehensive, multi-year spending plan detailing the resources we need to achieve the success expected in our schools. logo


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