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Greeley City Council Ward III

Greeley City Council member for Ward III, 4 year term.
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    Michael Fitzsimmons Fund Raising and Resource Development

  • Roger Kaveny

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    William Vetesy Retiredww

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What are your qualifications to serve on Greeley City Council?

What will be your top three priorities as a Greeley City Council member?

What do you believe the principal issues will be over the next ten years for the City of Greeley?

Background Presently, Mr. Fitzsimmons serves as the Resource Development Director for a Greeley senior health care non-profit organization. Married for 35 years to Peggy, and have lived off and on in the Greeley community for 40 years.
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I believe my qualifications are highlighted by a broad-based venue of activities and involvements in governmentally related programs and pursuits. Much of that is local including serving as a member of the City of Greeley Planning Commission. I have lived in Greeley for the majority of my adult and professional life. I feel during that time and accompanied by my involvements I have a comprehensive understanding of how city government functions. I also have had the opportunity through my involvements and interactions with citizens and current and past elected officials gained a thorough understanding of the needs of a growing city as well as the Northern Colorado region.
1) A primary focus and goal is to use a long-standing terminology which is maintaining and enhancing the city of Greeley’s ‘quality of life.’ The strength of a city is vested in its leadership accompanied by an equal strength, economic and personal health and well-being of its citizens. 2) There is a need for fiscal soundness and quality financial planning to keep the City of Greeley in a strong financial footing for not only the immediate years but for the long term as well. I believe for the most part the city has experienced sound leadership and solid decisions relative to maintaining a favorable tax base to address the needs of services to the citizens of the city. 3) As in any major enterprise whether it be public or private, there’s an ongoing need for cohesion and teamwork. That includes not only the City Council and city administration as well as the individual departments down to each individual employee.
In my observations relating to the ongoing intense growth mode of Northern Colorado, the need for proper planning is more demanding probably more-so than at any time in our history. Proper planning to accommodate that growth is ever so critical. A prime example is one of Greeley’s strengths to this point and time and that is the planning and foresight that has been invested in maintaining a quality and dependable water supply. Careful and far-sighted planning is an ongoing need and that is not exclusive to water. Educated and thorough foresight is also applicable to a wide variety of individual topics which includes population growth, business development, transportation and its infrastructure as well as infrastructure as relates to water and sewer, curbs, gutters, storm drainage as prime examples. All the mentioned areas correlate to the previously mentioned need for long range financial planning.
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Background I have served as both a military member and civilian in US Government service working in both the political and operational problems of national interest. I have worked US congressional issues with direct impact on national security.
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My Qualifications: I am a Vietnam Veteran and Purple Heart recipient. I have 32 years of Government experience in both political and operational skills. It takes an individual who is willing to listen and support the concerns of constituents to serve on city council and I have the necessary qualifications to meet City Council requirements. I have demonstrated exceptional service to America and I am willing to make the same sacrifice to the city council. I have gained political experience and acumen as well as being a proven leader where I performed in a variety of jobs such as the Director of Anti-terrorism and Force Protection for the US Navy in Europe and Africa, the Chief Negotiator with Host Nations for Navy Interest. I have been the Program and Budget Security Officer for Aerospace Classified Programs and while in the Air Force worked in the Office of Special Investigations, as a Special Agent
My top three priorities for the Greeley City Council are to ensure that we have (1) Open Government, (2) Controlled Growth and (3) Economic Sustainability. 1. It is absolutely essential there is an Open Government approach in which the City Council keep the citizens informed on the activities that impact their lives. The City Council does not do this and on numerous occasions when decisions are made, rationales are not provided and alternatives are not offered on issues that directly affect Greeley voters. 2. Monitor the continued growth of Greeley which is good, however, precautions are needed to ensure that growth does not overwhelm the infrastructure of the city government causing decreased services and increase cost. 3. To ensure that Greeley economic stability is based on developing those business that will over the long haul be viable enough so that any investments by the City will ensure an atmosphere of continued economic success.
Principal Issue will be: 1. The ability of Greeley to provide for an increase population and have affordable housing. I believe that Greeley population will almost double in the next 10 years which will put extreme pressure on the city infrastructure to provide adequate housing. We will need to ensure that water and other infrastructure capabilities are both adequate and resilient enough to provide the necessary support to the Citizens of Greeley 2. The ability of Greeley to maintain a lifestyle that is presently enjoyed in Greeley. Radical changes resulting from dynamic growth and changing demographics will give rise to changing values which could in some areas displace present lifestyles. 3. A key principal issue will be the availability of recreation facilities and support programs for the young people of Greeley and as well as the Senior Citizens. logo


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