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Greeley City Council Ward II

City of Greeley Council member for Ward II, 4-year term.
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    Lavonna Longwell Retired

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    Brett Payton Attorney

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What are your qualifications to serve on Greeley City Council?

What will be your top three priorities as a Greeley City Council member?

What do you believe the principal issues will be over the next ten years for the City of Greeley?

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Background Grew up in Greeley, Ward II 1962 - 1972. Returned to Greeley 4 years ago. Consultant to small businesses through USDOT on local, state and federal level. Bachelors - UNC. Masters - Regis University. Currently sit on Citizens Transportation Advisory Board.
I grew up in Ward II from 8th grade through college at UNC. My first job was a teacher for Head Start in Ault. I was a public servant in local, state and federal government agencies for 20 years. I interpreted regulations and laws, worked with budgets and created and followed policies. I have participated in hundreds of public meetings where diverse ideas and needs were communicated and have always found ways to set aside my personal opinions, research both sides of any issue, listen to others and find common ground that serves the community. I currently sit on the Citizens Transportation Advisory Board and participated in the Greeley Evans Transit Five Year Planning Committee and sat on the Growth and City Form Working Group. I have a Bachelors in Preschool Education from UNC and a Masters in Project Management and Leadership from Regis University.
My top three priorities will be transportation, economic growth and sustainability, and keeping residents informed and involved in conversations about our community. Continuing to add a new lane of highway will not solve our growing city’s transportation needs. We need to expand public transit in our city and in our region to protect our air quality and serve our citizens’ needs. A diverse economy is a successful economy. We need to entice sustainable industries and businesses to locate in our community. We also need to support local small businesses and provide them the resources and policies they need to succeed. The residents of Ward II must have their voices heard. They must have a say in how Greeley grows and in issues that affect their lives, families and future. I will hold monthly “Community Conversations” that give them the opportunity to voice their concerns, explore innovative solutions and take an active role in their local government.
Our principle issue in the next 10 years is Greeley’s growth. We need to make sure that East Greeley’s residents’ needs and resources are not overlooked as we grow. We must protect our environmental resources, provide attainable housing, ensure a healthy economy. I believe we must utilize new technologies and educational resources to provide a safe, efficient, affordable and prosperous community that works for everyone. I also believe that, together, we can make a difference.
Contact phone 970-339-3500
Background Attorney and founding member of Coan, Payton & Payne, LLC. Graduated from CSU in 1996. Over the past 10 years I have served on numerous community and industry organizations in Greeley including City Planning Commission and the Greeley Chamber of Commerce.
Professionally I have managed a successful law firm in Greeley that now has offices in Fort Collins and Denver. My experience as an attorney has given me opportunities to work with diverse individuals and companies in solving complex issues and problems that we all face as we interact with one another and with local government. As a real estate and business attorney in Greeley I am extremely familiar with Greeley’s policies and codes such as the development code, tax and fee structures and I have worked with the City staff in evaluating and applying City ordinances to various real estate and business activities within the City. I am also familiar with the policies and ordinances of other municipalities throughout Colorado and have seen policies that both promote sustainable growth and improvement and those policies that slow or prevent growth and improvement, thus giving me the opportunity to pick and choose those policies that will or may work best in and for Greeley.
Housing, transportation and public safety. Greeley is growing! Which is fantastic. Growth will bring new economic opportunities, innovation, education opportunities and jobs. While strong growth means increased home values, it also means increased housing acquisition costs. City Council will be challenged to find and adopt policies and programs that promote first time home ownership and make housing affordable for seniors. Growth also means traffic. Greeley staff has done a great job of planning for the future and identifying projects that can relieve traffic congestion in the City. Council will be charged with finding appropriate funding for those projects. Public safety is always a priority for the City, ensuring that we have properly staffed our police and fire departments. Increased growth will create increased demands on these critical City services.

Over the next ten years Greeley will need to focus on continuing to attract companies to the City that will bring quality employment opportunities to the citizens of Greeley and will reflect the qualities and values of Greeley. Population growth over time will place demands on City staff and programs which will require additional resources in the City. It will be incumbent on Council to ensure that growth in City departments is managed appropriately such that critical services do not suffer while the associated costs are kept in control and do not exceed the City’s revenues. Water will determine the future success and struggles that Front Range communities will face for the foreseeable future. At present Greeley has done an excellent job of managing its water resources and is likely the most prepared municipality for future water use. Council will need to continue to balance and manage how and where that water is used. logo


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