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Greeley City Council at Large

City of Greeley Council at-Large, 4-year term
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    Eddie Mirick Retired General Contractor

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    Danielle (Stacy) Suniga Operations Custodial Manager

  • Thomas James Marlo Candidate

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What are your qualifications to serve on Greeley City Council?

What will be your top three priorities as a Greeley City Council member?

What do you believe the principal issues will be over the next ten years for the City of Greeley?

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Serving on Greeley Planning Commission dating back to 2001, Also serving on Greeley's Art Commission since 2010 Served 3 years on Greeley's Storm Water Management Board Served on the Greeley commission for Disabilities as there first chair Serving on Greeley's Zoning Board of Appeals Serving on Greeley's Odor ordinance Board Served 12 years on the board of directors for Weld County's (C.C.B.) community center board (Envisions) working at the local as well as the State levels 3 years on the Weld County Building and Trades Advisory Board 25 years Designing and building quality upscale custom homes 7 years working in land development coordinating with both the public and private sectors Aims Community College ADA/504 Compliance steering team Rocky Mountain Federation for Disabled Athletes Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Worked tirelessly on Greeley's comprehensive plan, Zoning map, Parks and Rec. master plan, Sign codes, and Greeley's Design codes and Building Standards
1.(Economic Development), where we are and where we need to be, moving forward over the next decade, how do we plan for our potential growth and what do we offer companies with opportunities for long range sustainable employment with good earning's starting at the entry level. Understanding how Education plays a factor in building a labor ready work force to potential Business and Industrial opportunities. 2. (Quality of Life) Identifying areas for Open Space, New Parks Community/Regional and Trails, Connectivity, Art in Public Places, Cultural Affairs, programs bringing families together both in doors and outside recreational activities that continue to promote health and exercise. 3. (Cultural Diversity) Working with Greeley's Human Rights Commission, and coupled with all of Greeley's levels of Education continue to work towards understanding all cultural diversity within our community and build the needed vehicles so all citizens feel welcomed and appreciated.
Understanding, Identify, and prioritizing all of Greeley's Assets. Oil & Gas, Land, Infrastructure, Buildings. Continued good stewardship of Greeley's Water, Management, Distribution, Retention, and Quality. Public Safety, maintaining an equitable level of first responders and facilities in proportion to Greeley's growth. Education assisting where ever the City can to provide and help all our students to have the tools for better learning, which helps to prepare them for their futures as well as ours. Having infrastructure in place for development of residential and industrial, infill density, compatibility of oil and gas with residential, schools, and business. Understand as well as developing a master plan to keep Greeley affordable, while keeping development cost in line so Greeley doesn't become a city where developers can not afford to do business.
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Background I care about Greeley citizens and having been a resident for 46 years, I'm invested in our city. I am passionate in my support for local, hard working families and the issues that directly affect them. I listen to our residents and I am committed to giving a voice to everyone in our community.
Twitter @StacySuniga
Greeley has been my home for 46 years, and four generations of my family currently live in Greeley. I've spent most of my adult years in service to our community at some capacity. I've been a small business owner, local non profit Director and am currently a Commissioner for the Greeley Urban Renewal Authority (GURA). When I found that our community had a large population of homeless children, in 1998, I initiated an effort to rally our community to develop a program called Room at the Inn, a homeless shelter for families. It was profound to see families succeed with the support of our Greeley volunteer community, something that makes me proud today. Being a current commissioner for GURA , keeps me in tune to the local infrastructure and funding demands, and working for Boulder Valley School District as an Operations Manager, builds my creativity in program building and leadership skills. I bring to the city council a desire and a passion to make positive change in impactful ways.
The demand for services and resources will increase with Greeley's census growth. My top priorities on city council are housing, economy and jobs. Housing availability is currently a struggle for many Greeley families. We must address our needs for housing supply and increasing housing costs. While city leadership looks to expand housing developments, I will engage in productive communication on how to stabilize the rising cost of housing. Greeley also needs increased shopping opportunities as well as diversity in shopping choices. Our city lacks a large variety of niche merchants and unique dining experiences to keep our residents buying locally. I stand behind the commitment and strength of small businesses to fill this demand. We need to attract employers to our community that offer high skilled, high paying jobs. To attract these employers, we need solid housing, commerce, medical and education organizations. City leadership must engage citizens to work in unison to achieve this.
Greeley leaders must forecast growth and availability of resources for the long term. Water is the most important and valuable resource for any community. Current Greeley leaders have a tremendous handle on planning for our future water needs and must continue to be aggressive and strategic in ensuring that the provision of water is sustainable for many years. Planning should include solutions to temper dramatic increases in the cost of water to residents. I believe city leadership should engage in studies to evaluate what types of housing needs are present and forthcoming for residents, and develop improvement plans that wrap around the findings. Housing must attainable for all. We must also create a sustainability plan for long-term infrastructure improvements and modernized transportation services. Finally, leadership and community must take the responsibility of Greeley's future together. We must find places of common ground from which we can build our city together as neighbors.
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With being retired this affords me the opportunity to get involved in our city government. There is a need for someone who will take action and not dither on ongoing projects such as roads, housing, and infrastructure. As a former soldier, I have the discipline and am goal orientated. We need people who are willing to take action and help grow our city. I am that person who will bring back transparency and accountability. With a pragmatic view, I'll be focused on establishing priorities and streamlining the process. With our limited budget, I will work to ensure priorities are established and followed. We need to put emphasis on these and much more.
While there are much more, for me, right now I want to shift to monitoring expenditures. Seems to be a problem with what gets done and, how soon it is completed.

I want to see more local people working but we need jobs that pay a decent wage. With the influx of people arriving here in town, I want to see equality and reinforce hope. We can do this this and I am that person.

With the increasing growth of our community, we need to hire more law enforcement. And they need to have updated technology to ensure their safety and our security.
Good questions. What I believe, going forward we will see more people arriving and more jobs being created. New business arriving in our town. A better opportunity for all who call Greeley, Colorado home.

We need to find ways to improve our children's education. Our teachers are underpaid and work extremely hard. I believe they need a raise and new technology for their job. Hopefully, in 10 years, we will see sidewalks at Bella Romero School. People moving about the town freely now having access to transit and sidewalks. logo


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