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City of Fenton - Mayor (2-year term)Vote for not more than one (1)Sec. 4.1 The city shall have the council-manager form of government.The mayor is the chief executive officer of the city. The mayor leads meetings of the city council and oversees all department heads. The mayor ensures that applicable Michigan and federal laws are followed in the daily operation of city business as outlined in the city charter and state statute.
  • B.Sue Osborn

  • Cherie C. Smith

  • Kurt Wilkinson

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What do you feel are the most pressing issues faced by your community? Explain.

If elected, what are your top goals for your tenure?

What personal/professional attributes do you possess that will benefit your community?

Controlled growth and development in the downtown area. Our downtown is beginning to be redeveloped and as with any development it is very important to control and attract growth , It is essential to follow the master plan that has been established for the for. downtown area . Another big issue is the condition of our roads as seems to be the trouble with the entire state of Michigan. There is not funding in our budget to make major road repairs that are needed do to the state of Michigan cutting Revenue Sharing.
My top goals will be to develop the downtown area as presented in our downtown master plan and to find some way to improve our roads. We are looking at a road mileage as many communities have or finding other funding to sustain our public safety departments as their costs consist of over 50% of our budget.
I have served as an elected representative of Fenton for over 32 years. I have the financial knowledge and experience to continue to move our city forward. Serving as Fenton's Mayor in the last 19 years I have the leadership skills to continue this city on the right path.
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