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Virginia House District 88

The House of Delegates has legislative power, with the Senate, to enact laws. Delegates serve a two-year term and are eligible for reelection. The salary is $17,640 per year. A Delegate must be at least 21 years old at the time of election and be a resident of the district he/she seeks to represent.
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    Gerald L. Anderson (Grn) Adjunct Faculty (Chemistry)-Germanna Community College; Project Director-BENMOL Corporation

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    Steve R. Aycock (Dem) Minister

  • Amanda M. Blalock (I)

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    Mark L. Cole (Rep) County Administration

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Biographical Information

What changes in Virginia's method of drawing electoral district lines would you support?

What options would you propose to increase highway and public transportation funding, and what methods do you support to solve congestion issues?

How would you ensure voting access for all qualified Virginians?

How confident are you that the current requirements for financial disclosure and reporting by candidates and elected officials meet the standards for ethics and transparency? What changes, if any, do you support?

What are your legislative priorities?

education/Degrees B.S. Chemistry - Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL M.S. Chemistry - Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL
experience Twenty years experience conducting research & development on environmental control technologies. Twenty additional years experience applying pollution control improvements in public sector
hometown Born: Moline, Illinois Current: Fredericksburg, VA
I support making each district as compact as possible (i.e. as square as possible). Furthermore, each district should contain complete towns and counties to the extent possible so that the district represents the overall views of complete communities (or sub-communities when the city of town exceeds the population limits for a district). Like One Virginia 2021, I support a non-partisan committee to construct these district lines with a judge being brought in if consensus cannot be achieved.
My first option is to increase gasoline taxes to meet the funding needs for all highway projects and to provide support for public transportation. This should serve several purposes: increase energy-efficient vehicle sales, increase use of energy-efficient mass transportation such as trains, and decrease the total pollution and green-house gases coming from vehicle use. However, I am very concerned that this will hurt most households that are currently living from paycheck to paycheck.
While many groups are supporting on-line voter registration and more early voting options, these do not ensure voting by low and lower middle income individuals, who now represent increasing numbers. These people don't t vote because 1) they lack confidence about voting, 2) they can't get off from their jobs without loss of pay, and/or 3) they do not have transportation. We need much more outreach and education to ensure these people register and can vote; and more polling places.
I am confident that the current requirements for financial disclosure and reporting by candidates and elected officials meet the standards for ethics and transparency. The problem is having everyone abide by the requirements, especially if enforcement by the state is lax because of limited funding. I support making sure that the Virginia Conflict of Interest & Ethics Advisory Council has adequate funding for review and enforcement actions and is independent of political parties.
My legislative priority is to reverse the trends that have plagued us over the past fifty years:wages have been squeezed and benefits eliminated; our educational system has gone from being best to mediocre; our healthcare costs have been escalating by 10+ percent per year; and although we have cleaned up our industrial (including power plant) practices somewhat, it has not been adequate. All of these problems are the result of a system that favors profits for the large corporations and wealthy over the well-being of all. My priorities include pushing for campaign finance reform at the state level, enacting a minimum wage increase, enacting state income tax reform to raise the standard deduction to $10,000 per individual and increase tax rates on families making more than $300,000 per year, significantly increasing state environmental controls on industrial and occupational practices (i.e. pesticide use), and increasing funding for teachers, schools, and especially the disadvantaged.
education/Degrees B.A. Samford University M.Div. Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
experience Director of Church and Community Ministries, Baptist Home Mission Board 1973-1994 Executive Director, Fredericksburg Area Baptist Network, 1994-2015
hometown Russellville,Alabama
I support a constitutional amendment which would establish a bipartisan, independent comission tat would draw district lines for the US House of Representatives, Virginia Senate, and Virginia House of Delegates
I support an area transportation authority for Fredericksburg which would allow the citizens to vote on taxes which could be leveraged to bring in additional money to the Fredericksburg area. The state should increase funding for highway construction, bridge construction, and road maintenance. Increased funding for VRE and similar public transit should be provided.
Voter registration should be automatic unless a person opts out. It shoud beeasier to register people to vote.
They are not strong enough. I would supportmore frequent and more comprehensive financial disclosure. Funds donated to campaigns should not be available for personal use.
Transportation and education are my highest priorities. Universal pre-K education and vocational education should be given higher priorityGreater restrictions on predatory lending and ending the school-to-prison pipelene would also be priorities. Protecting clean water, soil, and air are also hig priorities.
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education/Degrees BLS, Computer Science
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