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Virginia House District 96

The House of Delegates has legislative power, with the Senate, to enact laws. Delegates serve a two-year term and are eligible for reelection. The salary is $17,640 per year. A Delegate must be at least 21 years old at the time of election and be a resident of the district he/she seeks to represent.
  • Kelly A. Delucia (Dem)

  • Brenda L. Pogge (Rep)

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What changes in Virginia's method of drawing electoral district lines would you support?

What steps will you take to achieve transparency for the public at the General Assembly by requiring the recording and posting of all legislators' votes on motions in committees and subcommittees?

How would you improve and expand behavioral health services? What measures would you support to address the opioid overdosing and addiction epidemic?

With the recent reduction of EPA Chesapeake Bay funding, what steps would you support to maintain the cleanliness of the bay and to sustain it as a valuable resource?

Successful reading comprehension is known to be enhanced when reading education is begun before Kindergarten. What measures would you support to develop and implement statewide Pre-Kindergarten reading programs?

What are your legislative priorities?

The methodology that should be used to draw district lines should be via a non-partisan firm utilizing software programmed to produce geographically condensed districts of equal population. Right now, voters don't get to choose their legislators, their legislators choose their voters. The only way to truly reform the redistricting process is to separate it from politics as much as possible.
Nothing happening in session should be out of view of the public, including legislators' votes in committee and subcommittee hearings. The committee is the gateway of all legislative activity in the General Assembly. The public needs to have access to their member's voting history, including votes taken in committee.
By far the single most effective thing the Commonwealth can do to address the opiod crisis here in Virginia is expand Medicaid under Obamacare. By failing to do so, thousands of Virginians are living without care for addiction and other mental health disorders. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation 1.2 million non-elderly Virginians are still living with out health insurance due to Republican intransigence on Medicaid expansion. Meanwhile, in states that accepted the expansion, less than 4% of non-elderly adults go without care. Republicans, including my opponent Brenda Pogge are playing politics with people's lives.
Under the Trump-Pruitt agenda the environment, including the Chesapeake Bay, is under assault. The states are the last line of defense against Republican efforts to strip away the environmental protections needed to protect the Bay. My opponent and her Republican colleagues will be a rubber stamp for President Trump's assault on the environment. As your delegate I will fight to protect the Bay.
Universal Pre-K is an essential element to closing the achievement gap. With the average cost of preschool at $600 a month and only limited access to free programs, many working families are unable to provide their children this opportunity. We need to make funding for a universal Pre-K program in Virginia a priority and as your delegate, I will work hard to implement universal pre-K.
Education (protecting public schools from the Trump-Devos budget) Healthcare (expanding Medicaid) Jobs Transportation (widening I-64 between Williamsburg & Richmond)
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