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CITY COUNCIL - Flint (ward 4)

CITY COUNCIL - VOTE for No More Than One (1) (4-year term)Duties of city council members can vary, however, they are public officials elected or appointed to represent a ward or district of a city as the municipal governing body. City council members, with the Mayor, and other elected, appointed, or municipal staff work together, as appropriate, to conduct the daily business of the municipality, including meeting with citizens and representatives of groups affected by city government.
  • Michael Doan

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    Kate Fields Instructor at UM-Flint

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If elected, what agenda items would you work to address for the people in your ward?

If elected, what steps would you take to enhance public services/safety in your ward?

What means would you propose to expand the business community in Flint?

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City/Town Flint
Campaign Phone (810) 908-0366
Education Bachelor's and Master's in Public Administration
Experience Almost 2 yrs on City Council. 12 years teaching Public Administration at UM-Flint. 15 years as Exec. Director of a nonprofit Community Development Corp.
Age 69
Community Involvement Eastside Coalition, Neighborhood Block Clubs, College & Cultural Assoc attendance.
Endorsements Block Clubs and community activists, waiting on requested Union endorsements
Campaign Message Good Government and good policies and service for the residents.
1) Best Water Source Choice that provides Clean and AFFORDABLE water. 2) Economic Development and JOBS 3) Better and more PUBLIC SAFETY services in Flint. 4) Neighborhood Revitalization
1) I support maximizing Public Safety - as much as we can squeeze out of the budget. 2) More transparency and cooperation between Police and residents
1) First support EXISTING businesses 2) Encourage new business logo


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