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School Board Member - 4 Year Term - Term Commences 1/1/2018
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    Kristin H. Bennett Homemaker

  • Tony Farmer Corporate Recruiter

  • Wayne Prescott

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    Sharon Stark General Manager

  • Kevin Walriven Retired from Duke Energy

  • Todd W. Wells Coordinator of Special Education Services

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What are your skills, talents and expertise that will help you contribute as a school board member?

What are the biggest challenges facing your school district and what specific solutions do you seek?

What do you hope to accomplish while you are a school board member?

Campaign Phone (513) 687-0585
Education Graduate of Felicity Franklin High School 1993 Scarlet Oaks Firefighter II 1994 University of Cincinnati College of Medicine-Paramedic Program 1995
Age 42
Family Michael-husband Anna and Rebecca- daughters
Military Service n/a
Employer n/a past employers: University of Cincinnati-Hoxworth Center Pierce Township Fire Department New Richmond Fire and EMS Department Washington Township Fire and EMS
Experience Have been on the BOE for the last 4 years. Management experience while working as a Lieutenant at PTFD. Working in the communities as a firefighter/paramedic has allowed me to know many different community members. This experience has given me insight on the communities values and mindset.
My professional career, as a Lieutenant in the Fire and EMS field, has given me a unique understanding of management and evaluation of personnel, school safety, building infrastructure and policy design to ensure the district is prepared for any incidents. Also I was involved Being involved in the management of NR's girls' youth sports for the last 10 years has brought more experience in dealing with organization, management, and dealing with situations where people may not be in agreement with the decisions made. I have been on the board the last 4 years and Board President the last 2 years, so I have experience in board operations and familiar with the issues affecting our school district.
One of the biggest challenges our district is facing is the loss of revenue due to the closure of the Beckjord power plant and the decrease of the appraised value of the Zimmer Power Plant. The district will have to make financial cuts due to that loss. The district will have to look at all its operation to ensure expenses meet the district's Strategic Plan goals.
1. Ensuring that education is not what is taken away "first" with loss of revenue. Focusing on our student's individuals needs along with educating all should be and will be my main focus. 2. Making decisions based on data and facts along with ensuring that we have the right number and type of job assignments. 3. Ensuring that the District maintains or improves school safety, security, and communications within our schools. 4. Continuing the districts employment goals of hiring the most qualified applicants and then providing ongoing training for current employees for all positions.
Campaign Phone (513) 310-7234
Education Currently finishing my BA degree
Family I am married, 25 years and have three children all graduates of New Richmond
Military Service Army Veteran, 11 years of service
Employer Pomeroy
Experience I have been on the NR School Board for the past 4 years and have lived in NR for over 20 years.
I believe my work experience, Military service and current School board experience brings a lot of variety of knowledge and experiences to the School Board. I have been in Human Resources/Recruiting for over 20 years and with that experience I am able to bring more of a business perspective to the public education sector.
Our financial situation is our biggest challenge, with the closure of Beckjord and the devaluation of Zimmer it has and will continue to put our District in a very difficult financial situation. As a District we need to be more financially responsible but at the same time be able to meet the needs of our students to the best of our ability.
I hope to continue to work on some of our problems, which includes our hiring practices, HR policies, wasteful spending and inconsistent leadership. With the current and future situation our District is facing we have to become a much more efficient School District.
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Campaign Phone (513) 900-7387
Campaign Email
Education High School
Age 71
Family Husband 3 Children 6 Grandchildren
Military Service None
Employer Durham School Services
Experience 40 Years
I am a past member of the New Richmond School Board having served a 4 year term. During my previous tenure on the NR School Board, our board team eliminated all debt from NR Schools and built cash reserves to push the need for a levy into the future. In addition, while lowering the operating costs of the schools the educational value of the district rose to the level of Excellent with Distinction. The highest educational rating in the State of Ohio. We proved that with good leadership the value of education is not measured by the amount of money that you spend, but rather by focused leadership and committed teachers. My knowledge of the New Richmond Exempted Village School District and previous experience is a great fit for the challenges currently facing the district.
The district is losing money from both of our power plants (Beckjord and Zimmer). . My past tenure on the NR School Board included building cash reserves to allow adequate decision making time to adjust the operating costs to the available funding in the event that the Beckjord Plant closed or the Zimmer Plant was devalued. That foresight is now upon us. New Richmond will need a school board leader with this previous knowledge. Reducing operating costs, disposing of unused assets, and pushing the need for a levy out into the future will be the goals I focus on.all while ensuring the education value of our children remains "Excellent". .
Restore financial stability of the New Richmond School District, provide the safest and best education value for our children, and ensure the staff and teachers of New Richmond School District are recognized and supported for the excellent work that they do each and every day.
Family Wife Rebecca Children Ashley and Ryan Parents Ray & Ramona
Military Service None `
Employer Currently working at Kunz Equipment
Experience I am completing 17 years of Board Service and worked 35 years at Beckjord Station in many capacities. Have volunteered in the New Richmond School District for many years including being clock operator for Men's Basketball for over 20 years. Over the years I volunteered for programs such as Junior Achievement, Readyfest, Power Weekend, Middle School Wrestling Tournaments, NRE PTO Vice President, as well as recipient of the Friend of Education Award for New Richmond Middle School for volunteerism.
I am an experienced Board Member who has been involved in multiple projects, committees, and funding issues for many years. I am proud of what the previous Boards that I have had the privilege to serve with, have accomplished. We have facilities that are second to none, carried an Excellent with Distinction rating for many years, all while maintaining a large carry over to the General fund year after year. This balance will allow us to make informed decisions going forward rather than snap decisions on our children's future.
Loss of revenue from the Local Power Plants is going to be our major challenge. We must look forward to determine what additional revenue sources may be available while determining what spending cuts can be made with the least amount of impact on our students. The Board must factor in all stake holders as we move forward with what may ultimately be some very tough decisions. Work has already begun on these issues and if elected I hope to keep New Richmond the great district we have become accustomed to.
Balance our budget going forward before we spend all of the savings we have accumulated over the years. Maintain and enhance the services and integrity of our District while making these decisions. Continue to study the viability of open enrollment in our district as well as what the best configuration of our District might look like in the future. The well being of the District is very important to me having been a life long resident of New Richmond and attending New Richmond Schools for my entire school career. I am very satisfied with the accomplishments of the Boards I have served on previously but that is just our legacy. I now look forward to building our future.
Campaign Phone (513) 407-0151
Campaign Email
Education BS University of Cincinnati, Masters University of Cincinnati, Superintendent's Licensure coursework Xavier University
Age 46
Family Anita Hamilton-Wells, wife Maddie G. Wells, daughter Jordy, Labadoodle
Military Service None
Employer Milford Exempted Village School District
Experience New Richmond Exempted Village School District (8/25/94- 7/31/2007); 13 years- positions included: Certified Athletic Trainer, Intervention Specialist-Special Education, Middle School Athletic Director, Varsity Boys Tennis Coach, Middle School Wrestling Coach, High School Varsity Assistant Wrestling Coach, Health Aide, Substitute Custodian, Substitute Maintenance*** Clermont County Educational Service Center (8/1/2007-7/31/2012); 5 years- positions included: Assistant Principal (Genesis and Alternative School), ED Itinerant Teacher Supervisor, Shared role as Coordinator of Special Education Services for Reading City Community Schools and Milford Exempted Village School District *** Milford Exempted Village School District-(8/1/2012-Current, start of 6th year), positions include: Milford Junior High Assistant Principal, Coordinator of Special Education Services.
I feel twenty-three (23) years of experience serving in an education setting will bring my insights and knowledge of education to the New Richmond Board of Education. I believe that I am an honest and patient person with excellent listening and empathy skills. I strive to be transparent and truthful, no matter how difficult the situation may be. Every day is a new day. I rarely say I’m going work, but rather I’m going to my passion. I am a passionate person and strive to be a servant leader daily. I cherish every day that I get to interact and have conversations with students, staff, parents, administrators, community members, and other school district representatives. My intent is to never control a conversation or decision. As a future board member, I am only one voice of five working to secure the best education experience for all children and being fiscally responsible to all stake holders.
One of the biggest challenge that we have been hearing for the past 15+ is the loss of tax dollars from the closing of Walter Beckjord Generating Station in New Richmond and the recent selling/devaluation of the Zimmer Generating Station in Moscow, Ohio. I continue to hear conversations about how the district is losing all of this revenue, but never conversations about what we are going to do except for we must reduce expenditures. With the loss of revenues yearly and flat line of student enrollment, we need to study the capacity of our current buildings. With the growing number of open enrollment students to the New Richmond Exempted Village, are we over capacity with open enrollment? Are our class sizes too large? There are many solutions that can assist with offsetting the loss of some revenue. As a future board member, I would consider evaluating our current buildings and real estate investments and determine the need of what needs to be sold, closed, combined, or relocated.
I hope to establish trust and be transparent with all stakeholders. Again, my voice and ideas are only one of five. Though my ideas and voice are not always of the traditional thinking, if you don’t at least try, then you will never know if it would be a success or failure. I believe my passion for education and students is a strength of mine that can be asset. I would be one of the largest advocates for our children of the New Richmond EVSD. I would bring my educational background to the table to design and improve upon current policies and procedures that benefit our students, staff, and community members. I hope with a whole board approach and community support, our district is consistently seen as one of the top school districts in Clermont County as well as other similar districts in the state. I would also like to see adequate programs and services as well as additional offerings for ALL students! WE R NR! logo


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