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School Board Member - 4 Year Term - Term Commences 1/1/2018
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    Andrea N. Brady Marketing/Communications

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    Christopher Hamm Business Management

  • David E. Yockey Retired teacher/Travel Consultant

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What are your skills, talents and expertise that will help you contribute as a school board member?

What are the biggest challenges facing your school district and what specific solutions do you seek?

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Education Honors English from the School of Arts & Sciences & Economics/Multinational Enterprise from The Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania
Age 54
Family Husband Ed Daughter Natalie
Employer Indian Hill Exempted Village School District
Experience 2 terms as Milford School Board member, including 2 years as President, 1 year as Vice President; 5 years as Director of Communications at Indian Hill School District; 20 years as owner of marketing consulting firm; previous to that, Director of Marketing at a local start-up, Account Supervisor at local advertising agency, Assistant Brand Manager at Procter and Gamble
Since becoming involved with the district in 2003, I have been passionate about helping find new, creative ways to deliver high-quality education while keeping cost low. I joined the board in 2010 and have pushed to apply a business model to the non-educational side of operations. We have reduced spending to well below average for Ohio school districts, yet we achieve strong educational results. I believe school board members represent the community, not just the students. I am committed to transparency and keeping the community informed. I am the only school board member to write a regular blog sharing news about the district. I have done this almost every month since joining the board. I believe in listening to the community and taking all points of view into account. I believe in seeking new approaches to improve engagement & achievement, as well as to attract & retain top staff.
Our biggest challenge is to maintain our trajectory of high-quality education at a reasonable cost. We will be running a bond issue in 2018 to finish the master building plan–replacing the junior high, finishing high school renovations, building an auditorium, renovating the football field; replacing the preschool. We will see new requirements from state & federal government, from our new administration in D.C. & a new governor in 2019. Changes to charters and voucher programs can greatly impact public schools –positively if implemented thoughtfully, or negatively if not. We must continue to identify methods to support students’ needs to prepare for new & changing jobs. Increasing engagement & focusing on 21st Century Skills is critical to preparing them to be flexible & adaptable. We are beginning plans to renovate the current Milford Library building into new administrative offices. These must encompass other needs, such as effective professional development, community space, & more.
In my third term as a Milford school board member, I will continue serving based on the “Guiding Principles” outlined on my website: by representing everyone who lives in the district, not just the students; by focusing on spending the community’s tax dollars wisely; by establishing the district’s vision and getting out of the way of our strong administrative team so they can do their jobs; by working with the administration and business community to ensure our students leave Milford Schools with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in a challenging job market; and by working with legislators to help them enact appropriate, supportive education legislation. We will face a number of challenges – some I have outlined, some that every school district faces, and some that no one can foresee – and I will be an advocate for our students, our staff, and our community as we work to meet these challenges and move forward.
Campaign Phone (513) 781-4262
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Education BBA Marketing and Management, Ohio University
Age 48
Family Wife, Jennifer Hamm Son, Brayden Hamm Daughter, Gracie Hamm Daughter, Olivia Hamm
Employer GSM Recycling
Experience Business owner and entrepreneur; volunteer work with Milford BAC and other local organizations
As a business owner and manager, I have strong experience in financial and organizational management. While I have had good success, I have also learned from many challenges in business. As a community leader with experience on various boards, I understand how to accomplish goals within the confines of a board of directors. My hope is to follow my own tools for success: Lead by example, be thorough and prepared, listen and seek input, process information efficiently and openly, and understand my customer. (Students, parents, taxpayers, staff, and community) With an experienced and competent incumbent board, I hope to continue the good work with a fresh set of eyes.
Milford Exempted Village School District continues on a very positive path. The school district has been efficient with their money and found ways to reduce costs and increase revenues while state dollars are declining. The challenge ahead will be to maintain that course and continue to move forward. Public schools have very real competition as parents decide between home-schooling, charter schools, and private schools. This has provided genuine motivation to look beyond the traditional ideas of public education and drive innovation in the classroom. Milford Schools will need to complete the master plan in order to match facilities with innovation and efficiency. This will include a new Jr. High, finished High School, Auditorium, and Pre-School. This potentially will require a bond levy in 2018, but will allow Milford Schools to access funding from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission.
By visiting my website or facebook page, voters can review my EAGLE Vision statement. While this is an outline and only represents my current views and not the board, it is a dynamic document that will be refined through input from the stakeholders. This plan focuses on Efficiency, Academics, Growth and innovation, Life-readiness, and Experience. My hope is that we continue the growth and innovation that has Milford trending higher by most measurable accounts. While the trend is up, there is so much more work to do as we find creative ways to be efficient, while providing the best possible education and experience for our students. As one of a team of five, I hope to work closely with the other members in tackling these issues. And as a new board member and student parent, I hope to represent our community on the board. Listening, seeking input, and building our vision together.
Campaign Phone (513) 831-7854
Education A.B. Wilmington College (Ohio), Studied Constitutional Law at American University (D.C.), M. Ed. University of Cincinnati, M.A. Xavier University
Age 76
Family Wife: Pat and 3 adult children who graduated from Milford High School.
Military Service None
Employer Now self-employed as Travel Consultant affiliated with Provident Travel; Retired with 30 years experience as high school teacher and department head at Milford High School.
Experience 30 years as classroom teacher and department head, 28 years as travel consultant, 16 years as a member of Milford Board of Education, and 16 years as a member of the Great Oaks Career Campuses Board of Directors.
30 years experience in the classroom and in developing new curriculum in Milford Schools, a background in Constitutional Law, and involvement in the educational process by grading student achievement tests for various States other than Ohio for more then 20 years. I also have been involved in career and technical education through 16 years on the Great Oaks Career Campuses Board of Directors (I currently serve as the Chairman of the Board), and I continue to attend several education conferences each year through the Ohio School Boards Association and the Association of Career and Technical Education. I also serve on the Executive Committee of the Southwest Region of the Ohio School Boards Association.
The two biggest challenges are to continue the pursuit for excellence in student achievement which has been ongoing for many years and continues to show great achievement and to finish the master plan with a new Junior High School, an auditorium which can be used by the entire community, improved early childhood facilities, and a master plan which allows better traffic flow at Milford Junior High and Milford High School.
I am running once more to see the fruition of the master plan of the school system which has been developed and built upon over the past several years. I also want to insure that we continue to find excellent administrative leaders and excellent classroom teachers to give Milford students the best education that we can possibly provide for them. logo


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