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School Board Member - 4 Year Term - Term Commences 1/1/2018
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    Sharon Averwater Assistant Superintendent (retired)

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    Doug Ginn Teacher

  • Jimmi McIntosh teacher

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    Jim Napier Retired from Education

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    Mariann Strosnider Retired Teacher- Presently a personal assistant to entrepreneur of Financial Institution

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What are your skills, talents and expertise that will help you contribute as a board member?

What are the biggest challenges facing your county board district and what specific solutions do you seek?

What do you hope to accomplish while you are a board member?

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Education Ph.D. - The Ohio State University - 1989; MA - Northern Kentucky University - 1985; B.S. - Eastern Kentucky University - 1981; H.S. - Clermont Northeastern, OH - 1978
Age 58
Family Thomas (Tom) Averwater (husband); Thomas (Tommy) Averwater (son); Maiden name: Titus
Military Service None
Employer Retired from the Clermont County Educational Service Center
Experience Teacher for gifted students (K-12) & Middle School mathematics; University professor graduate and undergraduate education courses; Educational consultant, director and assistant superintendent.
I recently retired from the Clermont County Educational Service Center (CCESC). During the past 24 years at CCESC, I have had the privilege of serving the schools and students of Clermont County as a Math Consultant, Gifted Coordinator, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Director of Human Resources and Assistant Superintendent. I understand the business of the CCESC and am familiar with the needs of the nine school districts in Clermont County. Among my peers I have always been recognized for my strong problem solving skills, communication abilities and leadership style.
I believe the biggest issue for the Clermont County Educational Service Center is to provide high quality services in a financially responsible manner. The predominant business of CCESC is to provide educational services for students with special needs. These students often need a variety of educational services, such as, speech language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, individual assistants, vision services, hearing services, interpreters, nursing, specialized classrooms and materials. These services can be very expensive but are critical for the education of these students. By combining services and personnel across the county, I believe CCESC has been able to offer high quality services in the most economical manner possible. I would encourage CCESC to examine other services that could be offered not only to schools but to our community.
CCESC is a service agency with talented and dedicated personnel. The CCESC personnel are highly trained people who truly love their work and their students. It is my goal to make sure that CCESC employees know that they are valued by the organization, governing board and the school districts. The greatest asset of the Clermont County Educational Service Center is its employees.

In addition, I would like to explore some new areas to expand the services provided by CCESC by looking at the needs of Clermont County children and families. It is important to continue to grow the organization and its services in order to keep the costs down and expand its services for Clermont County families and schools.

Campaign Phone (513) 317-3145
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Education Bethel-Tate High School Cincinnati Christian University: Bachelors in Christian Education College of Mount Saint Joseph: Elementary Education Certification Xavier University: Masters in Admninistration University of
Age 46
Family Wife: Donna Daughter: Emily Son: Kaden
Employer Bethel-Tate Local Schools
Experience 23 years at Bethel-Tate as a substitute teacher and full time position.
I feel that my experience as an educator will be very valuable. I also have contacts in each district which will allow me meet with constituents in all districts to discuss issues, needs and good things happening.
With the lose of the four curricular areas to a neighboring ESC, I feel we need to work carefully with what we have. We do not want to lose anymore services.
I want to maintain the services we have and provide the best quality services we can to our districts.
Campaign Phone (513) 520-1263
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Education Xavier University, Masters plus 15 Cumberland College, B.S.
Age 58
Family My mother, three sisters and brother.
Military Service NA
Employer Retired and am fauctly at Clermont College.
Experience 30 years with the Clermont County Educational Service Center; Clermont College(CCESC)
I have always been a leader and a person who you can come to with your problems.Our Adult Education Program is known at the Regional, State and National levels for starting a retention program and given high honors.
To retain staff at the CCESC. To work with the community to continue building excellent students and programs. Look at bonuses and other incentives to assist staff in staying with the CCESC. We have employed staff who have wonderful ideas to begin this program. Mr. Weir has done an awesome job working with the community and inspiring our staff, students and programming.
To bring the CCESC in front of the public for more recognition to our staff and students.
Campaign Phone (513) 876-3032
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Education BA University of Cincinnati
Age 61
Family Wife Judy passed away in 2016 Daughter - Stephanie Wagoner, profession Education Son - Jason Napier, profession Education
Experience Felicity-Franklin Schools 33years Franklin Township 30years
As a retired Treasurer I bring a fiscal responsibility, accountability, and expertise to school finance. I am diligent that we live within our means so we do not need to ask for additional funds. I am an advocate for all students to be successful in school and in life. I believe education is the future to enhance our students lives. With my children being in education I am a voice for the teachers. I am able to bring my knowledge and resources to help the teachers feel successful to promote student learning. I have successfully been a part of the board the past 4 years making tough decisions to promote quality education to students in Clermont County.
One of the biggest challenges facing our county board district is to meet unfunded state mandates within our current income structure. My solution for this challenging issues is to allocate our resources to still be able to provide a quality education to meet our students needs. My goal is to look for creative ways to increase revenue without an additional cost to districts.
I hope to accomplish as a board member is to continue to be a voice for our students. Always being professional, fair, and making those hard choices with the students of Clermont County best interests.
Campaign Phone (513) 708-2742
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Education B.S. Education M.A. +30 Teaching Georgetown College Marygrove College Miami Univ, Xavier, UC,
Age 63
Family Husband Steve, 2 adult children, Nanciann Moschner and husband Chris, daughter Elliott (1yr) Taylor Strosnider
Employer Past Employer-West Clermont Schools Present Employer-Individual--CEO Finance Institution, Angel Investor. Personal Assistant
Experience 30 years in education, West Clermont 8 years on CCESC Board, Past President,delegate to Ohio Capital Conference
As an educator in the Clermont County school system for 30 years, and a Master’s Degree in Teaching that focused on learning and teaching styles, I have spent over half of my career teaching gifted students and was one of the first teachers in Clermont County to teach an inclusion classroom. I know how to work cohesively with the entire Board to develop a comprehensive curriculum for all students, no matter their learning style. Additionally, in 2017, I was part of the Board that presented competitive compensation packages to attract qualified and motivated teachers to our district.  If elected, I will continue to promote these opportunities for current and potential teaching candidates.  Finally, I am passionate about making and being the change that this Clermont County Education Service Center needs.  As a eight year board member, past President and State Capital Conference liaison, I am well equipped with the experience, skills and knowledge to serve our community and our students.
One of the biggest obstacles in our organization is maintaining educators and facilitators and providing an incentive to stay in Clermont County. In my last two terms we have effectively given our employees throughout the county competitive packages to retain the county's highest educational talent. I am of the opinion that talent retention is the biggest threat to our community in ensuring that every child receives an above standard education, regardless of disability, background, or location. As a representative to the Capital Conference I have been able to see and witness ideas for innovative programs that could be considered for our current programs as an opportunity to strengthen and structure of CCESC as a whole.
While I served on the board in my previous term, The CCESC created a restructuring to ensure a better and more effective education for every child in need of assistance. With my experience as an 8 year board member, past president, and member of the board I bring experience, and a compassion for our children and our county and the yearn for a better education. I hope to continue and implement this new plan to help improve and better our CCESC. I am passionate about carrying out the duties of the CCESC, because I believe our children with disabilities should never be viewed as obstacles to receiving the rightful education they are entitled to--the CCESC must, and will ensure, the constant appropriation of adequate funding for the carrying out of duties entitled to children with disabilities or any advanced learning. logo


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