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Township Trustee - 4 Year Term - Term Commences 1/1/2018
  • Lloyd Acres Union Township Trustee

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    Bob McGee Retired

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    John K. McGraw Logistics Manager and Union Township Trustee

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What is the most important issue facing your township, and what do you specifically suggest to address this issue?

Consolidation of emergency services is advocated as a cost saving efficiency. What is your position on shared equipment ownership?

The heroin crisis is escalating in Clermont. The Mental Health Board has a four part plan to increase treatment, prevent opiate misuse, reduce harm and cut the supply of opiates. What specific actions should your township take to protect residents?

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Family Wife Faye, married 42 years. Two sons Ryan and Joshua
Military Service none
Employer Union Township
Experience 4 years
With over all cuts in funding from the State we must remain strong in our effort to control spending. As a Trustee the past four years we have (as a board) added over three million dollars to the general fund. During that time we have mantained and improved our core services without asking for any additional tax funding.
We maintain our emergency services and equipment and have updated equipment in all of our departments. We have donated several emergency vehicles to other Clermont County Townships in the past four years. We service the Village of Amelia and help any other Townships when needed.
We will continue our fight against this misuse and we will support the Mental Health Board. We will work with the Clermont Couny Board of Commissioners as well in their fight to lower and prevent opiate misuse in the County. We had a positive effect on cutting drug activity during the past four years with several projects and will continue the fight to protect residents in Union Township.
Campaign Phone (513) 276-2074
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Education University of Cincinnati AS
Family Married to Betty for 55 years 2 Daughters , 3 Grandchildren
Military Service Honorably Discharged Naval Petty Officer United States Navy 6 years
Experience Retired Railroad Conductor 23 years, Retired Chief Bailiff of Clermont Muni. Ct.,12 years, Trustee for Union Township 12 years
The Trustees are following up with the growth policies that the former Trustees put into place, but are falling short on the Road and Traffic needs to carry this growth. We just had large improvements to our Road and Traffic situations with many years of Traffic tie ups. Now as we look around and see the new structures that will add to our traffic problems when completed. The new apartments on Gleneste Rd., Ohio Pike, and the new Senior Living Center on Clough Pike., and Care Facilities on Gleneste Rd.,and Bach Buxton Rd. These alone will add more traffic problems, and not to mention the influx of work placed upon our already burdened Safety Services attending to these Facilities. I am Pro-Growth and Education and applaud those investments in our community. Union Township is the Gateway to Cler.Co., and to remain there we must fix those needs. We need to coordinate our needs with the County,State and the Private sector for these needs if we are to remain that Gateway to the County.
We in Union Township are fortunate in the fact that we have one of the Finest Emergency Medical Services group in our area. All of our Public Services ( Police, Fire,Communication, and Service Dept.) are Nationally Accredited and we are very proud of that status. We provide Safety Services as well to the surrounding communities through the Mutual Aide Agreement and have done this for many decades, and I believe it is working well for all concerned. Union Township in the past has provided equipment (Fire , EMT, and Police vehicles) to our neighboring Townships to assist them in their needs in those area. It is my belief that the Trustees, Administration will continue this practice of assisting our neighbors in the Future.
The Heroin and Opiate Epidemic is not just a Local problem, it is a National problem. It has no barriers of Race, Religion, Creed, Wealth or Poor. Stiffer penalties have to be given to these pushers of death and destruction. We also need to look to those who are prescribing these large amounts of Pain Pills and Opiates to their Patients. To many of our fine young people are taken from us by this terrible Epidemic in our mists. Union Township Police Services and it's staff work daily with the Drug Task Forces in our area striving to eliminate these horrible destroyers of our Citizens. The War on Drugs is a never ending battle and all parties from all walks of life need to address each and every day. May God be with us all in this matter, and grant us an answer to our needs.

Campaign Phone (513) 266-2649
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Education Xavier University Bachelor of Liberal Arts Minor in Business Administration Graduated Cum Laude
Age 55
Family Maried to Angela McGraw with 4 children Meaghan, Tyler, Jordan and Mitchell
Military Service None
Employer City Dash
Experience Current Trustee, Board Chairperson 28 years of business management experience 18 years of business development experience
Our biggest challenge is making sure we have enough funds to insure we have the best core services. With over $2.5 million in state funds cut from our budget, we need to find ways to fund our services without increasing real estate taxes for our residents, many who live on fixed incomes and have limited resources. In the last 3 years we have done a great job of attracting new development and raising home values so we have not had to raise taxes yet we improved core services. We need to continue adding sidewalks and improving our street network to minimize traffic issues while improving safety. While many neighboring towns have cut services and increased taxes, we have not raised taxes and still added to our general fund.
We already do this. Union Township has a contract to provide fire service to Amelia Village. We also have signed up to provide mutual aid with neighboring towns and townships to provide service when they need it and they help us when our fire department needs help. We also contract crime lab services and offer our canine patrol to neighbors when needed. Our police work on area wide task forces helping improve services to the entire county and region. I like local control of our fire, emergency medical and police departments and if we gave that up, I am certain service would suffer. I would be in favor of exploring Union Township taking over 911 call service to improve overall service to the county. We feel our accredited call center is the best in the region and could help out in this area. I would not favor any changes that would lower our standard of service. We strive to provide the best response times and customer service.
Union Township has been and will stay out in front of the opioid issue. We have not been hit as bad as other local areas and that is due to our police department using proactive measures to stop the influx of drugs and making quick arrests and seizures. This crisis is a regional problem as well as a national problem and we need a comprehensive solution. Union Township Police serve the Clermont County Heroin Task force. Most of our heroin users arrested are not from Union Township and they are passing through or staying at hotels. So we can concentrate our efforts in finding these users. If we can find the people who need help faster and earlier, we can get them into treatment. Most Local governments are not equipped to handle the very end of the supply chain. The drugs need to be stopped at the border. Drugs are pouring in over the border from Mexico and this needs to be drastically reduced. logo


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