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Township Trustee - 4 Year Term - Term Commences 1/1/2018
  • Bonnie Batchler Retired

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    Nick Kelly Business Owner

  • Karen Rebori Retired (Law Enforcement)

  • Bob Sander Human Resources Consultant

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What is the most important issue facing your township, and what do you specifically suggest to address this issue?

Consolidation of emergency services is advocated as a cost saving efficiency. What is your position on shared equipment ownership?

The heroin crisis is escalating in Clermont. The Mental Health Board has a four part plan to increase treatment, prevent opiate misuse, reduce harm and cut the supply of opiates. What specific actions should your township take to protect residents?

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Age 72
Family I am married with one son, one daughter and five grand children
Military Service None
Employer Retired
Experience Senior credit analyst for Senco Products for 36 years
I believe the most important issue facing our township is the continued build out of our infrastructure that includes: improving the condition of our township roads and bridges, improved drainage, parks and recreation. To be able to do this we need to attract new businesses to increase our revenue flow which has been reduced with the closing of the Beckjord Power Plant. Seeking out and acquiring state and local grants will be paramount and necessary to accomplish these tasks. With the hiring of an experienced Township Administrator, who has worked diligently with other communities to attract new business, and the addition of business professionals on the Economic Development Committee, Pierce Township has set the stage for continued and future growth.
On a small scale, Pierce Township has been doing this for a number of years under a contractual agreement with Ohio Township where costs and resources are shared. With this agreement, Pierce Township is able to better serve its southernmost residents and all residents of Ohio Township. This contractual approach would work as a starting point for useful sharing of equipment To be effective on a larger scale, I believe a county-wide set of standards for shared equipment would have to be developed so equipment and appropriate personnel can be utilized in a consistent manner. Items that would need to be included in a set of sharing standards might include: how to determine revenue/expense sharing; who owns the equipment; who pays for repairs if equipment is damaged; who trains personnel so they know how to use the equipment; and, addressing insurance company requirements so equipment used by different communities would be covered.
It is very important for all townships to do whatever is necessary to help those in our communities who are addicted to opioids. Twice the Pierce Township Fire Department has applied for and received Narcan from the Clermont County Public Health Department. Several facility, program and treatment representatives have addressed the Clermont County Fire and EMS Chiefs Alliance. Chief Wright has participated in discussions with the Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services about initiatives they are supporting. The Pierce Township Police Department has started carrying Narcan in on duty police vehicles. Chief Wright has also met with representatives of Mr. Wenstrup’s office to discuss the drug problem and the impact on our community. In general, I will work with any agency that has reasonable solutions to address this important issue including the Mental Health four part plan.
Campaign Phone (513) 518-6023
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Education Bachelor of Science in Management
Age 35
Family I am married to my wife Laura and have a one year old boy named Owen
Experience I've held leadership roles with a fortune 500 company I am president of my neighborhood's HOA I now operate a small, family business
Why I am Running
In regards to having an open forum for differing opinions, I think our township could stand to improve. I believe having an environment that welcomes diverging opinions is absolutely essential lest we continue to obtain and foster ideas from a small group of like-minded people. If elected, I will ensure that as trustees, we are leading a group that values the concerns and opinions of all our citizens. I have used my skill set to usher in more productive, inclusive, and positive work environments for the employees I have managed, and believe I could be a valuable asset to our township if given the chance.
Pierce Township is already sharing services, equipment and a firehouse with our neighbors in Ohio Township. I have looked at our budget from the last few years and also met with our Fire and Police Chiefs, who I feel both do an excellent job with the resources they are provided.
I believe the opioid epidemic is a horribly sad state of affairs we are facing in our country and specifically, the local area in which we live. That being said, we recently had a recovery house open its doors in our township. Shortly after, many neighboring residents came to one of our township’s meetings and voiced some strong concerns. The main issue, as I saw it, seemed to stem once again from a lack of transparency and effective communication. Residents were not made aware that this house, in a single family residential area, was going to be made into recovery home until it was already there. In my opinion, this led to distrust, residents assumed the worst and it made a potentially bad situation much worse than it needed to be. Doing what we can to help with the opioid epidemic is important, but we must work to be more open with residents and listen to their input so we can make good decisions that are supported in our community.
Education B.S. Morehead State University
Age 54
Employer Retired (State of Ohio/BCI)
Experience 30 years of public service
In my travels campaigning around the township and talking with the residents what I have realized is that there are several different issues within the township. The Township has a Strategic Five-year Master Plan, but it needs to be updated to include: 1. Our infrastructure (roadways and bridges) 2. Economic Development (potential future revenue) 3. The assurance of our emergency services and, 4. The assurance of our police department. With these additional areas in mind, and working them into the Pierce Township Strategic Five-year Master Plan, I would have public meetings with our residents in the form of a public meeting to review and discuss them to make it available to all and to have this completed within the first six months
Consolidating emergency services is one of those issues that always sounds good in theory, but is very difficult to manage in practice. Questions arise as to why would our tax dollars be utilized for someone else’s jurisdiction. With that stated, Pierce Township has already formulated a plan and has put it into practice with Ohio Township which is adjacent to Pierce Township which works for both Ohio and Pierce Township residents. Currently there is a contract between the two Townships. Pierce Township operates out of the Ohio Township station to better serve those residents closest to Ohio Township and as a result Pierce Township also serves Ohio Township. When needed the Clermont County Communication Center already dispatches not only the Township(s) staff but also dispatches out the nearest adjoining station when needed based upon the call out. Based upon the solution the Township has already implemented, I would not favor any shared equipment ownership.

First, no one should be under any illusion that the Pierce Township Trustees can “solve” the heroin crisis. Although the crisis certainly impacts our community, it is not simply a local problem. What we can do is:

1. Make sure that our police and emergency services are as prepared as possible to deal with the consequences of the crisis (like increased thefts and medical emergencies) 2. Take steps to prevent the further spread of the crisis (by strong enforcement against those who sell illegal drugs) 3. Support efforts such as those of the Mental Health Board 4. Engage in community outreach to understand the concerns of our residents and how we can help address those concerns. Pierce Township will need to work cooperatively with the surrounding communities and our residents to steadily reduce the spread of heroin abuse in Clermont County.
Campaign Phone (513) 600-0484
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Education MBA - Finance/ B.S.B.A. - Marketing
Family Married with three grown children
Military Service US Army - served as a Lieutenant in Vietnam
Employer Board of Clermont County Commissioners
Experience Corporate - Cincinnati Bell Inc.TrustBob4Pierce
There are two main issues: 1. Using the available funds in prudent way to provide the services that are required by law, and those permissive services that enhance our quality of life. Roads, bridges, and culvert maintenance and replacement is a service that townships normally provide. When major expenditures are proposed, a good financial analysis should accompany the request. Costs for new vs. replacement vs. repair should be detailed for all to see the thought process. 2. Economic Development, not just "making do" when anything comes along, but actively pursuing quality projects that allow us to maintain our country atmosphere and provide an additional source of funds from the higher business tax base. This should be the primary objective of the newly hired Township Administrator.

I will fight for those issues when elected.
Townships in Ohio are permitted to provide fire and EMS protection directly or under contract with other townships or municipalities and there are ways of sharing ownership of vehicles and equipment.

I believe that shared ownership of Fire/EMS services and vehicles/equipment is problematic. I am not in favor of sharing ownership except for highly complex equipment that is expensive to purchase and used sparingly. e.g. specialized watercraft or drones. The better solution is to establish and maintain strong mutual aid agreements with neighboring government entities. This provides help when needed for both man-made and natural emergencies/disasters if the occur, without the complexity of legal agreements and/or the required transfer of funds .
The opiate epidemic touches all classes of people. Our family members, neighbors, and friends can all be affected. In general I agree with the Clermont County Mental Health & Recovery four part plan of Treatment, Prevention, Harm Reduction, and Supply Reduction.

We as a township and as individuals can support these strategies by joining the Clermont County Opiate Task Force and/or the Clermont County Mental Health & Recovery Board. We should insist that our law enforcement officers, especially our School Resource Officer, are trained and experienced in recognizing the signs of addiction, and after identification those individuals should be encouraged to move through the system toward being Drug Free. Our officers should take a hard line in enforcing the laws that prohibit the manufacturing, transporting, and selling of illicit and "under the counter" prescriptions/drugs.

We as individuals can increase our awareness to recognize drug abuse and encourage addicts to seek help. logo


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