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Bay City Commissioner Ward 3

The Commissioners' 4-year terms are staggered to ensure experienced legislators at all times. Commissioners of Wards 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 are elected in 2017. A commissioner is responsible for representing the concerns of the ward from which he or she was elected. In addition commissioners have a responsibility for the overall health, welfare and safety of the city as a whole.
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    Dennis Banaszak Civil Engineering Technician/Student

  • Andrew Niedzinski

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1. How does your background qualify you to serve on the City Commission?

2. What are the most pressing issues facing the City Commission? How will you address them?

3. How will you balance your responsibilities to your Ward with the needs of the entire city?

Education Currently completing my senior year at Western Michigan University in pursuit of my Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering.
Occupation/Experience Thirty-five years working for local Civil Engineering firms as a CAD Coordinator, IT support specialist, and Designer. Adjunct faculty at the Skill Center and Delta College.
Campaign Phone (989) 327-7982
Having served from ’93-’97 and ‘10-‘14 as City Commissioner for the Third Ward, and on the Planning Commissioner prior to my second tenure, I have the experience and knowledge to hit the ground running once I’m sworn in. I choose to make a personal visit to each constituent who calls with a problem so that I can put myself in their shoes, to see the problem from their perspective, to help me in working toward a solution. I have been there for the residents of the Third Ward and I will continue to be here, ready to serve, to represent my constituency, and to ensure that they have a vote at City Hall.

Blight and infrastructure. We have a program in place to address blight, so we must follow and adjust it as necessary. With 35 years of experience in Civil Engineering I know infrastructure. My Senior Design project at WMU is going to be a cost study for separating our combined sewer system. I call it Infrastructure 2.0 because it will involve completely rebuilding our streets. With real numbers and a plan in hand we can hopefully get a buy-in from the taxpayers to respond to their number one complaint. Our bridges are too great a burden. I have no problem putting toll operations in place on City-owned bridges to begin generating revenue from out-city users while having a no-cost option of using, and driving up crossing numbers on, the State owned bridges. My goal is to get the State of Michigan to extend M-15 from M-25 down Trumbull and out Wilder to I-75, taking the Independence Bridge off our hands in the process.
City Commissioners are expected to be problem solvers for their constituents, and I have a solid record of being a solution for my Ward. I have never allowed Ward boundaries, or the fact that I was not in office, stand in the way of helping those who seek my assistance. When in Chambers, the Commission acts as the Board of Directors for the City, making decisions on policy, liability, and direction that will affect all those who live, work or play within the City Limits. One direction already chosen by the City Commission is our blight program. Even though it provides no immediate benefits for my Ward, one of the worst performing areas in the City housing study, I understand how important the program is for the future of this City, and it has my full support.
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