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Council Member – 4 Year Term - New Term Commences 1/1/2018
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    Mary G. Allen Procter & Gamble Retiree

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    Minta Colvin Clergy - Ordained & Licensed Minister

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    Amanda Davidson Marketing

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    Rodney Henry Construction

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    Karey Herrin Medical Professional Field

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    Gary Skeene Retired

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    Melanie Slade Medical Receptionist

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    Darren Walriven Former heat treat engineer at Cincinnati Milacron

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    Raymond Walriven Jr. Building Maintenence Superintendent, Licensed Minister

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Biographical Information

What are your skills, talents and expertise that will help you contribute as a council member?

What are the biggest challenges facing your village and what specific solutions do you seek?

What do you hope to accomplish while you are a council member?

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Education University of Cincinnati - BS & MBA
Age 66
Family 2 married children and grandchildren
Military Service None
Employer Retired
Experience P&G manager with responsibility for global transition and transformation projects and initiatives that included completion of all project deliverables, budget management, and management of all project/initiative personnel.
I have a MBA and 28 years with Procter & Gamble, a large multi-national corporation. My education and work experience have prepared me to understand and manage the financial and general requirements of the Village. I've had responsibility for strategic thinking, project and initiative delivery, budgeting and budget management, and people management.

I'm an effective writer and have excellent oral communication skills.

I'm a people person. I know how to effectively collaborate and work with others.

I love New Richmond and, if re-elected, will continue to bring high energy to the Committees I have been working on; Personnel & Finance, Public Works, and Economic Development.
Like all communities, we face the lack of money to do the things we'd like to do to improve and proactively maintain services. Additionally, we have a socially diverse population that requires us to manage in a way that we bring the right services to meet the diversity of needs and wants of our residents.

For the last two years, I have been working with others on the Economic Development Committee, which includes the Planning Commission Chair, Council Members, the Village Administrator, members of the New Richmond Business Association, and residents to define and align on our Economic Development Vision, Mission, and Action Plan for the Village.

The most effective way to increase revenue is to bring in more business and to attract more residents. The Economic Development Committee has been working on two big initiatives, 5 new businesses and 500 new families.

If re-elected, I will represent the residents with professionalism and do my best to look for cost savings, cost avoidance, and work process simplification.

I will continue to work hard on my assigned Council Committees, especially on the Economic Development activities.

I will make decisions that keep New Richmond safe and vibrant.
Campaign Phone (513) 444-6849
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Education Theological Studies, Ministry & Religion
Family Gigi - husband, 10 amazing children (9 of which are adults) - 5 daughters & 5 sons and 9 wonderful grandchildren (7 grandgirls & 2 grandsons)
Experience Over 20 years of local government services employment with the Village of New Richmond; serving the last 17 years as the Village of New Richmond Assistant Administrator (successfully helping to secure millions of dollars in grant funding for projects), Clerk of Court, N.R. Fire Dept. Volunteer & Notary Public (20 years)
With a six member Council Board, everyone possesses something different to offer. I believe that my experience of 20+ years working in local government holds true value for the residents. I was the Village of N.R. Assistant Administrator for 17 of my 20+ years of service & am very familiar with the many areas of local government. I am experienced in: zoning, planning, regulation enforcement, finances, budgeting, utilities, billing, public safety services, emergency preparedness, mitigation, grant writing & procurement, economic development, community services coordinator, natural disaster, court procedures & functions, accounting, audits, current and past projects, project implementation & completion and human resources; just to name a few. I am anchored in the community - born, raised & living here - and if elected I will do what is in the best interest of all the citizens. On the many issue involving the village I will be open minded and invite all stakeholders for input.
I believe that you never know all the perspectives on a situation so reaching out to business owners and residents can be a valuable resource. I worked for the village for ove 20 years and witnessed business owners and residents contribute great ideas and knowledge to make our town a better place to live, work and play. I think New Richmond has several things that need improved upon. We need to be financially responsible during this time when the state continues to make large revenue cuts. A close eye needs to kept on spending and responsible choices need to be made to get the biggest bang for the buck. I look at this opportunity as a way to give back to the people while they get more for less from me now. Economic development needs to start with revitalization. New Richmond needs to improve with communication; using all forms of engagement that are available in order to reach all residents. I know that some items are a quick fix while others will take time, energy and money.
It was an honor to serve the citizens and visitors of the village for over 20+ years as an employee. We accomplished a lot, but there is still work to be done. After a year and half of involuntary separation from employment with the village I am eager to be a "pencil to the paper" kind of elected official to secure grant funding that our town so desperately needs. In the next four years I hope we can accomplish connections, attract, maintain businesses and expand on residential development. We need improved signage, roadways, sidewalks, cemeteries, infrastructure and parks. We need to maintain quality public safety services in order to keep all people safe. I will work to make sure everyone in our community has a chance to offer ideas and suggestions for the future of our town. Together, we can continue our positive progress, which is why I am asking the voters to cast a vote and elect me as your council member; I look forward to serving.
Campaign Phone (513) 284-3022
Education Master's of Science in Marketing
Age 38
Family Tim Davidson, husband Logan Davidson, son
Military Service N/A
Employer The Hillman Group
Experience I have served on council for New Richmond for four years
I have my masters of science in marketing degree. I know how to position New Richmond's value proposition to the public. I also have four years experience of being on council. I know what paths lie ahead of us.
The closing of Beckjord(power plant) is our biggest struggle, and will be for generations to come. It was a huge source of income. We need to find new sources of revenue. Other than that, we have to be true to our voters and make ethics choices about spending our limited funds.
I want to continue to keep crime low, increase our population by showing surrounding areas that New Richmond is a great place to raise a family and get people excited about community projects.
Campaign Phone (513) 940-8422
Education New Richmond High School Graduate 1989 Ford Asset University of Cincinnati
Age 46
Family Amber Henry wife of 15 years with 1 daughter Shelby(age 11)
Military Service United States Army-M1A1 Armor Crewman Desert Storm Veteran
Employer Owner-Armored Construction
Experience Appointed to council June 2016 10+ years as committee chairperson for Area 6 of Special Olympics of Kentucky Multiple different officer positions held within the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars over the past 25+ years
With over 20 years of experience in management and owning my own company I have gained an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in everyday problems and how best to deal with them quickly and efficiently. Being involved extensively with the fund raising aspects of Special Olympics of Kentucky taught me many valuable lessons on how to deal and negotiate with people and businesses to achieve the overall goals set forth. My time in the military taught me a lot of things but "political correctness" is definitely one of my biggest downfalls. Don't ask me a question if you don't want an honest answer and I think that's a positive thing when it comes to serving my community. Someone needs to ask the tough questions and be strong in the tough decisions that need to be made.
By far the biggest challenge that faces our village right now is our finances. I only have limited space so I'm not going to go into detail about the loss of Beckjord revenue and what the flood of 1997 did to our village. We need to replace that revenue and the simplest way is through new growth. Simple look at building numbers throughout the surrounding area doesn't support the "grim" picture some want to paint. A serious challenge coming up is this election. We have 4 seats up for election and regardless of opinions every voter needs to ask some really hard questions of ALL the candidates involved. What is their actual plans for the future of New Richmond? What are their actual plans for our Fire/EMS? There's a lot of things you need to ask because 4 seats; with their own agenda, can potentially spell the beginning of the end of our hometown. Does 2 brothers residing at the same address and a mother/daughter combination working as a group truly give you the voter a voice?
First and foremost I want to work with builders and developers to begin moving New Richmond forward. New growth is the only thing that is going to save our hometown. That being said we also need to take a serious look at our infrastructure. Years of neglect and the funding to do proper maintenance has left a lot of our village in dire need of repair. Our streets, sidewalks, and storm drainage are terrible to say the least. We've got to find ways to get these areas updated and repaired. I would also like to see work continued to revitalize our waterfront. New Richmond has arguably the most untapped potential of any place in the Greater Cincinnati area when it comes to our waterfront.
Campaign Phone (513) 444-6849
Campaign Email
Education University of Cincinnati, New Richmond High School
Family 2 Daughters - Ma'Kinah and Mc'Kenli
Employer Private
Experience Work responsibilities at the management level, direct patient care, budget and personnel management.
With my experience in working in the medical field, I have a kind ear to people & listening to their needs & acting in a manner that is beneficial to them. I have great communication skills; great listener, excellent oral skills & an effective writer. Representing all the youth of the State of Ohio as the '14 Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year it allowed me to launch my public speaking abilities to reach new platforms. I am very flexible, with having my two young daughters, I have learnt how to be. My experience of problem solving and multitasking is a must in order to meet deadlines & goals both professionally & personally. All of these things can translate into what I believe would benefit council in moving our village on a positive path into the future. I think being a great observer & creative thinker will allow me to help develop needed processes, make good judgement & act upon situations. I look forward to working with a team of elected officials to solve problems that we face.
Some of the challenges in our village are: Infrastructure Improvements, Finances / budget, Community Pride & Communication

Some of these items may not be immediately fixed, some may only take minor adjustments, while others may need major modifications. My commitment will be to research, “fact check”, discuss, debate and show due-diligence to move our village in a direction that will balance how we operate with the residents tax dollars making the priority getting the biggest bang for the buck for our residents.

I will bring the voices of the residents into the council meetings. I will do my best to spend wisely and most importantly listen and act on residents concerns and ideals. I will make representing the people my job in hopes of doing away with the "this is how it is" stigma that has been pushed over the years. I will make decisions that keep New Richmond safe. I hope you desire change and Vote Karey Herrin for Council, Thank you.
Campaign Phone 553-4532
Campaign Email
Education Graduated New Richmond High School
Age 67
Family Married with 4 children and 10 grandchildren
Military Service None
Employer Retired
Experience 8 years as council member for New Richmond
I ran my own construction business for 17 years. I have been on our church board for 40 plus years. I have been on the New Richmond River Days committee for 20 plus years organizing bands, food vendors, crafters and everything else that goes along with a 3 day event. This is my second year volunteering as a Watch Dog for New Richmond Elementary School. It gives me some insight as to some of the problems our schools are having. Being on council for 8 years, I have learned how to work within the Ohio Revised Code to accomplish projects. I have also experienced knowledge of how our government works and what we can do and can't do with our finances. I can work well with others to solve problems to help our community grow and prosper.
Number one is our finances. We need to promote our village so we can draw new businesses to our community. We want to be competitive with surrounding communities in order to keep our police, fire and EMS personnel from leaving so we can keep our New Richmond residents save. When the village taxes were cut due to devaluation and then again with the shut down of the Beckjord Power Plant, in order to stay in the black and to keep from being taken over by the state, we enacted the payroll tax. This has helped a great deal.
I want to keep New Richmond on the path of new growth both in business and housing. I would like to develop the river and its banks to promote our river village.
Campaign Phone (513) 515-1249
Campaign Email
Education NR High School graduate
Age 53
Family Michael, husband Kristen, daughter Adam, son
Military Service N/a
Employer Mercy Health
Living in the village of New Richmond a total of 35 years. First growing up in this town from a child to age 20, attending school at New Richmond from 2nd grade to graduation. Growing up with parents who set the best example for me of two people who loved and cared for this town, my father who served as Police Chief for 27 yrs and my mother who worked as a dispatcher in his department, Harold and Frieda Kennedy. Then 22 years ago purchasing a home on Greenmound Road where I was able to raise my kids. It was very important to me that I raise my family in the same town I grew to dearly love. Mainly my work has been in the medical field for approx 30 yrs as a receptionist/front office worker. I have had a lot of interaction with the public. My love and loyalty for this town.
Keeping the local police department, bringing in new businesses/revenue. I would love to see this town prosper and grow. I would like to see the leadership in this town to become more personable with the residents. To see that people care again. We need to take back our town.
See above.
Campaign Email
Education Grant JVS Auto body , Opota Firearms certified Great Oaks
Age 51
Family # Adult children 2 boys 1 Girl And 3 Grandchildren
Military Service n/a
Employer Former Heat Treat process Engineer at Cincinnati Milacron
I am a New Richmond High School Alumni. My professional careers include work in loss prevention and engineering. My education and work experience have allowed me to engage with people of all diversities. I've had responsibilities in project completion and accountability. I love New Richmond and will bring commitment to the people and community.
With all communities I think revenue funding is a concern. With the lack of funds not a lot can get accomplished; so with that accountability is necessary. I think economic development is a must, but with an Economic Development Committee organized over 2 years ago and still working on a vision, mission, action plan and initiative of 5 new businesses and 500 families which has tus far netted ZERO that speaks loud and clear as to the direction our village is headed.
If elected, I will represent the residents and do my best with our tax dollars by keeping a watchful eye on expenses while exploring cost saving measures. I will work hard as a committed official to address the issues our community faces and I will make decisions that keep New Richmond visitors and residents safe and a priority. Together, we can continue to collaborate and move our community forward. Please support me as part of the change our community needs on November 7th. as your elected public servant.
Campaign Phone (513) 843-6754
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Education New Richmond High School 1972 Graduate, Technical Publishing Corp. Apprentice Training Program for Pipefitter, Mechanic, Millwright 1975, Continued Job Training Mannesmann Demag Germany 1990, Computer Systems, Networking, Hardware, Operating Systems University of Cincinnati Certification, Stationary Engineering University of Cincinnati Certification
Age 63
Family Spouse: Pamela Walriven
Military Service None
Employer University of Cincinnati
Experience Communication and Organizational Skills, Church Board of Trustees Financial and Business Management, Construction Planning and Project Management and Personnel Management. Proficient in Plumbing and Piping Systems, Water Treatment, HVAC, Fire Safety, Building Construction and Codes, Building Automation.
Why I am Running
I am an experienced communicator when dealing with people and problems. My tenure at the University of Cincinnati for 20 years, as well as an active Minister for 37 years, has equipped me with a skillset necessary to effectively manage and communicate with a diverse community of people from every nationality, race, color and creed.

My organizational skills as a building maintenance superintendent has positioned me to be a part of committees for construction planning and the commissioning of building projects. I have gained experience in financial and business management as a member of the church board of trustees. I have organized and managed church softball leagues and youth activities within the church and industry.
The opioid epidemic has been and continues to be a serious problem facing our community. I will collaborate with government agencies, our school, citizens, and will equip local police and EMS services with all the tools necessary for the hopeful eventual eradication of this epidemic.

Our budget is negatively affected by loss of revenue. I will aggressively seek to encourage new growth for our community via the use of grants and will work with council to encourage new building projects to increase the tax base. I will also push for transparency, fiscal responsibility and accountability through hands-on involvement.

Our infrastructure is faltering possibly due to budget constraints and lack of maintenance. I will seek creative methods, via community involvement, and will establish a competitive bidding process for major repairs and village supplies that will ultimately lead to more bang for our buck.
Like our schools, I will strive to make our village a "Community of Excellence" through collaboration by engaging the community and establishing an effective line of communication between the citizens, council and administration to enhance the beauty of the community, making it a desirable place to live, work, play and raise our families. "Together we can accomplish great things." logo


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