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Council Member – 4 Year Term - New Term Commences 1/1/2018
  • Janessa Brown Assistant Underwriter Lead Commercial Lines

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    Bryan Coogan Retired

  • Jay Noble Business Owner

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    Stephanie Ross Victim Advocate

  • Amy Sparks

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What are your skills, talents and expertise that will help you contribute as a council member?

What are the biggest challenges facing your village and what specific solutions do you seek?

What do you hope to accomplish while you are a council member?

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Education Bachelors Degree in Psychology AINS Insurance Designation
Age 38
Family Caretaker to Mother Pet Mom
Military Service No
Employer American Modern Insurance
Experience Currently a member of Burke Trust
Currently I have been serving on Burke Trust Committee which has required me to think of the village needs and the budge that we have for meeting them. My daily work life has brought taught me to evaluate risks, determine needs, and to work with a diverse group of people. All these skills will help in making analytical decisions, with regards to the needs of the village. The fact that I have lived in the village my whole life allows me to understand that the decisions made affect not just random citizens but friends, family, and store owners who I have known from birth. I have lived paycheck to paycheck my whole life so I understand the struggles the majority of the people in the village face, in regards to finances.
Currently our village is very divided on the issue of how to fund the police department. A levy was voted down, and a 1/2 percent income tax was voted in by council. Communication, and lack of transparency have been a divide as well. With the police issue I had proposed the possibility of putting some breaks in with utilities, that while they would not fund the police they would help offset whatever taxes one would pay to fund them. If elected I would again try to focus on ways to improve the costs people struggle with, and hopefully this would be discussed and brought to fruition. I have tried my best to put quick notes out on my page of all the meetings I have attended in hopes of improving communication, if elected I would continue to find ways that communication and transparency could improve. That in my view is an easy fix that anyone can and should do if elected.
To help rebuild our village into a community of neighbors working together, while we still are a great community there is a divide that was clear in the response to the 1/2 percent tax reaction. I would like to have people see and understand that the village budget, that our budget reflect our village size, as well as its residence incomes. I hate hearing stories of people going into foreclosure, or doing without basic needs due to being so burdened by taxes. My goal would be to avoid that ever becoming the case with Bethel.
Campaign Phone (513) 260-5140
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Education Some college
Age 59
Family Mother: Joan Helfer, Father: John Coogan, Wife: Donna, 4 Adult sons-Zachary, Christopher, Matthew Polvado, and Jeffery Polvado. and 10 grand children.
Military Service 20 years of honorable Naval Service
Employer Retired
Experience Navy Field Medical Corpsman, Hospital Corpsman, Electroencephalography Technician, Senior manager, Healthcare Recruiter , In flight Medical attendant , Security officer, Line cook and Food service Manager
Through my naval experiences I have learned many skills that would be of extreme value to this position. I was a leader for many years and in this position I learned fiscal responsibility, training, valuable people skills, administrative skills, task and time management, accountability, honor, integrity, team building and an inquisitive nature to accomplish the final goals with speed and accuracy. In this capacity I was able to perform new and challenging tasks with minimal training and a vast thirst for knowledge . By doing this I was able to move into new job positions or assignments with ease. As a council member I will work for the people. The same people that would be electing me.
I see my biggest challenge within our village as to views and attitudes that reflect the same ways that tend to hold a village or city down. Personal values within the community that do not want change, do not want newness and do not want upward mobility, These views tend to hold back a community from its true potentials. My personal solution to this is community education as to the advantages and drawbacks. Promoting growth through jobs and industry is paramount to the full success and failure of of a community. I would like to see some growth in this area. Just enough so it doesnt take away the charm of this quaint village.
As much as I personally can. I would love to see the community with council coming together in forming a think tank on what the pluses and the minuses are within this village. Through this you have a collaborative effort to make Bethel a great place to live and it gives the community a sense of worth and value. Again, my idea of upward mobility is through growth in jobs and industry. I would like to bring in business through tax incentives, Only enough to make Bethel self sustaining if it so desired. Lowering taxes on the community is a big desire of mine as well. Personal incomes have decreased while tax demands have increased. This has to stop. As a council member I feel its my obligation to keep this out of the equation as much as possible. All avenues and sources need to be reviewed and exhausted before the latter should take place. Bethel needs certain services reviewed with broader view. Some changes to its services need to be dealt with where deficiencies are proven.
Campaign Phone (513) 262-6823
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Education Bachelor Degree in Accounting
Age 44
Family Noble, Stemmerding, Watson
Military Service Na
Employer Royal Cuts, LLC
Experience 25 years in Business Management 5 years Business Owner 3 years Insurance Agent 3 years in Accounting
Being a business owner requires having a kind ear to customers and listening to their needs and acting in a manner that is not only beneficial to them but profitable in short and long term goals of the company. My experience of problem solving and multi-tasking is a must in order to meet deadlines and goals of clients, investors, and employers. Other areas which include research, networking, and simply being transparent in what I do.

All of these things can translate into what I believe would benefit council on moving our village into the future and bringing us closer as a community. A great business background with accounting experience will also be a huge benefit to strengthen council by being able to catch on quickly and understanding how the government accounting is handled.
Some of the challenges in our village are:

1. Disconnect with majority of residents on issues 2. Utilities 3. Zoning 4. Taxation/levies 5. Police Funding 6. Administrator concerns by residents 7. Relationship with township 8. Drug epidemic

Some of these items are hot topics and may not be immediately able to be fixed. My dedication will be to research, discuss, fact-check, and show due-diligence in "out of the box" thinking to move our village in a direction that will balance how we operate with the residents saftey/security/well being/property top of mind.
I will bring residents voices into the committee and council meetings. I plan on doing heavy fact checking and research for options to help with funding police department, eliminate income tax, look at zoning to increase our market values of our homes, research options to help bring in more businesses, and most importantly listen and act on residents concerns and idealisms. If elected, that is my job is to represent the people, not the "this is how it is" stigma that has been pushed over the years.
Campaign Phone (513) 926-2830
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Education Political Science Post-Bacc Certificate in Paralegal Technology
Age 37
Family Husband, Mike. Three children, Griffin, McKenna, and Evan.
Military Service None
Employer Clermont County Prosecutor's Office
Experience 14 years experience working with the citizens of this county. 4 years experience as a Girl Scout troop leader
I was raised in Bethel and graduated from Bethel-Tate in 1998. Recently, my husband and I made the decision to raise our family here and we moved back three years ago. As someone who has seen the village grow and also decline, I believe that my love for this small town will allow me to make decisions that will brighten the future of our community and will help increase growth once more.

I am the leader of a Girl Scout Brownie troop. This volunteer position has allowed me to meet many people within the community.

In my professional career, I administer a federal grant and I am familiar with budgetary procedures. This will provide me with the knowledge to understand the dynamics of a small town.
The Village of Bethel is desperate for growth regarding businesses and home ownership. The biggest challenge I will face in determining a solution is to bring more small business, hopefully restaurants, to the town and making our community desirable for homeowners and families.To encourage growth, i believe that networking is vital. It is important to have an open line of communication between the citizens of Bethel and the council.

Many people I talked with miss the old activities that the Village of Bethel used to host for the community, specifically the BAM festival. I hope to create new opportunities to bring our community together while encouraging the desirability of new families in to our town.

My goal is to bridge the gap between the citizens of Bethel and the Village of Bethel Council by increasing transparency of how the our community is ran.
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