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Manassas Park City Commissioner of Revenue

The Manassas Park City Commissioner of the Revenue is a Constitutional Officer elected by the voters of the city. The Commissioner serves a 4-year term. The City Council establishes tax policy and sets all tax rates and then the Commissioner of the Revenue implements the policies by establishing assessments and determining what is taxable. The Treasurer then collects the tax revenue. In Virginia, the Commissioner has the power to summon taxpayers, audit taxpayer returns, and, if necessary, to file civil and criminal proceedings against taxpayers for failure to file returns and/or provide information.
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    James T. Kirkland, Jr. (I) Database Manager for DCPS Out of School Time Programs

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    Debra D. Wood (I) Commissioner of the Revenue

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What are your priorities in serving as the Commissioner of the Revenue?

What Virginia legislative changes might facilitate a Commissioner's duties?

What changes, if any, would you recommend in the processes of establishing assessments?

How important is it, and for what reason, for the Commissioner to be an elected official?

education/Degrees 1992 Bachelor's English from UMD / 2004 Comptia A+ Hardware/Software Certification / 2010 NoVa Web Design Certification
experience 2008- Present Manager Data Collection and Tech Intergration DC Public Schools 1998-2008 Production Coordinator USA Today 1999 Library Technician Library of Congress
As commissioner, I will provide Manassas Park elected officials with reliable and timely data so that our leaders can make data-driven decisions. I’ll diligently maintain all records to ensure accuracy and ready availability of data, provide accurate and fair tax assessments and ensure the office in in compliance with state laws and regulations while providing transparency an d great customer service for our residents.
Any additional powers that would help the Commissioner accurately complete assessments in a timely fashion. There may not be any legislative changes necessary, but an adoption of currently available procedures using the new database systems available to Manassas Park.
I'd like to see if any current processes can be streamlined using the new database system adopted by Manassas Park.
By having an elected Commissioner, Virginia supports the separation of powers in government. City Council sets the tax rates, the Commissioner does assessments, and the Treasurer collects the taxes. This helps guarantee that taxation is applied fairly and that citizens have a recourse if they are unhappy with the administration of taxation.

experience I spent 3 years as Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court for Prince William County. After that, I came to work as an administrative clerk for the Commissioner of the Revenue in Manassas Park. I worked my way up to Deputy Commissioner in 1991 and then became Commissioner in 1999.
My priority in serving as Commissioner of the Revenue for the City of Manassas Park is to assess property and taxes in a fair and equitable manner, while adhering to State and City laws and guidelines. We strive to offer the best customer service possible. We diligently and carefully maintain all records in the office to ensure that they are accurate and thorough. We carefully safeguard all confidential taxpayer records.
The duties of the Commissioner of the Revenue are spelled out in the State Code Section §58.1-3109 and I’m not sure that any changes would make it easier or better than what is already on the books. It seems that most legislative changes only add to the duties of the Commissioner and I, along with other Commissioner’s throughout the State of Virginia, willingly take on any challenges that those new duties require, in order to make Virginia a better place to live and work. We all work together to come up with the best possible way to serve our citizens, while adhering to State laws.
I personally would not recommend any changes to the processes of establishing assessments. State Code already spells out how each type of property is to be assessed. For instance, for the assessment of vehicles, we should use a Nationally Recognized pricing guide for the assessment of vehicles or if it is not in the book, we are to use a percentage of cost.
The Commissioner of the Revenue and the Treasurer’s office serve as a check and balance for fair taxation by the City. The position is elected by the voters and we are directly accountable to them and to the State. The elected Constitutional offices follow the premise of our democracy’s separation of powers. This separation doesn’t allow any one body to control the revenue source for the locality, so taxpayers are assured that their assessments are fair and equitable. logo


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