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Manassas City Commissioner of Revenue

The Manassas City Commissioner of the Revenue is a Constitutional Officer elected by the voters of the city. The Commissioner serves a 4-year term. The City Council establishes tax policy and sets all tax rates and then the Commissioner of the Revenue implements the policies by establishing assessments and determining what is taxable. The Treasurer then collects the tax revenue. In Virginia, the Commissioner has the power to summon taxpayers, audit taxpayer returns, and, if necessary, to file civil and criminal proceedings against taxpayers for failure to file returns and/or provide information.
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    Alonita L. Vannoy (Dem) Retired

  • Douglas S. Waldron (Rep) Commissioner of the Revenue

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What are your priorities in serving as the Commissioner of the Revenue?

What Virginia legislative changes might facilitate a Commissioner's duties?

What changes, if any, would you recommend in the processes of establishing assessments?

How important is it, and for what reason, for the Commissioner to be an elected official?

education/Degrees B.A., Business Administration, Cornell University; Graduate Certificate in Leadership Development, Cary Business School, Johns Hopkins University
experience I have extensive leadership experience managing teams in business strategic plan development; establishing procedures to streamline bureaucracy and increase profits; preparing and analyzing budgets; and, accurately applying the laws of the Commonwealth.
Putting the people of Manassas first is my number one priority. I will operate the Commissioner's Office efficiently and promote transparency in all office processes; accurately enforce the tax laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the ordinances of Manassas; establish checks and balances to avoid costly errors that adversely impact the taxpayers; educate residents about personal property and real estate tax relief programs; and improve customer service with input from the staff and the taxpayers.
It is difficult to predict any specific legislative change that might facilitate a Commissioner’s duties. Rather, as an incoming Commissioner of the Revenue, I would examine all statutory language -- proposed and existing -- which affect budgets, assessments and audits. The Commissioner's Office functions best with a well-trained knowledgeable staff. More funding should be allocated for training staff to acquire and maintain their required certifications.
I believe the processes are appropriate but, as a proponent of transparency, I feel that we should convene public sessions well in advance of finalizing new assessments to educate taxpayers about rate changes and how collected payments will be allocated between Manassas and the Commonwealth.
The Commissioner has been an elected constitutional official in the Commonwealth since 1908. As an elected official, the Commissioner is not subject to partisan loyalties.
education/Degrees Master Commissioner of the Revenue - Weldon Cooper Center / University of Virginia B.A. Economics - Yale University
experience Commissioner of the Revenue Manassas City Mayor Manassas City Council member Manassas City School Board member Virginia Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser
Our 5 keywords are Service, Fairness, Equity, Discovery and Compliance. Each of these are the guideposts for the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue. Our office staff is experienced and well trained. We support and meet the highest expectations of our residents and businesses.
I currently serve on the Legislative Committee as well as the Executive and Career Development Committees of the Commissioner of the Revenue Association of Virginia. We hope that members of the General Assembly and Governor's Office continue to support the five Constitutional Offices and the roles and responsibilities of local governments. I also support the continued maintenance of support for the Career Development Program as a valuable means to continue the collaboration and standardization of practices among the Commissioners throughout Virginia.
The various assessment processes are well established. Local communities should continue to have some flexibility as to how often assessments are made. Best practices need to continue to be shared and evaluated. The VAAO should continue to be supported.
The Constitution of Virginia established the Office as elected. As Commissioner of the Revenue, I take an oath to "support" the Constitution. It is very important and my duty to serve as an elected official. logo


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