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Manassas City Treasurer

The Manassas City Treasurer is a Constitutional Officer elected by the voters of the city. The Treasurer serves a 4-year term. The Commissioner of the Revenue assesses the tax on personal property and real property. The Treasurer is responsible for collecting the taxes. The services and responsibilities of the Treasurer also include licensing dogs and issuing permits for parking and for alarms.
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    Russell T. Harrison (Rep) Director, IEEE-USA

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    Patricia E. Richie-Folks (Dem)

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What are your priorities in serving as Treasurer?

What efficiencies would you introduce to the operation of the office?

What Virginia legislative changes might facilitate a City Treasurer's duties?

How important is it, and for what reason, for the Treasurer to be an elected official?

education/Degrees Masters in Public Management, Univ. of Maryland: BA, Political Science with Minors in History & Communications, Allegheny College. Certified Association Executive & Planning Commissioner.
experience Over 20 years professional experience working for and managing non-profits. Currently, Director of the Government Relations for the world's largest technical professional association, the IEEE.
My priority as Treasurer must be rebuilding the office. Our current Treasurer’s lack of managerial, leadership and technical experience has damaged the office’s performance. For example, our real estate tax webpage is using 2016 tax rates (as of 9/10), despite the 2017 rates being in effect since July. Other programs are way behind schedule, sloppy and off track, in some cases laughably so. The city needs a real manager to lead the office. I have this experience, and will right the ship quickly.
The Treasurer’s office needs to continue to embrace automation and web-based services. The office’s staff has done an excellent job completing projects started by our previous Treasurer, but further work will require an experienced manager. I've worked for the world's largest association for IT professionals for over 14 years, and have led major IT upgrades. This experience managing IT projects and leading teams of professionals will allow our Treasurer’s office to join the 21st century.
The State needs to remember that small jurisdictions are different than big jurisdictions. Rules that work for Fairfax County don’t always work for independent cities like Manassas. Laws, for example, that control succession should a Treasurer leave office early need to be flexible to meet Manassas’, and other small jurisdictions’, needs. I have over 20 years of experience working with legislators to craft laws that work for everyone, and will bring that experience into the Treasurer’s office.
The treasurer is, primarily, a civil servant. We ensure that the day-to-day operation of our local government is smooth, honest and fair. But the Treasurer must also be an independent voice within the Manassas government, someone who can warn the public if their government is spending money recklessly. Treasurers must be an independent steward of City resources, ensuring that funds are protected and accounted for, without worrying about political interference. This requires an election.
education/Degrees I hold a degree in Business Administration,have diverse professional experience ranging from managing my own construction company,General Manager for Sodexho Corporation Laundry division,business development director for Asian Fortune Magazine.
experience Manassas Ballet Production Manager, substitute teacher, member of PW County Regional Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Clubs, member of Board of Directors of PW County Arts Council, member of Rotary Club of Manassas.
Ensure the Treasurer's Office operates with accuracy and efficiency through sound financial management while providing excellent customer service with undeniable professionalism. Ensure compliance with a vast array of laws, regulations, policies, procedures and internal and external reporting requirements along with my commitment to support professional development and career advancement for my staff. With highly trained,experienced staff,leveraging the latest technology I seek to utilize resources in a conservative and sensible way.
To date, I have implemented the second phase of the Office’s Citizen's Self Service (CSS), which is the new financial management system that is live on the Manassas City official website under the Treasurer's Office. CSS enables Manassas City citizens to go online and search their real estate tax records and personal property tax bills, as well as make payments throughout the year. Successfully transitioned her office to the new administration building, consolidating bank accounts, delegating and adjusting workflow policy all while avoiding a lapse in service and productivity.
As a newly appointed member of the Legislative Committee, it will be my charge to evaluate and recommend any revisions I feel would duly enhance the efficiency of my office operations and benefit the taxpayers. In this regard, I will be vigilantly exploring and promoting all opportunities to achieve these goals.
Since 1870, the Treasurer has been an elected position. This manner of selection was determined to ensure that local taxes would be collected and invested by an officer who reports directly to the people. I believe that an elected, versus an appointed, Treasurer would have the necessary autonomy to serve the taxpayers directly – executing the statutes of the Commonwealth and the ordinances of the City of Manassas -- without undue influence from any other governing body. logo


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