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Zoning Board of Appeals (Four Year Term)

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    James Baldwin (Rep) Attorney

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    Sharon Strelzer (Dem) Travel Advisor

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What factors would you consider in granting a waiver and why?

I must make two essential findings: 1- the variance will not substantially affect the comprehensive zoning plan; 2 - strict application of zoning causes unusual hardship unnecessary to the carrying out of the general purpose of the zoning plan. This great nation was founded on the principle of individual liberty - which I hold dear. Accordingly, I give property owners the benefit of doubt on applications that reasonably fall within these criteria
Each ZBA request for a waiver must be looked as unique. The key factors I would consider are if the homeowner or business requesting the waiver needs this approval for an essential use and if this waiver is for an improvement to the that business or homeowner’s property. I would also consider the how the waiver would impact the community, surrounding businesses or neighbor(s). These are my considerations for granting a waiver. logo


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