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    Trey Bickers (Rep) Licensed CT Real Estate Saleperson

  • Carol Depietro (Rep)

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    Kathleen D. Griffin (Dem) Constituent Concerns Coordinator

  • Harold Zawadski (Dem)

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I've been a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser for the past 12 years which gives me a firm understanding of the home valuation process. My experience as a Licensed Realtor in Connecticut practicing within the town of Fairfield and the surrounding areas contributes to my local market knowledge.
I would consider all things pertaining to home value.This is including, but not limited to square footage, lot size, location, style, age/effective age of homes and current local market trends. It is important to compare apples to apples when determining value. All would be done with integrity and without bias.
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I was appointed by the RTM to serve on the BAA in 2016 following the last revaluation and reviewed and voted on hundreds of appeals. As someone who has gone through the appeals process, I have seen first hand the inaccuracies and inequities that are inherent in mass appraisal. I have a life-long interest in real estate, knowledge of Vision software, strong analytical skills and a good working relationship with key municipal officials.
Assuming the taxpayer has provided sufficient information in support of his/her appeal, I would consider several criteria including comparable sales, hardships specific to the property, incorrect recording of information on the property card, listing/sale prices and dates of the property (if the property was listed/sold during the base or base+1 period), previous appeals on the property, and assessment and appeal patterns in the neighborhood.
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