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    Nicholas Aysseh (Rep) Community Outreach Educator

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    John Convertito (Dem) Attorney

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    Jennifer Jacobsen (Dem, Wkp) CSC Coordinator to Fairfield CARES

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    Jennifer Leeper (Dem, Wkp) Education Administration and Advocacy

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    Marc Patten (Dem) Online Merchant

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    Jeff Peterson (Rep) Financial Journalist

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Why do you want to serve on the Board of Education? What special qualifications and experience will you bring to the office?

What do you believe should be the top three priorities of the School District over the next three to five years? explain your thinking.

With two young children rapidly approaching school-age, I have a vested interest in the continued success of Fairfield Public Schools. At the same time I am a homeowner and taxpayer who understands the need to balance the needs of the school district with the taxpayers ability to pay. I want to bring my management skills, leadership ability, and financial acumen to the table to bridge the world between educational needs and shrinking funding.
1. Develop more efficient and effective uses of our resources - We need to rethink the way we operate. As our state funding shrinks we need to be open to discussing new ideas, and executing them where feasible. 2. Infrastructure - The Long Range Facilities Plan has been on the books now for almost a decade and needs to be further evaluated. 3. Racial Imbalance - We need to do what is in the best interest of our town not the state.
Going forward our educational program will face some very difficult challenges.These challenges are financial and programmatic. With ever increasing demands on local and state taxpayers,we as a community, must balance the needs of educating our children with the ability of our residents to support that effort. We must look beyond the one year portal and reassess our entire system to find and implement long term goals and financial savings.
To maintain and improve our Education Program- We must constantly look to improve our education system to meet the needs and challenges of our students To reassess all of our educational assets- We must look at all of our assets in the educational system to ensure that all assets are being utilized in their most efficient manner, while still delivering our educational program. To balance the needs of our education program with ability of our town
An extensive education background coupled with my experience with diverse stakeholders to focus on solutions and 11 years of local advocacy led to my decision to run for the BOE. As FFLD faces uncertainty we need prepared and knowledgeable voices to collaborate with those serving today.I stand ready to face the challenges before us and tirelessly advocate for the importance and value that a strong education system brings to our students and town.
To maintain a high-quality school system. To address challenges with fiscal efficiency that is married to education fidelity. To effectively communicate and implement comprehensive solutions and policy that supports thriving schools. Immediate and long term scrutiny of the financial and educational impact upon our district and community, respect for our educators, commitment to our mission, and a focus on our students shall guide my reasoning.
I earned my master’s in public policy from the University of Chicago and since then I’ve been implementing policy in a real world setting. I worked as a school administrator and Director of Special Ed. in NYC. and a policy-analyst for the CT State Dept. of Ed.I believe that I can be a voice that will meaningfully contribute to the nuance of education with a vision for the long-term, an eye for data, and do so with respect and civility.
Making thoughtful, data-based decisions that will be best for all Fairfield children for the long-term. Ensure that we make decisions related to facilities that will foster an optimal learning and teaching environment and foster the district’s continued implementation of the District Improvement Plan. Increased transparency with and more opportunities for the public to be involved in the major decisions that are facing our district.
I have served on the BOE for 4 years and in that time I have participated in creating a district improvement plan that is in the early stages of implementation. We have a new Superintendent whom I helped hire and want to support. I want to continue to work with our teachers and administration to improve curriculum, enhance professional development for teachers and create more efficiencies in the budget as I have done thus far during my tenure.
1) Improving Communication between parents, teachers, students, and the Administration. Everyone needs to be on the same page to fix problems quickly without disrupting the education process. 2) Finding ways to let “teachers teach” and innovate in the classroom, while adhering to the new “Common Core” educational curriculum. 3) Finding new ways to keep the BOE Budget lean without sacrificing programs.
In addition to my perspective as someone with multigenerational ties to the community, I've been fortunate to keep my feet in both the professional and parenting worlds. I was a stay-at-home dad for many years, serving as everything from a room parent to PTA executive board member. I feel that my professional background will also be an asset, as my job requires me to process and synthesize vast amounts of information quickly and accurately.
Financial: I will support the creation of an education budget that meets the needs of our students and recognizes the burdens borne by taxpayers. Local control: I hope to work with our state's legislative delegation to lobby against depleting Fairfield's resources and to advocate for greater local control over educational issues. Community engagement: The public needs to be an active partner in the difficult decisions ahead. logo


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