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Councilor, District 8

The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
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    Steven Croci Retired. Genzyme Corporate Quality Audit Manager, Regulatory Affairs Manager for Quality

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    Judith Grove Retired Teacher, Ophthalmic Technician

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Campaign Phone (508) 875-7182
Relevant Experience Over 30 years in Corporate Quality Management field; Quality Inspection, Assurance,, Compliance
To have the Southside districts improve to reach an equal status to Northside districts. For many years, the Southside has not been well represented in the town and as a result parts of the Southside have deteriorated badly. Now, it is time for the Southside to have a strong voice and an equal seat at the table in the new city government to improve the QUALITY OF LIFE in District 8.

To ensure that a strict budget review is implemented of every line item for all departments to determine inefficiencies, waste and overlap to reduce government spending and to reduce taxes.

For Framingham to move forward, all departments must be reviewed and improved to reach our future needs as a city. Framingham as a whole can only be successful if all districts are strong. I will provide a strong voice for District 8.

I will work to remove the invisible Northside/Southside line so we can all work together to become one community that can move forward in a positive direction.
1. Develop a strong, strategic overall growth plan for Framingham focusing improving on all districts in the city. Focus should be on development of the blighted, vacant commercial centers and how improvements would increase growth in the tax base while minimizing the impact on neighborhood traffic, parking and congestion.

My primary focus will be with Framingham’s District 8 (Precincts 15 and 18). These precincts have been neglected for the past 20 years by town government. Because of this, Quality of Life in Framingham’s Southside has deteriorated significantly. Crime, drugs, overcrowding, traffic, and neighborhood parking have all increased and have now become serious concerns relating to public safety. Our neighborhoods have been left with blighted properties, absentee landlords, serious parking problems and overcrowding. Southside Infrastructure … streets, sidewalks water and sewer utilizes are aging and in generally poor condition. My primary vision is to REVITALIZE the
I will be available by phone and email for my constituents. I will also maintain a regular schedule at the Memorial building to meet with my constituents. I would also like to hold regular meetings with constituents in order to ensure that the Districts’ concerns can be addressed.
I am a lifelong Southside resident and homeowner of Precinct 15 born, raised, and attended the Framingham school system. I have a B.S. degree in Engineering Technology from Wentworth College of Technology and a Masters of Arts degree in Administration with a Business concentration from Framingham State College. I have professional experience as an Engineer in the consulting field with architectural and engineering and mechanical engineering companies; in the auto industry with General Motors in Quality Management; with a start up Medical Device company as a Quality Manager; with Boston Scientific as a Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager and finally with Genzyme Corporation in the Corporate Quality Compliance Group as an Quality Auditor and Manager and in Genzyme’s Regulatory Affairs department as a Manager for product defect reporting to the FDA. Overall, I have over 30 years in the Quality Management field with experience in Quality Assurance and Compliance and Quality Auditing of manufacturing and operating systems. I would like to bring this experience in Quality Management and operating systems to municipal government operations. I have been a youth baseball coach (Little League, Babe Ruth and AAU) for over 20 years in Framingham and surrounding towns. I worked for number of years for the New England Patriots as media steward on game days. As I have stated, being a lifelong Southside resident, I feel that with my knowledge of Quality Management, and operations compliance, I can bring a unique and fresh perspective to the City Councilor to represent District 8 (Precinct 15 and 18). I understand the specific issues and unique problems facing the Southside and will provide a strong Southside voice in the new city government that has been lacking for many years. Thank you for your consideration. I would appreciate your support and most importantly your vote in the coming election in November.
Campaign Phone (508) 872-0820
Relevant Experience Chair Precinct 15 Clerk Ways & Means Committee Founder S.T.O.P Environmental Group Sponsor Skatepark
My vision for Framingham is that its historic change to a City form of government will provide equal representation for all of our diverse neighborhoods. Presently 100% of the Board of Selectmen and School Committee members live above Route 9. Equality will happen as Councilors and School Committee members are elected from each of our 9 geographic Districts. Framingham is a large and complex community. By drawing upon this untapped human resource we will begin to reach our full potential.
1. Lack of Vision and Accountability by present government 2. High Property taxes. These issues and solutions are closely tied.

As a Town Meeting Member I tackled several issues in South Framingham that had been ignored for decades: 1. Mary Dennison Park was known for 24 years to be polluted. When I got no response from Town officials I brought this issue to the newspapers and got over 600 petition signatures for improvements.* Clean-up has begun. 2. A Skatepark was "almost built" 15 years ago but was obstructed by certain officials. I sponsored an article at TM. Construction will begin in September.* 3. 350 Irving Street - toxic property with 10 squatters not paying taxes. S.T.O.P. pushed DEP to require Eversource to begin clean-up. New taxes are being collected.* I will support land use bylaws to improve our neighborhoods and encourage smart business investment which will raise our commercial tax base and ease the burden on home owners. *Please visit my website above
I am already known by many of my constituents since I speak frequently at Town Meeting, Board of Selectmen, ZBA, Board of Health, Parks Commission and Planning Board Meetings. I hold joint meetings in my home for Precincts 15, 16, 17 and 18. My opinions have been published in the Boston Globe, Source, Patch, the Daily News and on the FramGov blog.

I can be reached directly by e-mail: and on the Contact Page of my website:
I grew up in Melrose, MA. I met my husband Thomas in college and over the next 14 years we lived in California, Minnesota, Iceland and Virginia. In 1980 we moved back to Massachusetts and chose to live in Framingham where Tom took a position as an English Professor at Framingham State University. Our sons attended Framingham Public Schools. Our younger son was one of Framingham's first Sage students and was a member of the last graduating class from Framingham South High School. He attended Harvard University. Our older son has his PhD from Yale University. I was the first in my family to attend college. Financial aid made it possible for me to earn a B.A. cum laude in Biology from Harvard University, and a Master's Degree in Biology and Teaching from Wesleyan University. I have also done post-graduate work in computer science and statistics. Education has always been of great importance to our family. Framingham Schools will be one of my primary concerns if I become a City Council Member. ​In addition to teaching math and science in California public schools, I worked for 25 years in the field of ophthalmology. I hired, trained and supervised medical staff, performed eye exams and ophthalmic photography and assisted in eye surgery at Framingham Union Hospital The most demanding part of my work was to measure, calculate and select the power of the artificial lenses implanted during cataract surgery in thousands of patients. This work required dedication to detail, absolute accuracy and accountability. I believe that accountability has been lacking under our current form of government and is an essential qualification for our future Mayor and Council members. After I retired, I became a Town Meeting Member and Precinct Chair. My lifelong passion is social and environmental justice. In 2015 I was nominated by State Representative, Chris Walsh, and honored with a Massachusetts Unsung Heroine Award by the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women logo


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