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Virginia House District 32

The House of Delegates has legislative power, with the Senate, to enact laws. Delegates serve a two-year term and are eligible for reelection. The salary is $17,640 per year. A Delegate must be at least 21 years old at the time of election and be a resident of the district he/she seeks to represent.
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    David Reid (Dem) Program Manager

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1. What changes in Virginia's method of drawing electoral district lines (redistricting) would you support? (500 characters)

2. How would you ensure voting access for all qualified Virginians? (500 characters)

3. What options would you propose to increase highway and public transportation funding? (500 characters)

4. If elected, what are your legislative priorities? (600 characters)

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Experience I served honorably in the Navy Reserve for 23 years and bring over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications, defense, strategic management, business development, and banking industries.
Education B.A. in Political Science from Northeastern Oklahoma State University
Campaign Phone (703) 887-7993
I support legislation ending partisan gerrymandering in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I am opposed to drawing district lines in favor of any candidate or party. As delegate, I will support:  1.) an independent commission to draw district lines, 2.) establishing fair redistricting criteria, 3.) keeping communities together within districts, 4.) keeping districts compact and continuous, and 5.) prohibiting politically and racially motivated drawing of district lines.
I would fight for funding for polling location resources and vote in favor of no-excuse absentee voting, same day voter registration, and automatic voter registration. I will stand up to attacks on enfranchisement, such as opposing the requirement of additional photo IDs, certified birth certificates, or passports to register to vote.
To increase highway and public transportation funding I would work to ensure transportation funding remains a priority within the state budget, look for efficiencies within the design, delivery, and management of transportation projects to make more funds available for new roads, continue to work within SMART Scale to ensure projects are scored for their overall traffic impact and economic value; and explore special assessment districts near Metro stations, so developers who benefit the most will help fund local transportation improvements.
My legislative priorities would include ensuring access to affordable healthcare for working families, veterans, and seniors through accepting Medicaid expansion, reducing tolls on the Greenway by implementing distance-based pricing, and fully funding full-day kindergarten for all of Loudoun County’s children. logo


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