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Somerset County is governed and managed by a Board of Chosen Freeholders. The board consists of five members. In 2017, two are elected from the County at large to serve a three-year term.
  • Alex Avellan (Dem)

  • Brian Gallagher (Rep)

  • Brian D. Levine (Rep)

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    Shanel Robinson (Dem) IT Management

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What do you consider the most important challenges facing Somerset County? What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for addressing these challenges?

The Board of Chosen Freeholders is committed to transparency with the public. How do you propose to assure that transparency? Please identify any issue or functional area you would emphasize.

What priorities would you like to see in the next budget for the County? Is there any specific department or agency that you consider particularly in need of attention; and if so, why, and what would you do? Please specify particular areas in need of oversight or funding.

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Qualifications/Experience Veteran; IT Management; Councilwoman at Large
Campaign Address 150 Morristown Rd. Bernardsville, NJ 07924
Some of the important challenges facing Somerset County are, but not limited to, making it affordable to live here for all resident. The county currently collects $220M a year in taxes, however most residents do not see any direct services. If we are going to pay high taxes, then we need to receive great services. My military training and experience has provided me the discipline, attention to detail, and to be strategic in planning and tactical in execution. As an IT professional in a large healthcare system, my studies at Rutgers University (Labor Studies & Employee Relations), and my term as a Councilwoman, I have the ability to work with all people, to understand and support diverse functions, and to solve problems efficiently and proficiently.
To ensure transparency, I would be visible and responsive to the community by holding town halls for Q&A in the communities, meetings at a later time to make it more convenient for residents to attend and broadcast and record meetings.
Priorities I would like to see in the next budget are increased or fully funding for RVCC where there has been a 9% dip in funding despite a 13% increase in fees and taxes. We pay the 7th largest property taxes in the country, however rather than using these resources for our hard working families, money is being used to help build Natirar, an invitation only club and spa that caters to millionaires. Instead, we want to make Somerset County affordable by eliminating duplication of services and focus on easing the burden on taxpayers. logo


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