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Forest Hills Local School District - Board of Education Member

3 to be elected. 4 year term.
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    Elizabeth Barber Brand Manager

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    Dee Dee Choice Retired high school Principal

  • Forest T. Heis

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Campaign Phone (513) 479-9033
Education The University of South Carolina, 2002 Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communications Double Minor in Education and Political Science
Occupation Brand Manager, The F.L. Emmert Company
Endorsements N/A
As a Brand Manager for my family's business, I've seen what it takes to build a financially healthy organization while caring for people and planning for the future: a mix of dreaming about what’s possible and managing the details to make it happen.
Potential: Every child and school has it. We reach it by finding new ways to inspire students, supporting educators, and encouraging new ideas, letting them be heard, and making the best ones happen. Preparation: A well-rounded education prepares students to become adults who make their own way in the world. That means educating today with an eye on the future. Partnership: A healthy bottom line is critical to success; that requires creative solutions involving the schools, township, and parks.
Through regular, proactive communication with everyone involved in the local public education system. A board of education is privileged to lead and guide the district in the best interest of everyone - that includes administrators and teachers, parents and students, and all members of the community. As a member of the Forest Hills Board of Education, I'll do my best to seek solutions that leverage Anderson Township's resources efficiently and serve the most people.
Campaign Phone (859) 393-3913
Education I received my bachelor's degree from Rutgers University and a Master's degree from Glassboro State University
Occupation Retired high school principal
Experience I have over 20 years experience as teacher and principal
Endorsements I have principal and superintendent certifications
Political Philosophy I believe that regardless of one's political affiliation, we as elected officials, have a duty to serve all constituents in our precinct, district and /or county.
Based on my work record and achievements, as a teacher and alternative school principal, after a stringent process, I was the only person selected by the Kentucky State Board of Education to serve as a Minority Superintendent Intern.
I believe every student should have an opportunity to find and develop their talents. As a result, my top three priorities are: 1. I will be visible, accessible and available 2. Every decision I make will be based on what's best for children 3. I will work hard to ensure that every student is given consideration, whether it is a student with disabilities, one who feels that he or she does not fit in, a student who is struggling with the work, or a gifted student who is not being challenged.
To build consensus in the community in support of public schools, I will share:

1. My success and experiences with students and parents as a public school educator 2. How the community supported and rallied behind me when I had to make difficult decisions as a high school principal 3. My son's story and the struggles we faced, beginning in fourth grade and his achievements once he started ninth grade at Turpin High School 4. My love and passion for students and public education, and why
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