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Norwood Member Council Ward 2

2 year term.
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    Marilyn Hanrahan (Dem) Local Property Investor

  • Victor Schneider (Rep)

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Campaign Phone (513) 435-4048
Occupation Property renovation- Property management- Property Investor
Experience Long history of community advocacy- Norwood City Council 2016-current- Norwood Police Advisory Committee- Community Development Committee- Health and Housing Committee- Norwood/Xavier Relations Committee- West Norwood Neighborhood Association
Endorsements Brigid Kelly-House of Representatives 31st District- Norwood Democratic Party
Political Philosophy I believe that the best interest of the city and citizens of Norwood will always take precedent over political party or personal agendas. I also embrace the trust which has been placed in me by the citizens of the City of Norwood.
I have served as an elected official representing citizens of ward 2 and served on several committees of both city and community organizations. I have knowledge of both the constituency and the governmental point of views. I work for the residents.
The first priority is to regain and maintain financial responsibility.

Part of this process will involve renegotiating union contract that are affordable and beneficial to all parties. Streamline one-stop shop, removing duplicate inefficiencies by our departments working together.

Savings should then be invested in a street program to repair, maintain or replace our streets. This should be done without cutting vital services to residents.
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