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Norwood Member Council Ward 1

2 year term.
  • Brandon Blair (Rep)

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    Leslie Stevenson (Dem) Professional Administrator

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Campaign Phone (513) 328-4969
Twitter @Vote4Stevenson
Education Gender, Leadership, and Public Policy, Graduate Certificate ‘16, UMASS Boston; Human Resource Development, Executive M.S. ‘14, Xavier University; Mass Communication, B.A. ‘04, specialization in Public Relations, Anderson University, Anderson, Indiana
Occupation I have worked in business, higher education, non-profit, and local, state, and federal government. I use that experience in my work for a regional organization where I improve educational experiences for families with young children.
Experience I have attended legislative sessions, written policy recommendations, and conducted citywide evaluations to address disparity. I have built partnerships for communities and won over $500,000 in grants for neighborhood interventions and programs.
Endorsements The Norwood Democratic Party and a host of donors, family members, friends, neighbors and fellow residents of Norwood who are proudly displaying yard signs demonstrating their support! I am appreciative of the teens who have displayed their understanding of civic engagement by volunteering to go door to door with me, so that “you don’t have to go by yourself.” I am also grateful for those who marched in the Norwood Day Parade, charting a new path for the first time in over 100 years!
Political Philosophy I empower people to live a high quality of life. I educate people who work in institutions that policies work well for multiple stakeholders when those stakeholders have a voice in policy-making. I have gained skills in communication, talent development and capacity building to be part of structures that engage, empower, and embrace the lifestyles of urban populations. I believe local public policy works best when people trust and understand the system that governs their lifestyles.
I am passionate about empowering residents. On Council, I will be diplomatic, trustworthy, and an advocate balancing the big picture of how government works, with the concerns of people who are impacted by government officials’ choices.
1. Welcome Kits: when people move to Norwood, we help them connect to the diversity of opportunities for engagement, support, and services. 2. Participatory Budgeting: when Council allocates money, we allow residents to present ideas and propose what we invest in by popular vote for persons 16 years of age and above. 3. Community Council: when decisions on infrastructure need prioritized, we have a broader representative perspective from neighbors outside administration and elected officials. logo


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