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Cheviot Member Council Ward 1

4 Year Term
  • Anita Gail Griffin (Dem)

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    David W. Voss (Rep) Cheviot Police Chief - retired

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Campaign Phone (513) 662-0994
Education I graduated from The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Police Academy, attended the University of Cincinnati, and successfully completed numerous advanced training courses in the police sciences and police/public administration sponsored by Homeland Security, Ohio Peace Officers’ Training Association and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Occupation Cheviot Police Chief - retired
Experience Experience gained in City operations having been the Police Chief for 26 years and a total of 36 years on the Cheviot Police Department. I am well versed in administration and management. I am knowledgeable of City budgeting and finances.
Endorsements Republican Party
Political Philosophy I am opposed to any new taxes at the local, county or state level. Government needs to increase its efficiency and learn to operate within their means. The choice for new taxes leans toward property taxes which are already excessive. Property taxes are a burden on the middle class, low income individuals and those on fixed incomes.
Experience in City government – 36 years of service with the Cheviot Police Department; 26 years as Chief of Police. Proven leader. Versed in administration and management. Knowledgeable of City budgets and finances.
1. Support and maintain our Police, Fire and Public Works departments. 2. Be available to citizens concerns and address them in a timely manner. 3. Work with all City officials and the citizens for the betterment of the community. logo


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