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Blue Ash Council Ward 4

Blue Ash City Council is comprised of 7 individuals, one from each of five wards and two at large. Choose one.
  • Robert J. Buckman, Jr.

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    Jeff Capell Economist

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Campaign Phone 793-2772
Education Graduated from Ohio State in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Economics Major.
My citizen watchdog experience and policy ideas helped save local taxpayers over $1 billion and I’ve made numerous proposals to make Blue Ash a better place to live. I have 18 years experience as an Economist and been active in many local issues.
Build on the well-run parts of the city government while taking the initiative to fix the deficiencies. 1) Use my citizen activist skills to more effectively fight the pipeline. 2) Cut wasteful spending such as the large subsidies for golf course rounds and Council’s taxpayer-funded junkets to Germany, and reinvest the savings to improve our aging neighborhoods. 3) Introduce several pieces of legislation to increase transparency, to include televise/stream and record Council meetings. logo


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