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City of Watervliet Councilman

The Watervliet City Council is comprised of the Mayor and two Council persons elected-at-large for overlapping four year terms. Council positions are part time and duties and responsibilities are outlined in the City Charter. The City Council is the Legislative, appropriating, governing and policy determining body of City government. They approve all budgets and set various policies for all City departments. Salary for this position is $15,709 per year. THIS IS TO FILL A VACANCY AND LEGAL INTERPRETATION AS TO THE LENGTH OF THE TERM IS IN PROGRESS.

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    ANDREW H WILLIAMS (Rep) Albany County 911 Dispatcher

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Campaign Phone (518) 253-5187
Community Involvement I have always been active in the Watervliet community. I am a 42 year member of the Watervliet Elks and served on the BINGO and Maintenance Committees. I am a member of the Watervliet AOH, Social Member of the VFW, and Honorary Member of the Ukrainian American Citizens Club. Additionally, I have served on the Senior Center Board and the Kids Count Committee. I was Athletic Director of St. Brigid's School for 10 years and advocated for programming for youths of Watervliet.
Experience and Qualifications I have always been active in the community and have a vested interest in its sustained growth. I have the leadership skills necessary to bring the City in a positive direction through my years as a School Board Member and Firefighter/Paramedic.
Biography I am a life-long citizen of Watervliet. I am a graduate of St. Brigid's School and Watervliet High School. I attended Hudson Valley Community College as an undergraduate and later trained as a paramedic. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Kathy Quigley. We have four children, Patrick, Meaghan, Kaleigh, and Molly. Patrick serves the City of Watervliet as a firefighter/paramedic. Meaghan and Kaleigh are teachers at Watervliet Elementary School. Meaghan teachers 3rd grade and Kaleigh is a speech-language pathologist. Molly is attending nursing school in Boulder, CO. I am also the grandfather of three grandchildren, Brian, Benjamin, and Amelia. Grandchild #4, Lucas, is set to be born on September 25, 2017.
Occupation and Special Skills I have the ability to not only see what needs to be fixed but develop an action plan on how to fix things. Many people can identify what needs to be fixed but do not have the skill set to develop the plan. I am confident in my ability to see a problem and develop a plan to fix it.
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I am confident that my experiences have developed leadership skills. I was an elected member of the Watervliet School Board for 12 years and was fiscally responsible in passing sound school budgets for the taxpayers of Watervliet. I was instrumental in the acquisition of $40 million of grants for new projects including: state of the art gymnasium, turf field, and track, new cafeteria, asbestos removal, a brand new wing with new classrooms and classroom improvements (paint, windows, doors) and new technology, including Smartboards. As a firefighter/paramedic, I have had to take a stand on issues within the fire department. I stood firm when necessary, but always listened to details and sought to do what was best by weighing all sides and ultimately coming to a decision that was best for everyone. I pledge to do this if elected to the Council.

Will work for the citizens of Watervliet to: - Investigate lowering the cost of water and sewer taxes - Create tax incentives for new businesses and homeowners taking over abandoned properties - Hold property owners accountable for home appearance and curb appeal - Clean up alleys and green spaces - Eliminate wasteful spending in city government - Have more representation in the city by increasing the number of council members to four
Campaign Phone (518) 857-3733
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